In New Video, Turkish President Sits Through Violent Attack on Protesters

In New Video, Turkish President Sits Through Violent Attack on Protesters

Watch the video and tell me Erdogan didn't tell his bodyguard to give the command to start the attack, it seems quite obvious, it's right there, I am not exaggerating. Don't let this be forgotten, there's no way there isn't more unreleased video.

"It is unclear if Mr. Erdogan, who is seen in the video sitting in a black Mercedes sedan, communicated with the would-be assailants. An aide can be seen leaning into the car. The aide then speaks to another aide who walks toward the group of supporters and out of the range of the camera.

Seconds later, members of the group, including some who were armed, run toward the protesters. Nine people were hospitalized after the skirmish and the State Department issued a stern statement condemning the attack. The man then returns to the president’s car as the president exits and enters the residence."


"Using noise reduction and volume enhancement techniques, Ferad determined that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s security detail shouted out the phrases “he says attack” and “come, come, come” as they charged the protesters."

Yep that's exactly what happened. Why these people haven't been rounded up and deported is beyond me. A foreign state attacked our citizens for exercising their rights. America first? Donald Trump puts dictators first. He is a traitor to his country.

This genuinely pisses me off more than the Russia stuff right now. It just seems inherently fucked up that a dictator used his personal assault squad to attack RIGHTFUL American protestors, and not a fucking peep from trump.

So, President Trump invites people into our country so they can beat the crap out of our people? I haven't been this pissed in a long while. What a weak president we have!

Erdogen ordered them to do it. He would never in a million years try this under another president. He did it because he knew there wouldn't be consequences.

The fact that foreign thugs beat U.S. Citizens in our capital, and the President has said nothing about it, makes me sick to my stomach.

Yeah it's kind of been under the radar but I think this tape where it seems that Erdogan directed the attack will get it more attention.

Erdogan's bodyguards attacked protestors at a think tank event in DC last year. Not at the same scale, but here's the Brookings Institution writeup from April 4th, 2016:

Erdoğan’s security detail behaved unacceptably—they roughed up protesters outside the building and tried to drag away “undesired” journalists, an approach typical of the Russians or Chinese. Brookings extended its hospitality to Erdoğan, and because he was an invited guest went to considerable lengths to accommodate his massive entourage and treat him with respect. But his security detail abused Brookings’s hospitality. They picked fist fights with demonstrators and attempted to evict Turkish journalists.

Weakling Trump lets dictators beat up American patriots. Sad!

The NYT is being circumspect, but the bodyguard leans in an talks to Erdogan, then gets on his headset, you see another bodyguard ask for confirmation and then they take off to savagely beat the protesters.

Of all the maddening results of electing Trump, this turns my stomach the worst -- a fascist dictator attacks peaceful protesters in our nation's capital, with no response from the WH.

Report this incident. Tell them that foreign nationals came here and illegally assaulted US citizens

This is fascism. This is why groups like Antifa and Black Bloc exist. If you try peaceful protest against fascists they just kick you in the fucking head. It can happen here.

Like, right in front of the White House too. Big old wtf moment.

Trump was delighted when he heard of the protestors being attacked, and wishes it would happen more often.

That's exactly what it looks like. Just like Putin, Erdogan knows trump is a sorry excuse for a leader and doesn't put his country first, so he knew he could get away with it.

Tell them that a group of armed Muslims attacked US citizens.

That ought to get their attention.

After the fracas the goons got on a plane back to turkey. No one to arrest, no one to prosecute. Trump's friend Erdogon.

Did I miss something or has the White House not addressed this at all? I understand they are a little preoccupied with their own crises, but it is still so pathetic. How can you let a dictator waltz into your country and assault your citizens? America first, huh? Honestly, though, has this administration done anything constructive?

I hope so...but with all the other news, I'm afraid it will go forgotten.

Fuck Erdogan. My Turkish roommate hates his guts with a passion.

Scariest thing is how utterly emotionless they all are. What in the world.

If we had a real president we'd be pressuring them for extradition. Of course if we had a real president he never would have done this.

Sorry, but no. Not only was it pretty much pushing and shoving last year, but Erdogan was NOT in the US as an invited guest of the White House, he was there for a conference. Obama did not invite him.

So a leader of a foreign nation brought his people onto sovereign US soil and instructed them to attack US citizens. I'm far from desiring warfare and promoting violence, but these types of situations have been called acts of war in the past. However, for this to go with only the most meager of responses does not set the precedent that our government is actually protecting the people it has sworn to protect. There are so many possible responses (sanctions, removal of aid, at least on official condemnation) that would make it clear that we will not tolerate foreign nations attacking our citizens on our soil.

The GOP wants to argue that the government should ONLY be about national defense and stay out of regulating the environment or corporations, helping with healthcare, or promoting and funding eduction. Yet here is an example where that national defense, in only in an extremely limited sense, was infringed upon and they have been basically silent. Shameful; we should not need to fear a foreign leader ordering violence upon our citizens on our own soil.

