In less than 2 months, I will complete my welding program. The reality of it!

In less than 2 months, I will complete my welding program. The reality of it!

Not to be a jerk, but the comic is kind of jerky so responding in kind.

My buddy went to work in an auto body shop my sophmore year in college studying Computer Science. He made fun of me because he was making $40k while I was going into debt. 5 years later I was making $80k and, while his salary had grown, was pretty much stagnant at $50k. 10 years later I'm making $140k plus equity in my company.

Not to rag on an honest trade, though I feel like I kind of am. If someone had posted a jerky comic about how great college was I would probably be lampooning getting an art degree...

Take that imaginary snobby liberal.

This is valid. Trade schools will give you little to no debt with 50K... for most of your career.

Trade school gives you a tool. The tool is a really good solid one. Than teaches you how to use it

A "good" college degree gives you a tool box. Than suggests some of the ways you can use it.

They are both good paths, and it boils down to each individual to decide which is best for them.

Like, paintings of democrats and stuff?

Why do people equate education with future income? Do they only try and graduate for the money?

It's basically what the current generation had preached to them. It was a disservice though.

Liberals and liberal arts are two different things

sure early on this is correct, short sighted riches. and yes there are localized niche riches to be made (fracking, tar sands), but the norm is that the fellow on the right will more than leap ahead given time.

second - this presumes you like welding. it's totally fine for some, but not my thing - I'd rather make less, the same, or more money doing something I enjoy or am good at.

start your retirement savings ASAP, you don't want to be welding when your 65

for most STEM degrees

Comic refers to liberal arts degrees, not STEM.

There are also very few "wealthy" tradesmen. It's a great option for someone of the right mindset, but could be a stifling career to someone that wants to grow/change with their career.

CS degree, of course! However, the comic states a Liberal Arts degree. We don't talk to those people.

Unless you live in northern Alberta where jman welders could make 200k+ a year

Welders are pretty high paid tradesman, but man do some of them work in horrible conditions.

Also, I'm pretty sure the starting salary for a lib arts major is higher than that (>25k). Add on the possibility of going master's and Ph.D (does lib arts do this?), and you may very well get higher than the welder.

The problem with comics like these is that they just look at the up front earnings instead of looking at the growth rate and opportunities that having a degree gets you. Oh, but you may say "only the lucky ones get $X.XX", but could you not say that about any profession? I have 2 friends that graduated in engineering, and both had to be servers/waiters coming out of college. Does that make welding better than engineering?

Being an engineer though, I can't speak much about these two professions (welding and lib arts).

Also, I'm in no way saying college is the end all be all. Despite my ramblings, I do feel some degrees are borderline useless.

start your retirement savings ASAP,

That applies to everyone, trade schoolers, liberal arts grads, STEM grads, etc. Start your retirement accounts as early as you possibly can.

What made you think this was funny?

You're getting downvoted for being a liar, and a bad one at that. Your history shows you claiming to be a salesman, an executive in an insurance firm, that you graduated top of your class from culinary school, etc. Also - two months ago you claimed you have had 43 (yes, 43!) cars, but 4 days ago you're on your 47th car. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed perusing your fanciful stories, but don't get confused on why you've been downvoted.

I weld at a factory for ~ $12.50 per hour working 50+ hrs per week. Apparently I'm at the wrong place

Economics (liberal arts) degree here- I'm making decent money in consulting...

A successful tradesman can build a business employing others or move into project managing work or otherwise making a cut on a larger quantity of work than they can do themselves - but generally don't find a plumber taking their Bentley to the yacht for an outing.

Having debt doesn't mean you picked your degree to make money. Bemoaning your lack of a job doesn't mean you picked your degree to make money, either.

You can disagree all you'd like, but at the end of the day those aren't very good arguments in your favor.

Welders in the fracking fields are figuratively writing their own checks.

I'd argue the same is true for Liberal Arts degrees if you're smart about it, but most Liberal Arts majors aren't going for the money and they know that when they get in.

I thought about this as I posted and really I was damned if I did, damned if I didn't. If I didn't say "STEM" then there's a lot of data out there that "proves" me wrong by not differentiating students who go to school for money from students who don't, whereas if I say "STEM" my argument is bulletproof but I have to deal with objections like yours.

But now that I've clarified I guess I'll get the best of both worlds.