I'm the only black guy in the office and of course this was the one day I had a craving.

I'm the only black guy in the office and of course this was the one day I had a craving.

You know why black people love fried chicken? Because everyone fucking loves fried chicken. Fried chicken is good.

Told this story before but will tell it again.

At work, some Indian coworkers threw an Indian food luncheon. We're all there enjoying the food. Black coworker says "We should throw a soul food luncheon."

My (now former because she retired) boss hears and pipes up and goes "Oh, what would that be? Fried Chicken?" She's been in the States for quite some time now but she's originally from Hong Kong I think.

The entire area goes quiet and we all look at my black coworker expectantly (most of us ready to crack the fuck up). Boss notices and immediately knows she must've said something wrong but has no clue what was wrong so she apologizes but asks "uh, did I say something wrong?"

Black coworker starts to slowly explain but isn't sure how to put it so he calls another black coworker over who explains that it's kind of racist. Boss apologizes profusely and says "so what would be in a soul food luncheon?"

Black coworker goes "uh, collard greens, dirty rice, and uh... fried chicken. "

Now my boss is totally confused - "so it is fried chicken?"

The rest of us can't help and we all laugh our asses off at this point.

Yeap. I was always confused why people talked about a "black meal" being watermelon, Kool aid, Cole slaw, and some fried chicken. That was my family's favorite summer meal, and we are so white people could rent us out as safety reflectors. I haven't met anyone yet that wouldn't tuck into that immediately.

Just cuz I eat Chicken and Watermelon they think that something’s wrong with me. Let me tell you somethin if you don’t like chicken and watermelon, something is wrong with you, there is something wrong with you! Where are all these people who don't like Chicken and Watermelon?

-The Man, The Legend Dave Chappelle

I never understood how this evolved to a racist stereotype. It's a common food most people like. You could do the same stereotype white people and hamburgers.

and we are so white people could rent us out as safety reflectors.

Jesus fucking christ I have to use this.

But seriously, I say the same thing to people who crack the joke at me. That or I reach over and take "theirs" because it's for black people and they ain't gonna eat it.

Fried chicken became associated with black people in the U.S. during a time where they weren't allowed to eat in many restaurants. However, they were often allowed to purchase food to go, generally received at the back door. As a result, many black families would go on picnics. Fried chicken has a unique distinction among main dishes in that it's still pretty good at room temperature, making it perfect for picnic lunches. Coleslaw is also good for picnics, especially vinegar slaw which won't quickly go bad in the southern heat. The other thing is chicken, cabbage, and watermelon (in season) are all cheap. When your community is marked by widespread poverty, most people won't be choosing the filet mignon. These factors combine, the association grows.

But, yeah, fried chicken and watermelon are fucking delicious.

it's kind of racist

This is not even remotely racist. It may be slightly racial, but not racist in the least. He also specified 'soul food'.

"That's racist, Stanley. You don't call them 'collard' people".

Who goes around the room asking everyone what they had for lunch..?

Dave Chappelle on fried chicken - one of my favorite bits:

That happened to me. I was at the end of Mississippi. I was in Mississippi doing a show, and I go to the restaurant to order some food. And, I say to the guy-- I say: "I would like to have..." And before I even end my sentence, he says: "The CHICKEN." I was like, "What the... fuck." I could not believe it. I could not believe that shit. This man was absolutely right. I said, "How did he know... that I was going to get some chicken?" I asked him. I said, "How did you know that? How did you know I was going to get some chicken?" He looked at me like I was crazy. He said, "Come on, buddy. COME ON, BUDDY. Now everybody knew that as soon as you walked through the goddamn door... you were gonna get some chicken. It ain't no secret down here that Blacks and chickens are quite fond of one another."

And then I finally understood what he was saying, and I got upset. I wasn't even mad. I was just upset. I wasn't ready to hear that shit. All these years, I thought I liked chicken because it was delicious. Turns out I'm genetically predisposed to liking chicken.

Legit question, and here's an answer.

All this time I thought I loved chicken because it's delicious. Turns out, I'm genetically predisposed to love chicken!

A busybody boss who wants to "build team spirit" using "tried and true methods" found in some self-help management book s/he's required to read as "growth material" for their own yearly goals.

"My God, he's loving it. Just like they said in National Geographic"

Even white people know that it's never a bad time for fried chicken.

It's all about the delivery.

