In Golden Globes acceptance speech, Ryan Gosling acknowledges that the shoulders he, and so many working fathers, stand on are primarily those of their wives, before thanking his wife Eva Mendes for all she's done so he could have that experience.

In Golden Globes acceptance speech, Ryan Gosling acknowledges that the shoulders he, and so many working fathers, stand on are primarily those of their wives, before thanking his wife Eva Mendes for all she's done so he could have that experience.

And that's why he's our "Hey, girl"- guy.

Holy what? He is married to Eve Mendes?

I just realized that Ryan Gosling and Ryan Renolds are two different people.

I always catch shit from my male coworkers (one in particular) who think it's cool to bash their wives (whether in jest or not) when I gush over how amazing my wife is. She picks up the extra slack while I'm back in school and working full time with our 8 month old. Watching her with our daughter is the most amazing thing I've ever seen and I thank her every day for the opportunity to pursue my dream.

I had the exact same reaction when I learned Isla Fisher is married to Sacha Baron Cohen fifteen minutes ago.

I don't know why that happens so much. Like, if you hate your wife so much, why did you marry her? I just don't understand.

Also, if you look carefully, you'll see both have the first name of Ryan.

Also, both are so handsome that I find it disrespectful.

Or Anna Faris & Chris Pratt too

Also, both are Canadian :)

I don't get it either. I even see guy friends talking like this about their girlfriends. Buddy, if you are so resentful of the woman in your life, maybe don't have a woman in your life? Be a bachelor.

This is why I'm dating (and soon to be engaged to) my best friend. After almost 20 years we realized this is the ideal, and we couldn't ask for anything better. We love being with each other. Isn't that part of the dream?

That one doesn't surprise me as much because both of them are fucking hysterical. I just picture the two of them one upping each other all the time.

That was some serious woman porn right there. As if he wasn't sexy enough before...swoon!

Also both have beautiful wives

I ain't even gay but I'd suck his dick lol.

Classy af

holy moly

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

Heck I'm lesbian and I... well I wouldn't suck his dick, but I have a serious man crush over here.

Anna's podcast "Unqualified" is pretty great for getting a picture into why they work well together. He shows up from time to time to chat with guests or help with calls.

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes are not married, but they've been dating on & off since 2011. They do have 2 kids together though.

That's some serious class right there.

This seemed very genuine and well intentioned. And yet, someone at the independent found a way to spin it by calling it sexist. I legitimately don't understand what is and is not sexist anymore.

I work in a warehouse with this one guy who is constantly ragging on his wife, and how shitty his life is, and blah blah blah. Always talking about how much better he'd be with a divorce and shit. He came back from Christmas break to tell us he's having another baby with her.

Yeah dude, that's definitely how you fix that problem.

More importantly did you cop Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield having a smooch in the background as Gosling makes the stage!!!!

If I could upvote this a million times, I would

Well he did dedicate the award to her brother's memory. Not sure why it would be bad for that to be mentioned.

How deep does this go...?

Did you guys see Ryan Reynolds kiss Andrew Garfield when Gosling was walking up stage??

Not 'married', hence the 'my lady' reference, but they've been together since that 'Pines' movie they did together.

I mean, that video was great and all, but in all my porn people fuck.

Which reminds me of this XKCD

It's even harder when you're terminally-single, and you see people slagging off their partner over little things. I get that people need to vent sometimes, but often people seem to be completely unaware of the awesomeness they already have. Super-awesome to hear of a story like yours to balance it out though, congratulations!

They were both at the Golden Globes last night...

I asked this on a bigger default and got downvoted once lol

But can we talk about how fkn orange Ryan Reynolds is?

Found the Canadian.

This is what Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde's relationship looks like too after wine 5 mins of them in David Blaine's film.

Brah that ain't gay brah. Nothin gay bout two dudes in a hang out with their wang out brah Just a couple of brahs touching tips brah. Don't gotta fuck chicks to prove you're straight, brah.

It was actually just one handsome Canadian dude with a mirror.

Here you go.

The title is misleading. Ryan acknowledges that "you don't get to stand up there without standing on the shoulders of a mountain of people." He then goes on to thank his spouse who handled quite a burden while he worked on the film.

That's Eva longoria

I saw Ryan Reynolds having the time of his life not being the joke of Hollywood, which was nice.

Slightly off-topic, but I'm currently watching Cheers start to finish. I'm loving it, but I just don't find the character of Norm all that funny because he all he does is bash his wife. She's fat, she's ugly, they don't sleep together, he doesn't want to spend time at home, etc. I don't know if it's the fact that times have changed in the 30 years since Cheers began its run, but most of Norm's jokes just aren't that funny. Listening to someone bitch about their spouse constantly just prompts you to wonder why they're even married in the first place.

