"Imagine being HALF as brave as this black teen standing dead center in a circle of racist hwhite natio...." Annnnd he's one of the organizers, BTFO.

"Imagine being HALF as brave as this black teen standing dead center in a circle of racist hwhite natio...." Annnnd he's one of the organizers, BTFO.
"Imagine being HALF as brave as this black teen standing dead center in a circle of racist hwhite...

LMFAO they really think all black people are the same don't they? So fucked up.

So racist.

I'm black and hate the left but this feels like that argument racist white people make when they say "I'm not racist I have a black friend!". Let's be honest among those people were actual racists but being racist doesn't necessarily equate to being a violent person hence that guy was fine especially since it was a public event.

All in all I don't actually support the march. All I ask for is a United Nation that does away with it's welfare state, illegal immigration, hiding social issues by being PC, Obamacare, etc

This is not MAGA

edit: we should be using this energy to specifically attack politicians that don't hold the American people in their best interests.

There's supposedly another one tonight I heard?? Or I don't know if the reporter was correct on that part, but heads up pedes!

"These people are so poor, and so black."

- Wolf Blitzer, after Hurricane Katrina.

And of course she deleted it.

Yes, yes they do. My Black American wife hates the left. She became "awake" after I warned her about Obama the first election. She hasn't voted democrat since. Learning occurred. My based wife loves Pepe.

She deleted it LOL what a fucking idiot.

Drudge describing as "white nationalist." Time to boycott Drudge?

I love that they see a black person and immediately think they're on their side. Gonna make '18 and '20 that much easier.

"The word racism is like ketchup - you can put it on anything."

Been doing that for a while. T_D is faster on news distribution anyway. Relevant articles constantly get reposted so cruising New gives you the latest o matter what's going on.

To be fair, the google and other news outlets are making it seem like Nazis and the KKK are marching for President Trump.

We need to find a way to show ALL Americans that we are inclusive. Our ideals give them the best chance to break out of poverty. Our ideals promote peace. We believe in total inclusion and total equal rights.

"Lol you gonna delete this real quick"

Holy crap that is good. That picture certainly blows up the media narrative that the rally was a "white supremacist" gathering, doesn't it?

She's thinking for herself and not doubling down on stupid. She was probably a lousy Democrat.

If only there was a word for people who assumed others' intentions and ideals based on skin color...

They don't think black people can leave the plantation

Apparently the one last night was just a practice one. Tonight's the real deal.

I am conflicted, there may be real white supremacists in that march. But then there are shitposters and larpers also.

The left's definition of a racist or a supremacist is twisted anyways. Calling on illegal immigrants to leave is not supremacists. Having pride in one's identity is also not. Same goes for being against demographic replacement by importing hordes of third world people who follow some outdated religion.

Yes there may be a few who want white supremacy, but so are people in the left who openly call for white genocide and are professors. So is BLM, who calls for killing cops and whites.

So I am a bit conflicted


At this point, as a brown person, triggering the blue haired, offended by EVERYTHING SJW Feminazi Left is far more satisfying then any of the above.

As seen by the literal REEEEEEEEEEEEing on twitter and left wing media, this achieves that in a HUGE way

So I am happy .

So black that it turned Wolf into a racist.

This keeps happening more and more lately. Leftists make assumptions based on race or sex or whatever and are immediately proven wrong. Seems like almost every day there's another BTFO.

Spez: I see her bio is "segment producer for MSNBC". That explains everything.

Bwahahaha.....nothing is lost thanks to the Autists....so delete all you want you libtard.

Part of the issue here is that the European nations of the world are uniquely forbidden from having their own homogeneous communities.

Asia? No problem.

Latin America? No problem.

Africa? No problem.

Ethnically European? "Charity" groups boating in 3rd worlders at maximum capacity, who aren't even fleeing from anything.

Did we find out who paid for all the torches yet?

I maintain that racial divisions are a case of mistaken identity - the real divisions are cultural. I could not possibly care less about skin color, but I very much do care about culture, religion, and values. Take a black man from the South and a white Yankee, and odds are solid that the black Southerner and I will get along way better than I would with the Yankee.

