In Alaska, snow plows are able to plow the streets without blocking in driveways.

I wish I had more input on where my tax dollars went. This is the type of shit I want to be paying for!

Hi this is PA, we'd like to buy several thousand of those. Send invoice to PA Legislature, Harrisburg PA.

Alaskan here. I didn't realize this wasn't a thing everywhere. Sometimes the fuckers don't use it though and I curse them every fucking moment I shovel the shit away.

Meanwhile my mailbox is taken out every year with the local snowplow.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a grader invention.

In PA when they plow, the drivers laugh when they dump a load at the end of your drive. At least one did... right when I was standing there. I never felt so discouraged as that day. Shoveling isn’t easy for me, and his laugh was cruel. And the pile was thigh high, 2 feet wide and dense heavy snow. He looked right at me and laughed.

Why isn’t that on every plow in the midwest!

No.. only the midwest

Alaskan here too, I noticed down south they don’t take as good of care of their roads when it snows, but never really connected it to this

I bet it's easy to tell who the snow plow drivers don't like.

And like, anywhere they have to plow on a regular basis?

Slushy, salty, street-plowed snow is the worst. My back hurts just thinking about it.

Ya fuck the military. Id sacrifice a helicopter for that

Edit. Ok fuck the military isnt right. Just one less helicopter

That is a road grader not a snow plow

They took out my fire hydrant once when they put a snow drift on it. Didn't find out until spring when the drift melted.

North Shore of MA here. Every storm results in a massive salt-induced, impermeable, wall of hell. No taxation without snowplow representation!

Good point. I rescind my previous observation.

I ap-plowed you.

I too am from PA. First off, these are much needed. Second of all, why the hell are we the only state that refers to our state by the abbreviation. This comment is not so much of a good example. But even when I refer to Pennsylvania aloud I say "PA".

Example " I grew up in PA."

I’m in Canada. I don’t know if we have enough helicopters to pay for this.

Hey man, at least you have initials. I have to SPECIFY Im from a state. Washington. State. No, not Seattle. The other side of the state. No, it's not green. No, it doesn't rain a lot on that side.

EDIT: we could also use a dozen of these bad boys. Please and thanks.

I'm suddenly realizing that I'm privileged in knowing that this is a grader, used to blade dirt roads, and not some weird, secret snowplow...

I think it more shows the lack of intensity of a modern, sedentary lifestyle. Not judging, that's my life too.

My upper body's been useless after nine consecutive days of measurable snow in Chicagoland. Shoveling snow uses muscles that I apparently don't use the rest of the year.

That's crazy, where my parents live, we have to dig the hydrant out too when it snows a lot. Surprised (and glad) you were able to get away with it without needing the hydrant or catching a fine.

Lol not really. there were like 11 accidents on the glen just today... Wish they would start using more salt

As someone from Hawaii I really don’t understand.

I don't know where in the Midwest you live, but where I am plows move at traffic speed and driveways are one after the other. This thing would suck to operate.

They need this in every New England city

I feel like this wouldn't be all that hard to modify for a regular snow plowing truck.

First, your state likely already has road graders in rural areas, which is what the main vehicle is. That attachment probably costs less than a full plow attachment for a random heavy equipment, such as a dump truck. Secondly, Pencilvania is hard to spell.

Icy what you did there

I actually dislocated a rib shoveing snow before, apparently it also uses bones i dont use most of the year.

Interesting note the doctor said it was an injury hockey players usually get. Gives you an idea of the intensity of shoveling compacted snow

Explanation like you've never seen snow:

Snow plows shove snow to the side of the road, otherwise the streets devolve to an undrivable mess. In the process they pack it a bunch and make it a dense icy somewhat dirty mix that is a pain in the ass to move. If you don't have something like this people have to move this wall of snow/ice out of the way of their driveway to get out (generally by hand, with a snow shovel). With something like this they just have to move the much lighter, less dense snow out of the way (or drive/walk through it... but that again leads to a horrible mess long term).

Explanation like you've never seen snow:

Snow plows shove snow to the side of the road, otherwise the streets devolve to an undrivable mess. In the process they pack it a bunch and make it a dense icy somewhat dirty mix that is a pain in the ass to move. If you don't have something like this people have to move this wall of snow/ice out of the way of their driveway to get out (generally by hand, with a ). With something like this they just have to move the much lighter, less dense snow out of the way (or drive/walk through it... but that again leads to a horrible mess long term).

This is a grader, which we have tons of in Canada (I'm sure the US does as well) but they are not practical for plowing in a timely fashion.

One year they had 220 cars off the side of New Seward.

I have trouble describing the type of ice in places like Alaska. It's okay if it stays ice and gets a little ice texture, but a little bit of thaw/freeze from a Chinook and goodnight.

As a canadian, why the fuck aren't all snow plows like this?

Nephew works for PennDOT. They use very few road graders for plow work.

The correct spelling is Pennsyltucky

Watched intently to see the human marvel of engineering. What is this laser technology witnessed only in the most obscure of sci-fi movies? [Gets to the driveway] - "oh"

Yeah... snowmen.

The city covers it up and then fines you!? Sunova!

They don't ever seem to use this though

source: from Alaska

Ok then. Live in Midwest, we are used to it. Florida probably needs fancier snow plows so half of the population doesn't die from an inch of flurries.

Just turn the mailbox into a 4x4 concrete pillar with a slot

Toss bags of salt into the Boston harbor

Yeah, because they have actual plows instead of a plow blade mounted on the front of a pickup truck.

Thats just mean :(

Because they're pretty complicated to operate, need to be a good multitasker.

