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This does put a smile on my face

Fun really isn't something one considers when making dumbass gifs for /sub/marvelstudios.

Fiege scouring the universe for property rights would be a better film that Justice League.

This is Feige4stic.

Dread it. Run from it. The shitposts still arrive.



I want Phase 4 films to be individual stories, with a background whispering of political unrest in the wake of Sokovia's destruction. A nationalist trying to recreate the ancient nation of Latveria from among the refugees of Sokovia. Consolidating politcal power in Black Panther films, collecting magical artifacts or knowledge in Doctor Strange films, hiring or building tech in Iron Man films, gradually becoming the dictator techomage we love and fear as a looooong long background story akin to the Infinity Stones being gathered.

Phases 1 2 and 3 were the Infinity Saga, Phases 4 5 and 6 to be the Doom Saga, leading to Secret Wars. Feige please.

The Feige Quest

When the movie wars ended only marvel was left so now every movie is a marvel movie...

All I want in Dr.Doom to smite everyone.

Feige as the ruler of the universe? I...can live with this.

"Say that again."

You wanna go out for a Marvel and some Taco Bell?

Spidey previously wasn't with Marvel Studios at all. Now he is. First stone.

MS has all rights to Hulk exception distribution, which belong to Universal. However, I believe this is only a problem for Hulk solo films. Which isn't really that big of a deal either, just means MS makes whatever they want and Universal distributes it.

Namors exact parameters regarding rights are not exactly clear. Personally I believe he is likely in a similar situation to Hulk.

So in a way Hulk and Namor have always been with MS. Also, Namor isn't really an A-list character from the Marvel universe that makes a glaring hole without. So no need to represent them as a stone.

So that's it huh? We some kind of Fantastic Four?

I know what it's like to shitpost. To feel so desperately that you're worthy of upvotes. Yet to fail all the same.

Tbh if marvel had the dc rights we’d probably get a really fun crossover movie.

“Well we’re a team now, and there’s four of us, so we should come up with a name.”

Like really now who the fuck ok’d that.

Worst scene I’ve ever seen in a movie hands down.

In time you will know what it's like to shit post.

You just made me nut

People really need to start paying attention to Constantin Films holding the rights to FF or they're gonna be really disappointed when Disney buys Fox. I'm hoping Disney announces they've bought the FF rights outright from Constantin soon after... but we might have to wait a little while if for some reason Constantin decides to dick around.

Isn't Marvel's Thanos technically a ripoff of DC's Darkseid? Since DC came first? Deadpool is a play on Deathstroke too. Don't downvote me cause you guys don't like it either just pointing it out to this guy that JL isn't a ripoff of Avengers.

I remember Namor having a rivalry with Black Panther in the comics so an Atlantis vs Wakanda based Black Panther sequel would be perfect

Lol I wonder what Feige would think if he saw this gif. I like to believe he'd laugh and think "yeah actually that's kinda what it feels like."

"Ok back to planning phase 11. They have no idea..."

"You Gan't Oave Tha World Alone"

Love it, but don't they not have full rights to Spidey, Hulk, and Namor?

The rights to FF shall revert back to Marvel if they don't produce any FF film within a specific number of years. Fox was the one which Constantin contracted to make these films. But since Disney will buy Fox, er... Constantin's hands are tied. Either work with Disney or find another company to make these films

Doctor strange vs doctor fate would be more interesting imo

I'm actually happier without Namor...he's not that interesting, he's just a huge Mary Sue who only gets by because of seniority. Plus at this point JL has already beaten him to the punch with Aquaman, who became a total Namor clone for most intents and purposes.

I understood that reference

Its the F4 logo

the issue is to make him interesting. i think Namor might be cool to be a "enemy" of another MCU hero at first such as Thor 4, but then they become friends at the end and Namor 1 comes out. Once again — make Namor interesting

While I know this will probably never happen, I wish we could get a compromise and at least get it in animated form for home video. I wanna see Hulk vs. Superman, Thor vs. WW, Captain America vs. Batman, Green Lantern vs. Doctor Strange, and etc. It would be even more awesome if they could Tim Miller to direct with the use of Blur studio to do the animation but I know that would almost cost as much as live action for a feature length. One can dream though.

He may be a tyrannical overlord, but he's OUR tyrannical overlord.

Why is every Fiege meme so accurate

God Emperor Doom wrecks the fuck out of base level Thanos.

can you explain to me how to use the 3 shells?!?!

More than one conflict that you're not supposed to talk about.

I like this one, it's not mine though. /u/astraightwhiteman

I like this one, it's not mine though. /u/astraightwhiteman

That line was the last part of the movie. Up until then I figured the movie was almost over, finally lol. Just when you think you've already seen the worst of the movie, they throw in that last part. Gah!!

This guy doesn’t know how to use the three shells!


A producer doesn't gather property rights late or early, but precisely when he means to.

I agree, or Strange vs. Constantine.

Avengers: Rights War.

Wouldn't that be an awesome idea for a biopic movie?!

It could be about all the beauracratic bullshit that he would have to go through to achieve his vision and show it to the world.

Story arcs could be:

Dealing with Sony's bullshit whilst getting the spiderman rights.

People challenging him when he brings up the idea of guardians of the galaxy.

Dealing with Fox execs to try to usher in x-men and fantastic four into the MCU.

And throughout the movie his conquest for getting rights for MCU characters could be paralleled with Thanos getting the infinity stones in the movies. When the MCU is complete there could be a shot of Feige smiling and then it cuts to Thanos smiling with the completed infinity gauntlet.

This could be a shit idea, but I have typed all of this up now, and there is no way I am deleting this dumbass comment.

Marvel Studios isn't going to make any movies that Universal would distribute because it would mean a ton of lost profit for Disney. There's 0 reason to make a Hulk solo movie that Disney will make very little money from vs. anything else where they'll get to keep all the profits. Spidey only happened because he sells a ton of merchandise and he wouldn't be in Civil War and Infinity War otherwise.

I think Disney gives Marvel Studios a lot of freedom but not to the extent that they would let them make such stupid business decisions.


Lordy, you just gave me the vapors. fans self

“Say what again! I dare you!”

I'd see that movie.

tldr; doom becomes the god of the multiverse after its destroyed by the beyonders. Eventually he is stopped and currently the fantastic 4 are the overseers of the multiverse created by Franklin richards. This was marvels way to reduce the number of cosmic beings in the marvel multiverse as well as tie up the fantastic 4 in a way that they cant be used in marvel comics as punishment to fox.

hulk gets madder when more hurt and stronger when madder and in the comics there is no ceiling. Eventually Hulk would get so strong he'd punch Superman into a Solar System with a shitty sun for his powers, and win. (using World War Hulk as a comparison of Sentry to Super, however, and it'd be a tie, but Superman doesnt naturally calm the hulk like Sentry's aura does)