In case you thought Memorial Day was just another excuse to get drunk or cook out

In case you thought Memorial Day was just another excuse to get drunk or cook out

Everyone is going to celebrate this holiday differently, from the people who get hammered in the name of fallen friends, to the ones holding quiet private ceremonies, to giant red white & blue festivities, to the people just happy to get another day off from work. The point is that regardless of what you do tomorrow or what you think about war and politics, there are people who gave their lives in the past to make this present possible. So long as you know that, regardless of what you think about it, is enough.

The irony in using this photo for that purpose is that this soldier died in a motorcycle accident and not on active duty.

It's also about making people feel bad for being happy.

I saw enough of this sanctimonious crap on facebook - didn't think I'd have to see it on reddit.

I bet her Facebook page is crazy

OP posted this less than 24 hours ago.

Not to take away from the moment but this marine was killed riding a motorcycle not in the line of duty.

Still sad though.

Well, for Memorial Day, it's about those that have died-that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Veterans Day is about honoring those that served.

That title just gave me cancer.

Apparently not.

Facebook is about attention seeking behavior and this photo seems to be centered around it.

Also, I don't mean to sound callous, but not since the Vietnam war have people been forced into the armed forces. Therefore, any and all deaths that have occurred after that point have been at the expressed will and consent of each individual who decided to take that path with their life. People die, and yes it is sad, but to say they "gave their lives to make this present possible," is a glorification of the military propaganda wagon to get people to join so they can be viewed as a "hero." Piss on war and piss on the people who think war is necessary or that by joining to fight in the war matters. They don't need you to fight in the war. They need people to think war is necessary and that we are "at" war. We are not at war with other nations any more than Home Depot and Lowes are at war with each other. Its all about money and power and it always will be. If you are willing to die to be a cog in that machine, then go right ahead, just don't expect to me feel one ounce of remorse for your misguided and misinformed decision to join and fight for such a cause. They have drones, spies, and boundless technological equipment to obtain and perform any heinous act they desire. So they don't need you. They just need your blood and the tears of those that loved you.

I am at a loss for words.

I just saw this exact picture with this exact caption on Facebook.

As an American veteran, everybody needs to calm the fuck down with all this.

At the seventh inning stretch, I just want to enjoy my fucking buzz ... Not praise Jesus for his lord and savoir, the United States.

America's cool and all, but damn. Chill out, people.

He's got all of his karma-whoring bases covered. Well-played OP.

This photo is weird. A beach day on top of your loved ones skeleton.

Well said person. Enjoy the day, and live. Honor their sacrifice by living, for they are unable.

Going to visit him every day doesn't sound healthy. That's a time to seek professional help for your grief

Yea yea, I get it. We're all fuckin assholes... Now where's my beer?

ya damn, I'm Canadian so we have remembrance day and everything but damn OP way to make me feel like shit even though I don't drink

Those fallen soldiers fought for your right to work. The Beastie Boys fought for my right to party. Tomorrow, you and I shall work and party in their honor.

Fuck off.

Who took the fucking picture?



New lover? Hell no, more than likely it was her lover while he was deployed.... Soldiers get alot of credit, but damn, they are some of the dumbest, dirtiest, immature, and ignorant citizens in this country. I am a vet of Afghanistan, and I had the pleasure of being in charge of 30+ of these nutbags while I was over there. Love every single last one of them, but damn, they cheated on each other's wives, stole shit, broke the law every weekend, and we're illiterate to a major extent...the military is where high school graduates and college dropouts go to get child support.

Her new lover

God dammit I come here to reddit to get away from this Facebook shit

German here. We get that a lot.


Most people who join don't join for war. They join for benefits. They aren't war hungry. And a good bit won't ever fight. Theres a lot more to the military than the infantry.

Same. Vet here as well. I'm all about remembering fallen comrades and reminiscing about how Afghanistan feels like yesterday and shit, but when I see people going out of their way to show their "patriotism" or love of Bud Light, I get alittle agitated. I can't stand the whole Praise Jesus for America propaganda (I'm an atheist). It's like people actually think Jesus is an American or something. The dude was a middle eastern jew....get over yourselves. Memorial day is just another one of those holidays where you can spot posers and attention-seeking whores at every corner.