Erdoğan is the man who beats girls. He also loves to fuck goats and suppress minorities, kick Kurds, hit Christians, and watch child pornography. He sued Böhmermann for these words because he's a limp-dick wannabe sultan. He's a boil on the ass of the world, a pimple full of pus. Only a coward sends armed guards to fight unarmed women.

fascists gonna fash

This has been standard practice for Erdogan the past few years, there's been a thorough, violent purge in his country of not just dissent, but hinting at dissent (like kids removing a poster of Erdogan... not to deface, but to hang it in their room!).

And these despots are the ones that Trump looks up to - if you have absolute power, you can't be ridiculed or told 'no'.


He admires tyranny and tyrants.

He even wants to send journalists to prison!

Sound familiar?

How in the ever-living fuck did this happen in the United States?

This is what happens when you invite dictators and foreign diplomats under investigation into our country. If Trump hadn't invited the Russians, he wouldn't have "accidentally" let classified information slip. If he didn't invite Erdogon, the beatings would have never occurred.

Get out of America

What even is the point of having a government if they let foreign leaders come in and start beating people up.

He's in the car, talks to a bodyguard, the bodyguard gives a clear sign to another bodyguard, and then another OK sign to confirm, and then he runs to the crowd and the attacks start. Watch it again, it's not a confirmation, but it doesn't get much close than that.

From the article:

An aide can be seen leaning into the car, then speaking to another aide who walks toward the group of supporters and out of the range of the camera.

Seconds later, members of the group run toward and confront the protesters. The second aide then returns to the president’s car as Mr. Erdogan exits and enters the residence.

In terms of why he would do this? He does it on a regular basis, google "Erdogan bodyguards brawl" and see what you get, this is not the first time.

Donald Trump is president?

"America First Up Against The Wall"

You best believe this shit would NOT happen if Obama were President.

Weak ass pussy grabber

I hope there are even bigger protests outside the Turkish embassy after this.

I'll protest where I want, and I'll do my utmost to give as good as I get.

Watch the guys right behind the door. It's shortly after the beginning of the video. The guy talking to Erdogan in front of the open car door (from our perspective) says something to the guys standing behind it and they both run towards the direction of the protesters.

Although to play devil's advocate, one of them seems to start running before that, and the second one seems to have heard something on his earpiece before the guy talking to Erdogan said anything to him. He touches his ear and looks around suddenly.

i wouldnt be surprised if putin told him to try it. their sudden alliance is utterly terrifying to me

American Firsters do not want to talk about this, after all, it is a distraction from the true conservative policies like AHCA. And over what, some brown protestors from Reefugeesville? The forgotten demand that their needs come first! None of this pc shit!

I almost forgot: Trump's old business partner Tevfik Arif got arrested in Turkey for running some kind of prostitu...

No way that possibly gives Erdogan direct or indirect blackmail material on Donnie. No. Not possible!

Anyone who pulls out a gun in the presence of dozens of presidential bodyguards is a dead man.

A concealed weapon would make things worse. Much, much worse.

All those motherfuckers in suits have guns, too.

Those frequencies are monitored by US intelligence agencies. The CIA and NSA know exactly what was said.

Can you imagine if this happened under Obama? Obama wasn't even one of the toughest presidents ever, but there's not way he wouldn't have a serious, condemning response to this.

Holy shit. Protestors need to arm themselves for self defense next time.

Nope. All Americans have the right to peacefully protest without fear of being physically assaulted.

If Trump were smart (he's not) he would have "denounced" this attack and made it the focus of everyone's attention for a while.

Read about that. Much smaller scale and very different context, with all the heat Trump's been taking about his supporting comments for dictator-like leaders, it would only make sense for him to have to double down on condemning it.

If only we had some sort of legal document allowing us to protest.

I wouldn't be surprised if TRUMP told him to try it.

They're jealous mostly...

I'm sure on some level Ergodan knew that Trump would admire him for doing this, unlike Clinton, Bush, Obama, etc. who would've been enraged and horrified.

Everyone needs to see this:

I absolutely have seen this being discussed by pretty much every right-wing source covering news.

First, because it's just so beyond the pale it crosses partisan lines.

Second, they're actually not ALL that fond of Turkey or Erdogan who is an Islamist.

Third, the right loves to fantasise about situations that can be solved with violence, and this is one. I've heard a lot of comments along the lines of "If I was there I would have shot those bodyguards with my second amendment protected firearm, I would have skulled him with a billy-club" etc. etc. This incident also notably was one where the police were absolutely necessary to protect Americans.

Fourth, while this reflects badly on Trump, congressional Republicans have already protested, and I would not be all that shocked if Trump retaliated against this. He would look weak if he didn't. Basically the only thing holding back the right from completely losing their shit over this is Trump invited Erdogan and that's not enough for them to not lose their shit over this.