Racism of low expectations. Liberals are pros at this. "Poor black people, too dumb to make decisions by themselves"

Yeah, I gave up on Drudge for news as well. Still has that good list of columnists below though.

Unfortunately 'racism' means not a god damn thing, it's unfortunate because whether you simply liked a picture of a cartoon frog or literally burn crosses on people's yards it's all under the same umbrella.

The msm and liberals labeled the whole crowd white supremacists simply for being there, the black organizer included. This is the result of a culture of 'whatever I don't like is racist'

Ironic. 150 years and the Dems STILL think black people merely are tools for them to use to advance their own standing.

It's interesting how liberals don't understand anything about conservatives. They just project their own bias onto us. Yet conservatives see liberals as for who they really are. They're very predictable.

Diamond and Silk are in NC, maybe we can get word to them to help out.

What is the old adage? I believe it is "THE MEMES WRITE THEMSELVES"

This is why I knew the polls were wrong, I wore a Hillary shirt to the polls, and then voted for Trump, lol.

Education is kryptonite to a liberalism. That's why they work to brainwash and cause chaos.

I had Fox News on the radio earlier today and it was non-stop "white nationalist" and "violent white nationalist" bullshit.

This is pure bunkum. There are no Nazis, except in Germany and Argentina.

In the US at its peak, there were millions of people in the KKK. Perhaps (guess) up to 2-4% of the population.

Today it's 3,000. Not even a rounding error. Less than 1/100,000th or .0001%.

Talking about white nationalists is ignorant.

Having white identity politics that does not denigrate other races is just fine. It's racist to assume otherwise. White people have been unfairly maligned by the press in an order to divide.

You can buy a black slave for $20-$200 in Libya. Sold by other black people. Where's the outrage.

The real bogeyman is the globalist and his lapdogs. Real evil villains dividing the good people of America

We are all Terry!

We support Unite the Right, those people aren't Nazis or White Supremacists. Some of them may be alt-right, but that's not the same thing.

As a white dude these posts always make me shake my head. It's no better than Hillary and her fucking hot sauce.

We don't give a fuck if you're white black yellow or purple. Pigmentation isn't what unites us. We all bleed red white and blue. "When you open your heart to patriotism there is no room for prejudice." -DJT #45 baby

MSM makes this sound like a Klan rally

I mean they think it's racist for ID checks to vote but not racist for ID checks to buy Liquor.

Ehhhhhhh. It's not our rhetoric that insists Trump has NO minority supporters. They're the ones bullying black Trump supporters.

Basically, they created the scenario where our tiny virtue signals destroy their narrative. And they persecute everyone so hard that it's actually brave to be an openly black conservative.

We're only gonna steal more and more of "their" demographics. Don't be mad about it. They're mad about it. Which is the point.

And it's.....gone

Dude I don't give a fuck if anyone is racist as long as they aren't breaking US law, creating a nuisance, or impeding the rights of others. That said, keep your shit out of politics. Let it stand as it's own way of thinking.

You sound like a racist. Are you actually saying only white people voted for President Trump? You're wrong.

Stop trying to paint President Trump as a racist. You have no proof and you'll end up looking like a fool.

I support anyone's right to peacefully assemble. I don't care if they are nazis or communists. This country allows plenty of people to say the stupidest shit and others to decide if what they're saying has merit, but that's what makes it great.

Some is nurture, some is nature.

MS-13 frighteningly resembles violent wilderness tribes from El Salvador. The face paint just got replaced by tattoos. We didn't adapt to completely different environments for millennia so we could pretend to all be the same inside. If you're the same inside, then you're probably a robot.

I can't wait to jack their shit up at midterms.

This is GOLD!

Drudge got high on his own supply. I think he made a calculated move to not be identified as pro-Trump.

I don't think it's in our interest to boycott fence riding journos (after all, somewhat fair journalism would be a massive improvement).

From a practical perspective there are far better, juicer targets. Criteria: enemies of Trump, enemies of America, enemies of MAGA. It lets us be fully savage, justified and effective.

Like Kathy Griffin. That was great.

Google seems to be a good, opportune, fully evil target currently. Focus.

