In 2000, A big scandal was that Al Gore suspended a campaign worker after they reportedly received Bush debate prep

In 2000, A big scandal was that Al Gore suspended a campaign worker after they reportedly received Bush debate prep


Suspended campaign worker

Worker who leaked tape got a years sentence

The difference was Al Gore was actually a politician

Ooh, someone who provides sources without being asked! Good job OP!

And Clinton wasn't when she got advance info during the debate against Sanders?

I actually find it funny though how the media didn't even cover that

The fuck?

It looks like this happened right around Halloween of last year, so let's check Google, shall we?









Want to try again? And notice like 90% of those I just linked are what you (specifically you) might call "left-wing MSM sources" who you'd probably say were "in the bag" for Clinton.

edit: I full expect this comment to be downvoted by T_d posters who can't handle "fake news" (i.e. reality) being thrown in their faces.

Imagine if we had Gore in the white house for 8 years instead of Bush...

It was idiotic to offer it, it was idiotic for the Clinton campaign to do anything other than rebuff the offer.

But the information wasn't obtained through physical theft, as was the case with the physical Bush briefing book that was anonymously mailed to someone with the Gore campaign.

So Donna Brazile from the Clinton campaign?

200 years from now: Europa Governor Siliph Blatt is accused of accepting kickbacks from IntraSolar Mining Inc. Allegedly the governor relaxed safety regulations, possibly responsible for asteroid 114a's accidental descent into a colony dome, killing 1.3 million colonists. The official response from the governor's office mentions that Hillary Clinton once hit a dog with her ground transport. Since she faced no interplanetary grand jury investigation for that accident, Blatt is outraged at the blatant hypocrisy of the solar news networks.

Bush was shit, but I doubt Gore would have been unable to remain out of the shit as well after 9/11. Especially if he wanted to get 4 more years.

Never has been. Opposition research has always been more muckraking, and done with the desire to defame an opponent. Basic journalism is impartial, whereas opposition research is anything but.

Yeah, I think Donna got 'fired' for that 'leak'.

Nice deflection on a day like today.

Didn't Hillary receive debate prep against Bernie and use it?

Just to clear things up, the person got sentenced for lying about it to a grand jury, not for the leak itself.

Al Gore never fired anyone. The person who stole the information was a worker for a political advertiser that had access to the information.

What's the narritive?

"Collusion & Treason with our 60-year geopolitical arch-nemisis in exchange for rewards/sanction-relief at the expense of our allies and citizens is a GOOD thing" ?



Are you talking about the "leak" that there was going to be a question about the Flint water crisis? Seems like that would have been obvious.

And she was fired. Furthermore nowhere does it say this only applies to Trump. But I understand, you got a quota to fill.


Found the Russian activist.

So you are saying the trump administration is immune from prosecution because if donna brazile's actions? Why doesn't Trump appoint a special prosecutor and arrest them all? I thought he promised that would be in the first 30 days? Maybe because they did nothing illegal.

Please explain why trump refuses to issues a special prosecutor for clinton.

Fox news retracted their story that it was classified info. None of it was. Just another lie.

Great list. Was debating a redditor once who claimed Obamacare was passed in secret and I'm like, "Were you in a coma the entire year of 2010? It was on the news every day."

Not unlike lying about it, twice, on a security clearance application.

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But don't mention that here. These people don't like accountability.


Umm sweetie, are you not paying attention? Trumps son literally just supplied hard evidence.

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool liberal and that's the first thing I thought of.

That doesn't make Donald or Don Jr's bullshit any less bullshit, though, like you people tend to think.

Everyone thinks their team is magic...

I mean, those were really the same warnings coming when Clinton was in office, so I am not so sure. First World trade centers attack, USS Cole, a few unsuccessful one.s, etc

Some reports indicate that the Bush white house ignored reports of Bin Laden's whereabouts that could have led to his arrest months before the attack; Iraq was pushed by Bush political appointees who took raw intelligence and interpreted it to their own ends; Gore is a noted environmentalist who wouldn't have put up such resistance as the Bush EPA, and wouldn't have even tried to privatize Social Security. Much of the Bush deregulation that contributed to the subprime loan crisis was opposed by other democrats, and Gore's consumer watchdogs and other executive agencies would almost definitely have been more aggressive in pursuing fraudulent claims of such types. Enough to prevent 2008? No, but enough to reduce the severity. Enough to prevent Afghanistan? Well, without 9/11 certainly, there just wouldn't have been the support. As it was Al Gore would probably have used the international unity of 01-02 to do some climate shit and maybe go into Afghanistan anyways, but Iraq almost definitely not (preventing, in turn, the rise of AL Qaeda in Iraq, which would have remained brutally suppressed by Sadam, and possibly even ISIS at least until the Arab Spring).