I was single for almost ten years following a really bad relationship, but for a time I really missed being with someone, and I get what you mean. It's like watching someone win a tropical vacation and spend it in the hotel room complaining about the sunshine. Obviously not all relationships are great and people are going to be unhappy about some things, like you said, but it's not like anyone is forcing them.

I hope things turn around for you, though. And thank you for the kind words. :)

Because he looks like a mammalian orc.

and they have 2 kids

At my work, so many women constantly bash their husbands. I'm not sure why talking bad about your spouse is a default work topic. I always want to ask "So, what do you like about him?"

I'm right there with you. Right before I got married I'd just be inundated with all these old, sad men's commentary on how much of a mistake it was going to be. Almost all the people I know who habitually complain about their significant other wind up separated within a few years and bitter. My wife and I have been together for almost 10 years now and she's my rock. I'm 32 now and I'm finally able to go back to school and finish my engineering degree because she's there to pick up the slack and keep our lives running. I'll never understand why people decide to spend a significant portion of their lives with someone they ostensibly despise, and I understand even less why they believe this state of affairs is somehow universal to human interaction instead of simply endemic to their own poor decision making.

That's not really how being gay works.

She has a net worth of 15mil, so I think she would be just fine without his support financially.

I don't know if it was the stage lighting, but a BUNCH of people looked absolutely normal in their photos, but batshit orange when speaking on stage.

I asked about the "she forced you inro it, didn't she???" questions that my husband got when we got engaged. I don't understand them.

Like no, my husband planned a surprise dinner for me. He bought me wine and fancy Italian food. He walked me to an overlook in my city and handed me a ring worth hundreds of dollars. Really sounds like he didn't want to get married, doesn't it? I guess I forced him into it.

Now that we're married I'm "forcing him into children". It's crazy, because I don't even want kids right now. When we have them, the biggest sacrifices in career are going to be mine, I have the most to lose. And he loves kids. He can't shut up about how excited he is to be a dad. Yet I'm forcing him into kids.

Money and fame are not everything, she still couldn't save her brother, she still had to cope with his passing and in some ways may be more difficult as you feel all the money, connections, still could not do anything. People are people at the end of the day and dividing people into groups whether it be race, religion or class only highlights the few small insignificant differences.

I don't understand bashing your s/o with anyone. I mean, it's one thing if you have a close friend you might discuss problems with (to get an outside opinion or something), but...relative strangers? What the hell?

They gave the dog to new owners and those people were the ones who abandoned it. It's amazing how tabloids can twist these stories around.

Fuck ya O'Canada 🍁

My wife got Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell confused forever. She lost her mind finding out that Temple of the Dog was a thing. She goes into spasms when Chris/Pine/Hemsworth/Evans/Pratt are mentioned. She can pick out Adam Driver no problem though!

I bet having enough money to overthrow a small country doesn't hurt either..

To be fair, her brother died of cancer. And he specifically mentioned in this speech how strong she was while he was dying. It makes sense.

I think there's also a difference between venting and bashing. Like, sometimes I gotta vent to my friends, but it's always like "he's so sweet and empathetic and puts up with all of my shit and I love him so much, buuut, IreallywishhewouldtakeoutthetrashmoreoftenoratleastnotgetallweirdandguiltywhenIdoitinstead. But he's so great that I feel bad complaining even as our house slowly fills with garbage."

I hear this shit all the time. Groups of dudes ripping on their wives, bitching about how miserable they are.

So? Grow a set and leave then.

I don't get it. My wife and I are a team. And the team comes first.

They gave away a dog to new owners and then those owners were the ones who abandoned it. Are they really to blame?

or Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer too

Whats a hey girl guy?

I married a Canadian named Ryan, can vouch that they are all hunks.

Those children must be gorgeous.

Because most guys settle for people who settled for them.

Haha yeah that's happened to me before too. Something that would get positive attention in smaller or more female oriented subs gets massively downvoted on default subs. I wonder why....(not really)

So they're NOT the same person then?

She was a famous actress long before she met him ya dummie.

almost like he's a professional actor

I love this so much... and like... It's pretty relevant to the story in La La Land as well.

What a good dude.

Away from spouse, caring for a toddler, super pregnant, brother dying of cancer. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I always catch shit from my male coworkers (one in particular) who think it's cool to bash their wives (whether in jest or not)

Its not in jest. They married someone they don't actually like and now they hate their lives and blame their wives.

People like that are losers.

Fuck ya O'Canada 🍁

Fuck yeah, or fuck ya? Two very different sentiments.

Ah found the women hater here.

Have you heard the full version of the theme song?

