In light of steam paid mods My highly anticipated (WIP) Bucket Hat Mod will be completely free of charge.

In light of steam paid mods My highly anticipated (WIP) Bucket Hat Mod will be completely free of charge.

But can i put cabbages in it?


Sorry, that'll be a paid addon. $_$

Edit: Dear everyone its over the paid mod system has been removed from now the cabbage addon will now be free!

Bethesda and Valve profit 75% of that. :(

Charge a pound, every person on Reddit buys bucket-head mod and boycotts every other paid mod, then we all profit.

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Nice topmiller, but is it up to international standards of ?

Oh very nice, I have been highly anticipating this mod and cannot wait to see what new situations arise once I have it installed, you can count on a good review from me!

I expect more great work from you in the future.

Not anymore it won't be.

Does it come with a guitar?

Yes, for $1.99 per cabbage. That's how OP recoups his costs, the slimy bastard.

Oh No! The bucket murderer strikes again!

For now...

stares off into the distance

For now...

They never existed, the circlejerk just doesn't fact check and likes being outraged.

The only accepted mods for sale so far are the initial 17 that Valve signed contracts with the creators for.

There's also an 'under review' section for mods wanting to go paid.

The T&C also says that Bethesda has to agree to be part of the sale first as well, and have to agree to the price (otherwise it will be free).

I don't think many people actually think Valve are taking 75%, just that 75% doesn't go to the modder.

(which isn't technically true since they don't HAVE to offer the workshop or any of their hosting services)

30% is a hell of a good deal for hosting files that are no bigger than a few MB. The Nexus has been doing that for years and taken nothing from modders. Fuck, the Nexus hosts huge files where Steam has a size limit so some mods can't even be hosted on the Workshop.

How much for those pecs? ;)

Bethesda sets their own cut, and 45% is reasonable for that. Valve chose to take 30% for themselves, which is utterly ludicrous considering that they provide absolutely no service other than hosting the files. No quality checks, the Workshop itself is shit, no customer support, and their stance on any copyright issues is "not our problem".

They're taking 30% for doing fuck all, so it's absolutely Valve you should be blaming.