If you're a vet, thanks for your service, and we might strike up a small conversation about the "good ole days." And then we go out separate ways and continue living our lives. It's that simple.

Diversify your bonds nigga

Yes it does. It goes from a photo of a woman who lost her husband overseas in conflict to a woman who lost her husband to an auto accident. Terribly sad but out of context when trying to pull the heartstrings for Memorial Day.

news crew she invited.

Next up, 9gag and grandmas hotmail. The lifecycle has been completed.

"In case you thought Memorial Day was just another excuse to shamelessly repost and/or reap karma on Reddit..."

"Like" if you agree. 1 prayer for every Like!

Leave this shit on Facebook OP.

"...we're illiterate..." LOL

Because they're fucking stupid.

Her act is nothing more than attention seeking.

pics like these leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

It's different things to different people. Just like every fucking thing in existence.

Also, that lady goes to that grave every single day according to that article. I get that you never truly recover from the death of a spouse but fuck, at some point you need to return to your usual routine.

This could have easily been someone walking by with a camera

How rude if it were?

The article says whatever is good for the "awwww so moving" effect on their audience, and doesn't give a shit / has no clue about her mental health.

But but I need to be morally superior to people who wanna drink and enjoy this holiday.

I'm Canadian

I don't drink

Username checks out.

Have that same car seat. Would not recommend unless you like hearing your baby crying because they're hot. That thing sucks bad

I'm happy to have a day off. Shit like this isn't going to bring me down. I'm sorry your loved one died. Maybe this picture needs to be sent to the men and women who decide it's worth putting soldiers lives on the line. Maybe this picture should hang in a recruiting center to add some weight to the decision being made. You could die. Are you ok with this picture? I'm not. I decided long ago that I wasn't going to be a pawn in another man's war.

No it's a day for propaganda to ,ake sure we convince future boys to go into war on behalf of a govern,ent that will abuse and waste their service, because of bullshit "honor" we pretend to bestow upon them.

Is it not the act of serving that matters? Or do they have to die in some heroic medal of honoresque manner? If they died of old age we still respect them; how is that any different than a car accident unrelated to war?

The people at the newspaper.

I usually spend the day trying to avoid all the news articles, features, and tributes to my town's favorite fallen soldier...who happens to be my sister's ex boyfriend...who used to burn her with cigarettes...but he died in now he's the greatest guy in the goddamned world. They gave him honorary degree from his college at his funeral even though he failed out 2 years before he enlisted. His whole family is bunch of trash that uses his death to get attention and talk about how great and loving he was.

But I am sorry for this lady and her child. I'm grateful for what the troops do and I'm glad they do it.

That page is trying to sell me a big pickup truck

I've seriously seen this like 18 times on Facebook today. I got on Facebook once

Whenever your SO dies at an early age, I won't give a fuck about how you deal with that grief, because that shit is unimagineable.

Somebody wants attention!

A little bit. She's laying down in a graveyard on a blanket with a huge photo of her dead husband. It's not bad to want others to remember your husband. However it's crass and in extremely poor taste to make a spectacle of yourself to do so.

This should be much higher up, completely changes the context.

Geez... this whole fucking thing makes me cringe any way you slice it.

And that's another reason we shouldn't blindly worship military service. No American soldier has defended our freedom in over a century. WWI and WWII were necessary engagements; but everything else we've done had no bearing on our freedom in America. Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iraq again were all proxy wars that the majority of our citizenry didn't support. People join the army for paychecks, education, stability, or a chance to shoot at brown people. But they don't join up to protect our freedom. Our freedom is just fine.

Because the US has an a volunteer force you get two things:

A military class that makes fighting a career, a culture, and a family business.

And a civilian culture that does not care as much about military lives (and deaths) because they didn't serve and they know that the people that did signed up themselves knowing the risks.

And it's not a R/D thing. For example, Dick Cheney and most neocons never served and are caviler with the lives of troops.

Especially since her new boyfriend is taking the picture.

Then stop sending Americans to die so Haliburton, Boeing and Lockheed-Martin can make money.