Norm has a moment where he confesses he really does love Vera but.. honestly his character makes me think he's asexual but trying to hide it using typical tropes of the time. Norm has some deep issues too, like his extreme apathy and dietary habits. I think the whole show is pretty fuckin dark if you look a little closer. Sam, Carla, Cliff, Diane, Norm, Rebecca, all are terribly tragic characters, really. I could go on and on about this show but I'll leave you alone.

Exactly! The team should come first, definitely not the unhappy folks at work that just want to bitch.

My husband's family like to complain about their spouses and they act resentful of us when we don't join in...and then tell us we just don't understand because we are still newlyweds. We've been together for 10 years at this point, btw. I love my husband AND I like him - I enjoy my time with him. I don't care how long we've been together, we know how to communicate with each other and we sure wouldn't disrespect the other by talking shit about them to others!

I think you are generalizing too much. Some men are like that, others are amazing. I love men. Some men can compliment my flaws with their strength. Others are just like me and commiserate. In fact I'm woe to say anything general about men or women because your gender doesn't determine your personality. At all.

I feel like it's not "cool" to be married so if you are married you have to bitch about it and play into the stereotype that she roped you in and every argument gets resolved with pretending she's right and saying "yes dear."

fruit bats, obv

And yet Ryan Gosling isn't married.

Edit: Not sure why the downvotes, he literally is not married.

Shut up Gosling you beautiful idiot

Am I missing something? Anna Faris wasn't in Clerks 2.

Yeah. It makes me sad that their wives are in the wiser to their bullshit. My wife came to my work one day for lunch. The girl who sits next to me told her "all the guys here talk shit about their wives. Even through all of that, I've never heard /u/slowsuby say anything negative about you and that's why I like him so much".

No one does anymore. That word is fubar

Lets compromise on 2.5 kids?

I have to say, if ever he finds himself in the doghouse with Eva, he just needs to play this speech back. It'll melt whatever she might be frosty about.

Am male, heart melted.

meme king ryan gosling


Try re-watching All in the Family.

Time stamp video

Look to the left of the screen as he's walking up the steps.

Thanks for linking that site, had no idea that the meme had generated such an interesting blog and book!

Do you actually believe that? The world isn't that black and white, there's a whole plethora of reasons people do these things and a whole lot more reasons it turns out good or bad.

I'm always suspicious when I hear someone go on about "dumb" and "smart" people, as if there are neat little categories for everyone. Life doesn't work that way.

There's something to be said about how bad relationships can be much more depressing and damaging than being single.

Dumb people frequently see baby making as a temporary stopgap relationship fixer. It just ends up sucking for the kid, the couple and society at large since it increases the number of genetically stupid people, raised by other stupid people who resent each other and the world. Meanwhile smart people wait, make plans, and try to stay within their means. The end result is a much higher percentage of idiots in the general population.

Sandra Bullock did for Jesse James. And then he cheated on her and they got divorced...

No, I mean, if you dislike Norm, "All in the Family" will make you want to destroy your television.

I see people bashing their SO on Fb every time there's a problem. It's so trashy and passive-aggressive. Plus you're the one who looks like the idiot if you stay with them.

Was it "this cat is 15 and needs constant care that I can't provide because I am on the road and live a busy lifestyle," or "this cat is too old and no longer fun?"

I dunno. You can hear his voice starting to go. It sounds like it came from the heart.

The cat was totally incontinent so he found it another home because his wife was expecting. There would have been a hygiene risk for the baby otherwise.

More like "This cat is incontinent and shitting all over the place and my wife is expecting" He found it a good home and I don't blame him, it's a serious hygiene risk, no matter how great the cat is.

The cat was incontinent and shitting all over the place and he found it a good home in the end. He and his wife were expecting, I don't blame their worries over hygiene, no matter how great the cat. It's not he kicked it to the street.

Theres a lot of reasons that can happen.

People change, situations change. He probably didn't hate her when they got married.

A lot of people settle for someone that seems good enough at the time, who they may never have been totally I love with. It was a practical decision they live to regret.

Maybe she got knocked up and they got married for the kids but never would have otherwise.

There are a few examples, but the point is that life isn't as simple as just "why wouldnt you just marry the perfect person who will be exactly what you want for the rest of your life."

Nice! Congratulations!

Ah, assumed because he said "wives" so, yea. I don't really know her from anything anyway, I looked her up.

Edit: Also the title even says "thanking his wife," lol. So for not knowing Mendes beyond her name, I think I did okay. Besides, honestly, to me at least, being together for what I'm assuming is a while and having kid(s) together, I call that close enough.

I'm a dad. Man crush just doubled

Oh. Derp.