Source: I used to operate one.

Major* cities in Saskatchewan have these. No helicopters were harmed in the acquisition of these graders.

*A major Saskatchewan city would be a small town in relation to other North American population centres.

We have a snow ban in my area.

Why do you need plows if all snow is banned?

"Ya ever hear of salting the earth? Yeah, well we're fucking salting the sea. Goddamn chowdaheads'll neva know what hit'm."

We got them in South Dakota a few years ago, snow gates are a godsend

Snow gates are nice but not without their flaws. They slow down the grader but only minimally. The main problem is that the hydraulic cylinder that controls the up and down motion is easily damaged. You can't use it close to the curb or a snowdrift for risk that it will hit something and break. Meaning with each successive snow storm, the snow drift next to the curb gets further and further into the street. Additionally, during storms with accumulations over about six inches, the snow will spill over and out of the snow gate and into your driveway. Better than no snow gate, but you'll still need to shovel some.

Careful, every time you criticize the amount of money we spend on the military congress increases their budget by $25B.

We don't have snow plows. It was joke.

thats exactly it, some days are terrible even though ice alone isnt all that bad. the other night when we had ice and then it started raining was terrifying on the PW. Going 30 mph, you could slam on the breaks and nothing at all would happen.

yeah but you can't blow people up with a snow plow so....

I wish this was higher. These are literally everywhere. Any place that builds a road. This provides some context as to why they aren't used for snow removal.

The big reasons are cost, salt capacity, and speed.

As a child growing up in Alaska I can tell you I was astonished when I learned they could be used for something other than plowing roads. They’ve used them up here as long as I can remember. Though I will say, they didn’t always have those snow gates when I was a kid, and shoveling the end of the driveway sucks.

I am wondering this too, but I was afraid to ask because I’m a southerner and we don’t understand how snow works.

murderous rage

Just a single Hellfire missile costs the same as one of those. You could buy about 400 of them for the price of one Apache helicopter.

It's pretty funny how it's the evergreen state even though probably more than half the state is borderline a desert

Texas here. I have no i dea whats going on in this thread.

It's not a plow at all. It's a Grader. You can literally build a gravel road with one, by yourself, if you know what you are doing, they are just using it cause it's handy.

Upstate New York chiming in, well take a few thousand. Just invoice Andy Cuomo personally. He’s trying to run for president and could use the publicity.

Mount your mail box to a 4x4 set in concrete. Should do the trick.

not really. its still sheet ice and i have a hard time stopping on ice with blizzacks

Not with that attitude.

Just hire somebody with four arms.

PA also here. Our plow drivers are assholes. We have a snow ban in my area. That means we're not allowed to park on one side of the road. I guess that's because our drivers are too incompetent to navigate down the street with cars on both sides.

So during the snow ban, you'd think they would plow towards the empty side of the street, right? No. They still plow the entire row of cars in. It's infuriating.


This is difficult cause first we have to explain what it's water...

From PA we just say each letter P A

Yah...that way Boston can clear every street and get rid of the entire Space Saver BS.

The snowplow you see is a municipal plow and only works on the residential streets and side streets.

The state is responsible for major arteries and our highway and they travel at highway speeds.

We have those same snowplows here in Florida. I don't think it's just Alaska.

Southern US..(specifically Louisiana) has the worst roads I've ever driven on. When I cross state lines into another state, its a drastic change. Crooked Gov't is what it is.

PA here. We definitely 100% say “Paaaaaaaaaaaaa.” Nice catch. You’re cultured.

I've seen these in northern alberta. Generally they make for terrible snow plows because of their slow speed. They are usually just used to grade gravel roads.

Some people line their driveways with tall reflective poles so they know where to drive.

Lmfao goteem

It would ruin this guys day:

I know right? That thing is used for gravel roads down here in Arkansas.

Last time I checked Alaska is part of America.

Californian here. Same.

I’m a lifelong Alaskan, only just now learning that these are not snow plows by original design. Mind blown.

You don’t have those big orange flag thingees on your fire hydrants?

Farming through this comment chain has been a pleasant experience.

Lol that’s a driver issue not a maintenance issue. It was slippery down here too because of the sun today (kenai peninsula).. saw people off the roads all over haha

This is every plow driver in MA:

Studs, blizzacks, the glen........,, it’s like listening to someone speak a foreign language.......

It actually is a dessert. Elevated dessert to be precise. Rattle snakes and tumbleweeds and everything.

Minnesotan chiming in, we need these too.

And honestly I think it’s bullshit we don’t have them already... shoveling through the wall in the morning is one of the worst ways to start a day... Minnesota nice my ass, I’m legitimately upset now knowing this exists.

Coming from a fairly rural area in PA, I’ve never seen or heard of a grader plowing snow. Generally they have dump truck plows that plow the main roads so that they’re drivable, then use those same trucks to do a single pass down smaller roads. After that the smaller roads still aren’t really drivable, so people hook up smaller plow blades to their pickup trucks and finish the job. Sometimes if they’re feeling nice they come back and plow people’s driveways too. This could just be in my area, but I’ve heard similar things from other people in rural areas around the state.

Yeah my town just has dump trucks with a plow on the front and a spinning wheel thing that sprays salt fucking everywhere but on the road. Sometimes if they are feeling good they will use the 1 pickup truck to do the smaller roads.

Desert. One s. Remember that you like desserts more, so you’d want 2 (2 S’s). I always remembered that for some reason

I mean, SO I HEAR, We spend a metric shitload more than we need to on our military in the states.

Do you say "Pee Eh" or "Paaaaaaa"?