My 2 cents


Again, we have some delusional libtard who either can't read for can't spell;

It's "Unite the Right" NOT "Unite the White" you moron.


Or gender...

It's Make AMERICA Great Again. No white, no black, just Americans.

It's hilarious. Friendly candle holding elves surround Sauron's dwindling Orc army and let them live

Fox News was doing the same.

MSM would make a quilting bee sound like a Klan Rally if even one grammy was wearing a MAGA hat.

Identify politics 101. Don't forget, latest pivot: Better Deal, Better Jobs...whatever the fuck.

They also fail to grasp the fact that many of us went through the same indoctrination as them. Hell, many of us supported Bernie in the primary. We're college educated. We have all our teeth.

Hahaha you savage hahaha

No doubt there are some biological differences, but I would argue there are nowhere near enough to justify racial segregation. Instinct can be molded to culture. The Left's greatest victory so far has been convincing blacks that they cannot be a part of Southern culture, when in fact they contributed greatly to its distinctiveness. The Left splits us along racial lines to prevent us from unifying along cultural ones.

Better pizza.

I'm old as fuck, so I probably shouldn't be saying this, but: "OH GOD 2018 HURRY UP AND GET HERE ALREADY!!!1!!!"

Legit white separatist here. Not violent I just support truly diverse cultures. Which means sometimes staying away from groups that we don't cooperate well with. I'll treat you with dignity and respect but I'll not support others groups ability to dominate my culture or economy.

I'd share a beer with Marcus Garvey and then we would go back to our respective homelands.

anyone have a source that he is an organizer? ive seen it stated a few times but cant find anything to verify. its needed for some salt mining.

Lmao please get this to /sub/all

They are the aristocracy party. They believe in the benevolent elite and serfdom for the rest of us. The concept of someone raising themself to wealth goes against their mindset.

I agree. I'm not black but was troubled by the fact that there are white nationalists there. But sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend. But this gives fuel to the liberals with MUH NAZI

Good call on the columnists. It is a great list.

Je sui Terry

So poor-black. A single, racist, leftist construct. Racism is truly yesterday's fight (except for libtards who are guilty of it). SMH

This is really similar to the way the tea party was smeared and hijacked

White nationalist is not a bad word or a bad person. Its a white person that is a nationalist and wants to take care of US first.

White supremecists are the bad guys.

also to add, I don't really care about what liberals think. For them EVERYONE who doesn't agree with them is a Nazi.

Like crying wolf....

Papa Juans

The left arent terrible cause they are racists. The left is terrible cause they are leftists.

They're still doing it. And here I am looking for more information. Yup sure looks like a White Nationalist standing up there to me.

Hahahaha....muh sides! They can't see anything except through their filters.

If you're a patriot, your shade doesn't mean that much to me.

Very well said good sir!

these jerks are trying to hijack the MAGA movement

then again, those on the right especially pol ( it is complicated) will chose to shitpost and larp as the most extreme right wing ideology to maximum trigger the easily offended left

So it is not possible to determine whether one is trolling or is a real nazi.

My viewpoint on this is that free speech is free speech. It doesn't matter, till someone starts engaging in violence. That is the red line, regardless of one's political ideology

I woke up when Hillary "stole" the nomination from Bernie.

so even mods here and pedes were disavowing this, so thats a mod for the donald? i was asking last night about the optics in this and got downvoted hard...whats the deal here...

Same here. Was watching the morning business shows, got busy doing something else and forgot to change. They were absolutely sickening. Might as well have been watching CNN or MSNBC or some other fake news outlet. Turned it off and it will stay off.

I'm Spartacus...I mean Terry

The brainwash rays of MSM are strong. The need to virtue signal to maintain the ego is also strong.

Bubbles go for far longer than you'd think, but they always pop.

Tick tock

Based oldpede

Trump got a majority among Asian middle age voters, and a "surprising" amount of Hispanic votes.

You seem to be under the false impression, this picture will have some kind of effect on "it's all white supremacists" MSM narrative. It won't.

EDIT: I am also starting to wonder who exactly pays that Duke guy to show up, so gathering of any kind can immediately be portrayed as racist.