In Episode III, Obi-Wan's starfighter has a kill-count of enemy ships on it

In Episode III, Obi-Wan's starfighter has a kill-count of enemy ships on it

huh, that seems pretty bloodthirsty for someone like Obi-Wan

If they were ships with people on them I think he would agree but since they were all droids this seems exactly like the kind of thing Obi-Wan would do.

"Flying is for droids"

proceeds to shoot down 23 of them

"Cody, did you do this?"

"That, general? Not sure how that got there. I thought it was you."

"Oh no, that's much too competitive for me." strokes beard

"Actually, in our last round of training I heard some troopers discussing general Skywalker's skill with his fighter. Wouldn't be surprised if they have a little competition going in your honor."

Obi smirk "Why am I not surprised?"

"Because they respect you, sir."

"Yes, I can see that." climbs into ship "They have been very observant. Except..." shakes head

"What is it, general?"

smiles in spite of himself "They came up one droid short."

Obi flies away, leaving Cody on the ground looking up as his general departs. Cody suddenly taps his helmet. "Ah... Right. That tri fighter on Kamino..."



EDIT: Bonus since you guys enjoyed this so much.

Conversation between Anakin and Obi-wan:

... ...

Anakin looks at markings "Huh. I see you're still struggling to keep up with me."

Obi furrows his brow "It's not about the number of ships destroyed, Anakin. If you want statistics, there are droids for that."

"Right... assuming I don't blast them all, you mean."

R2 beeps and shudders

Anakin laughs "Not you, Artoo."

Obi shakes his head, smiling "If I recall, little one, you have quite the tally yourself. Now what was it?" strokes beard "Oh yes... helping him stop an entire droid invasion on Naboo?"

"Hey. Those were just deactivated, so technically he didn't destroy them. Plus, I fired the shot." Anakin smiles, his voice brightening "Artoo's innocent."

mischievous beeps and cackles

It's also pretty impressive. Shooting down 23 enemy fighters is a ton especially for someone who isn't primarily a combat pilot.

I like to think that Anakin would keep count for him and draw on the kill count for him from their missions. And ObiWan would shake his head every time.

I would imagine his Clone Squad would paint the kill count on his ship.

He was super homies with them.

"There isn't a droid made that can outfly you, Master."

--Anakin Skywalker

That’s rather......uncivilized.

I read that in the Clone Wars voices.

I wonder if it is a wedge thing

wedge in the old eu got so many kills as a pilot

each mark on his fighter represented a squadron he killed

he also had a death star painted onto it

Two Death Stars.

This saddens me

That was wounderful

I imagine a certain situation caused them to go their separate ways however.

Sweet! I was going for that.

Lol thank you. One of my life goals is to write a SW story after I get published. Maybe I'll dress this up a bit with decent prose as a fun exercise.

Flying is for droids...

In the X-wing books, a pilot who makes 5 kills is considered an Ace and highly skilled. I always found that scene in TFA ridiculous for that reason.

Sometimes I am happy with new canon

but then I reflect on old canon and get sad

A while back someone pointed out that ace fighter pilots in WWI might have 3 or 4 enemy planes under their belt in their career. Poe Dameron takes down 7 in one run in The Force Awakens. Besides that one scene, they've really underplayed Poe's skill so far.

Well good thing this isn't a BladeRunner crossover.

Lol does his best to turn his apprentice into a droid.

There was a lot of garbage in old canon.

But the good stuff was truly, truly amazing. I still think the Thrawn Trilogy is a much better sequel to the original trilogy than the new canon is shaping up to be.

I'm hoping the next two movies change my mind, but I feel like a lot of the new canon has regressed some of the achievements of the original trilogy instead of expanding on them.

He's shooting trashcans so..

oh yes, you‘re right!