Actually, it did happen under Obama. Last year. Basically the same story but on a smaller scale.

I highly doubt they're covering it up, it's just not as a big as your rapid democracy meltdown/implosion/clusterfuck.

CNN needs to get it's shit together and start reporting these stories. Yes, the Russia investigation is important, but do we really need 24 hour "breaking news" coverage with countless panels beating the issue to death? The remaining Trump supporters are still with him because they seem his as a strong leader, and stories like this contradict that narrative.

holy christ, that is insane. I don't know how that video could be interpreted in any way other than that Erdogan ordered his goons to go beat those people.

And Flynn's friend too.

It's not that hard with the shit show coming from the white house this week. Says a lot about his presidency though that it's so rife with scandal that a foreign dictator having protestors beaten bloody on US soil isn't the number one story in the country.

Not to be dramatic or sensational, but is it too far a stretch to wonder what other activities someone like Erdogan would greenlight on American soil? What stops a couple of his Embassy guards from going out at night and killing enemies of Turkey living in the US?

And I hope those protesters stand their ground.

Don't want this kind of bad press? Move your embassy out of the US. Simple.

And Trump doesn't do shit for Americans.

America First? Fuck you Trump.

You can totally see the order given at 00:17

ABC/NBC/CBS managed to completely cover up this story.

And that ought to give the president the proof he needs to "Crack down" on evil radical muslims who have nothing to do with this attack and are completely peaceful in the us. yea great idea.

Suddenly people are mad that Trump isn't rounding up foreigners on an emotional whim

It's literally the only thing he was consistent with messaging.

You want civilians getting killed in yet another war because of what Erdogan's thugs did? Stop swinging your dicks around.

he was elected democratically

He was elected, yes. But certainly not democratically.

Thanks, man. That video is MUCH better.

The Tweeter in Chief should be all over this. Saying nothing is tacit endorsement

Permanently declare the goons persona non grata and demand a formal apology from Erdogan.

He can bring a different entourage to protect him the next time he visits... if we let him visit.

You're talking about a president who watched his supported beat protestors at his rallies and cheer them on while they beat them... Talked about how he would have beat them himself.

If you're expecting Trump to speak out against that shit you're going to be disappointed.

Why these people haven't been rounded up and deported is beyond me.

Because this is the kind of thing Trump admires, he wishes to be the kind of "President" that can one day just tell his bodyguards to start attacking people. He probably talks to Erdogan like "So what's it like man?!?"

Encryption is a thing.

He probably supports it.

I had the exact same question when I saw the first video.

Conspiracy theory:

This was orchestrated to create a diplomatic incident between the US and Turkey in order to undermine the NATO alliance.

Tyrant Trump gets what he's always wanted by proxy.

Americans last. The Constitution Last. The people last. Trump First. Trump's cronies second.

Why do you hate America?

Don't worry. I asked him before I threw that post up. He's half American and also has a US citizenship. In his words "I'm golden, don't worry about me."

Hell I'd arrest Erdogan. Turkey wants to declare war on us? Go ahead. You can't match up with us militarily.

Traitor Trump

They're all weak cowards. They're scared shitless all the time and that's how they try to hide it.

No worries, u/MoribundCow linked to me a much better video. It goes way beyond hinting at the possibility I think.

elected "democratically"

Said he'd pay for thier attorney fees too.

So given the choice of getting punched or killed you'd rather die? Again, those are armed and highly-trained men you're talking about.

Imagine THAT tape dropping.

Huh? You just posted a snopes article about what happened two days ago.

this is a guy ho regularly does these things back home. i wouldn't be surprised if he literally ordered it.

I think he should at least address what happened. It's preposterous.

Well it's because they weren't a child brought here illegally but who served in the military but failed to secure their exception for staying AND used drugs to handle PTSD.

Or they were fathers and upstanding pillars of their communities.

Or they weren't actual American citizens who happened to have Mexican heritage and are mistakenly put in detention

Those people are the REAL danger and must the dealt with quickly and without mercy for LAW and ORDER is the real reason those things are happening at a faster pace now.

Security service for a dignitary who happens to be a dictator? Welcome to the USA. Enjoy your stay.

MAGA y'all.

with guns

Well can you pass that message to the MAGA folks that go to Berkeley?

Probably on the phone with Donald double-checking it was OK to deal with a little problem that popped up.

You know what? Fuck it. Let's bring in a Kurdish envoy. Giving them the Taiwan treatment is the perfect middle finger to this dickwad.

They need to get the fuck out of our country. And naturally Trump has nothing to say about it. Real patriot right there. /s

fucking A. I'm surprised one of them wasn't strapped with a concealed carry permit. Being attacked like that may warrant deadly force.

Rough em up, I'll pay for your lawyer.