I'm all for supporting the veterans. But stop pretending that having 800+ bases overseas means anything but higher taxes and bigger profits for "defense" contractors. Stop pretending that my friends died for anything other than stock prices.

well, depending on how he died, there could just be dirt there

"over a century"

"WWI and WWII"

Well, his skeleton is still down there, unless he went through a very elaborate embalming process.

This is pretty attention whorey to me

There's no reason to feel bad for partying your ass off tomorrow. Just give a nod and realize that you got an extra day off in addition to a safe and secure country through the sacrifice of others. I bet a good chunk of those who died in war would be perfectly happy with you honoring their sacrifice with alcohol and hotdogs and kids running around screaming. Jesus, the family cookout is about the most American thing you can do and a perfect way to pay homage. Also, pass the potato salad.

Don't worry, the US government cares..


She's missing a grill and some meat!

That just seems unhealthy

"In case you thought I wasn't a sanctimonious cunt" should be the title to this.

It's obviously a contest for who mourns harder as implied by OP's title.

She seems clingy

Aren't many places you can go in the US with a high school diploma and expect to get benefits like that. The vast majority of people I know who joined did it exclusively to avoid not having a job or benefits.

I had a few friends go IA and died while I was in the Navy. Those fuckers wouldn't want those of us who remember them to be morose and grieving, but partying our asses off and enjoying the fact that we are still here and that we got to share time with them.

edit: Don't grieve that they are gone, celebrate that they were here!

There is no honor in being a mercenary for Halliburton.


I hate to be that guy, but those that did die in service in Iraq or Afghanistan, did so as members of an invading army. I'm not shitting on that per se, but I don't really see the honor in it.

The photo and headline are being cynically used to tug on the heartstrings for Memorial Day, which is generally for those who have lost their lives in wars and other military operations. His death is a tragedy for the people who loved him, for this lady who seems like she's having trouble moving on with her life and for the baby who has to spend every day in a graveyard while growing up without a father; but it is the sort of horrible thing that could happen to anyone and not a sacrifice he made for his people.

Maybe for that short part of the paragraph he was including himself?

Not to take away from this moment but it's prudent to remember that up to 1,000,000 Iraqi non-combatant civillians were killed in this current war.

As an army person, you should probably know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Yes, the dying part makes a difference.

Don't forget a case of limited edition American Flag-adorned cans of Budweiser! A must-have for the long holiday weekend! Budweiser Beer - The Great American Lager™

I'm not saying it is, but the massive printed blanket makes me see why it could be.

I gotta work :(


You've misplaced your rant. I'm in agreement that wars are about politics and greed and power. That doesn't mean a kid who lost her dad deserves a yawn or that someone who lost a spouse deserves a cynical dismissal. Memorial day doesn't have to be about patriotism.

Jody don't care.

Navy man here. Can honestly say that I did not join to die for my country. I joined for benefits, and I needed a job and no one would hire me, I wanted to get back on my feet with my education as well but I did not want to accumulate any more debt. As for the person responding that states you can get similar benefits elsewhere I'm not sure about that. I get free housing, free medical, free breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don't know where I would have been able to get that anywhere else. Not bragging. Just making a point.

Stop it with the soldier worship. The wars america wages have shit to do with freedom.

As stated in other comments, he died in a motorcycle accident. So the pic doesn't even go with the post title.

Oh gosh you should have seen my workplace during the World Cup. I worked at a casino and we were allowed to wear team jerseys instead of our uniforms as long as the team was still competing. My family being from Austria, I was supporting Germany and had the jersey and all.

With bitter old people being a large demographic at smaller casinos, some of the patrons had some choice words for me. I once had an old guy immediately leave the table I was about to start dealing on without saying anything. Later that night one of my co-workers on break told me he went to his table because "he wasn't comfortable risking his money with a dealer who holds those values" in his words. Crazy world.

What if I don't like this present?

And resent a lot of people for blindly fighting others for their own pay check?

She could have at least had him cremated so she could not move on with her life in the privacy of her own home, instead of taking her infant to stare at a slab of concrete every day.

Such a bad title...

Ya those feelings never go away. My great grandfather was,in both wars and he hared Germans. He hated them so much that at 95 he broke his hip in the home, he took a swing at an old German dude who was chatting g with some old woman. In his words "the bloody krauts are trying to steal our women". Stay classy Barney.