What's your point? Nowhere did OP say this only applies to Trump and Brazile was fired.

Red herring argument. This isn't about her, it's about him.

Whataboutism. One person's actions do not excuse the actions of another. Also, the situations are not equivalent just because you say they are.

They hate democrats more than they love america

The fact that that happened doesn't affect this situation at all.

So incomparable it's not even funny.

A member of the DNC (not Clinton or her campaign mind you, but you'll see why even THAT'S irrelevant in a second) hired an AMERICAN research firm that had done opposition research on Trump FOR REPUBLICANS in the Primaries to do similar research on their behalf.

Then when the DNC got hacked, THAT RESEARCH firm hired Steele's company to investigate any possible links to the hacking.

STEELE himself actually allerted the intelligence authorities because he believed that his findings were an issue of national security, so it would be a waste of time for the Clinton campaign to report them, not to mention that they were gotten legally through an American research company, not to mention that Steele was retired from the government and now operating as the co-founder of Orbis, a PRIVATE British intelligence firm.

In conclusion, there are quite a few ways that the Steele dossier was far more legal/by the books/ethical than what is being uncovered right now.

No fair - you're using facts, verifiable facts.

Care to elaborate on this with examples?

Isn't the key difference that party elections are not subject to the same Federal laws as elections for an actual government position?

None of it what's classified, they were personal memos

Edit: from the downvotes, I see that Trumptards are out and about

Collusion with?

Lol the question was about the flint water crisis at a debate IN FLINT

They were likely in fifth grade in 2010.

What a bunch of shit. The Senate/House joint report debunks this claim on several levels. A: no actionable intelligence B: the reason the Patriot Act was quick after 911 was because the Administration HAD been working on it.

Remember in 2016 when the head of the DNC received debate prep questions from CNN, so Bernie would lose the debate...I member.

stop being an asshole

are you on the spectrum

You can't make this shit up lmao. My point was that you're calling me an asshole for generalizing, all the while you generalized in the comment that I responded to.

That's not how it works. None of his meetings or what was discussed was classified, and Comey releasing his personal memos is not a 'leak'

Honestly I can't fathom how you can possibly still support this guy. I mean, I get disliking Hilary, but regardless of what the other option was, after seeing all his lies and deceptions throughout he last six months, how can you still support Trump?

TIL Debate questions and the opposition's playbook are the same thing

Are you unaware of the email he posted on twitter about getting incriminating evidence on clinton from the russia government?

That happened yesterday! Do you really think this is about clinton?

I'm not American so I'd like to think I'm a bit more objective, but what you're saying, in a way sounds a lot like all the alt right conservatives, the people that will go to extreme lengths to justify Trumps actions. Just food for thought I guess.

3 million votes in the general is very much different from 3 million in primary.

It was such an intense moment in American history that it wouldn't have mattered who was in office, they woulda been heavily scrutinized.

Again, none of this excuses anything Trump has done.

who the fuck cares? what the fuck does that have to do with trump jr being promised damaging info on hrc from a "russian government lawyer" ?

The exact wording and phrasing of the question gives a candidate an advantage in how they answer and how specific their answer is with being able to quote exact figures makes them seem more prepared.

If you know the exact question on an exam, vs. knowing generally what might be on an exam you are cheating.

Yes. And didn't report it. And had no problem with it whatsoever, completely willing to accept information in the future.

But don't mention that here. These people don't like accountability.

I'm not sure losing by only 3 million votes is "crushed". If he had just lost by 3 million votes to Clinton in the general election, he would have been president!

You are delusional if you think this post is about hillary. Lol you trumpers never stop crying about her. This meme is mocking the current presidents son's actions over getting information from a "russian government attorney" that's according to the email that junior released yesterday.

Edit: you keep spamming that OP was talking about clinton. SAD!

Without whataboutism there would be crickets. Just have to say something I guess.