Impressive feat of strength

Impressive feat of strength

Made it to the end of this gif, got board.

I'm just going to copy my own comment from the other sub this is posted in and say: Whatever of video is- where it's shot vertically and the margins are a hazy version of the same image- has got to fucking die. Yesterday.

I see saw what you did there.

That's quite the accomplicement

That's a whole new lever of bad pun.

Dick pushups.

Jables would be proud.

You're not getting it. Whatever is out of frame is not visible. This goes for all film and video. There is no reason for the out of focus margins to be displayed. At all. Just show the video. Whatever is not in the video is still- not in the video. There is zero need or functionality to the margins being filled with an out of focus version of the same image. It's not "hiding" anything. Do you think that the edges of your screen are "hiding" images?

Ah Christ. You delete your comment, ya don't even respond, and you still gave me the downvote. Ya rotten prick, ya.

Reminds me of Kung Pow

Ya you only have to be able to do one cock push-up.

It sucks because if I'm watching a portrait video on my phone YouTube will make it full screen, but with this hazy stuff it ends up being tiny on my phone screen

Well, at least you can see where they are fulcruming from.

Yesterday? More like last year.

A great feat of strength. in Isaac Hayes voice

Au contraire. Now that you are here with me, what we have is a great strength of feet!