Man I wish there was a fried chicken delivery around my house.

"Michael, that's not a hate crime."

"Well I hated it!"

If you use the N word to order KFC I think you might be doing it wrong.

Every group has their food stereotypes, make a joke about an Irishmen loving potatoes and drinking everybody laughs, but a watermelon and fried chicken joke is off limits

well now you are just playing right into another stereotype

fried chicken and watermelon are fucking delicious.

Yeah they are. The Colonel didn't make a Trillion dollars because it sucks.

Because honeydew what honeywant.

I'll see myself out.

Fucking white people, trying to take all the delicious food for themselves as well!

That's what I told my black cowoker who said 'all white people are a little racist I don't care what you say. For instance, you think black people like fried chicken, right?' "of course I do. I love fried chicken, most white people love fried chicken, Korean people love fried chicken. Let me guess, you think white people can't dance?" When he laughed and said yeah, "well what the fuck do you call that crazy shit the Irish do? Have you seen Spaniards dance? Spanish people are white"

Of course, this guy was also a Flat Earther... so yeah.

I think its bullshit that black people get fried chicken, watermelon, and grape/orange drank. As a white man of Southern upbringing I have found that my best friend who is a black man or southern upbringing shares and equal taste for the zest of life which I believe we can all agree is fried food and sauces hot enough to cause much distress to the innards of any and all hard working men and women. The stigma of race and fried chicken must be lifted! If Popeye and the Colonel can live in the same neighborhood as Churches cant we too share a bucket or a basket together? Can I get a two-piece!

"Look at him. He loves it. Just like it says in the encyclopedia. Look how happy he looks."

Well yeah you can make literally any joke if the audience is right, but you can make a casual joke about Italians and spaghetti at a business meeting for example

fuck your filet mignon and gimmie some Popeyes

I worked at KFC in high school in a predominantly white suburban area. We had a much greater percentage of our customer base who were black than what was represented in the local population. So I dunno, stereotypes are usually stereotypes for a reason. I still don't see the problem though. So what if black people love fried chicken more than white people? That's like saying Chinese people like rice or Indians like curry or white people like hamburgers or Italians like pasta. So what if they do? People need to chill out with thinking everything is racist.

So it's basically like the n word, it's only racist when others say it.

It's not off limits if you know your audience and they know you're not a racist.

That was really interesting. I kind of knew where the stereotype came from but didn't know about the movie depiction. That must have been some powerful scene.

white privilege bitch - give us all the good foods!!!!

So what? Fried chicken is delicious.

Seriously, this. Whypipo eat the shit out of fried chicken.

To add, watermelon was considered an easy plant to grow, so even someone who is lazy can grow it. Also, because of the seeds, rinds, and high water content, one can only eat watermelon in a messy way. By associating a "messy, dirty, lazy" fruit with black people, racists were able to further denigrate black people.

Fucking honeydew. Why is it every time cantaloupe comes to the party he has to bring his shitty cousin honeydew?

Por que no los dos?


So how do I order at KFC then?

That's his point, though. If you look to your left and see an Italian family eating spaghetti, it's perfectly acceptable to say "wow, what a surprise! Italians eating spaghetti." If you then look to your right and see a black family eating fried chicken, don't you dare make a comment about it. That would be racist.

To add, watermelon was considered an easy plant to grow, so even someone who is lazy can grow it.

now I feel bad for failing at growing a watermelon once :(

Yeah, I hate that stereotype about black people interpreting everything very literally.

Of course, this guy was also a Flat Earther

Well that took a turn

... Michael Scott?

Come ooooooon buddy! Everybody in here KNEW... SOON as you WALKED through the GOD DAMN DOOR... you was goin to get some chicken.

Gimme dat. points

That's not at all what he was implying. Let not beat around the bush. Let's call a spade a spade. He was saying black people basically have really long arms, that's how he could reach over to the chicken to take it.

So black people aren't allowed to eat fried chicken without it being racial? What about Asians and rice? Or Italians and pasta? Or Hawaiians and SPAM? Or Indians and curry?

Food is food. Food is good. Who cares what you eat?

"If you don't like watermelon there is something wrong with YOU."

Especially white people

Is it racist to assume that a Chinese food luncheon will feature fried rice and egg rolls? Same thing.

I work front desk at a hotel and do this from time to time with my team if they have eaten before me so I can get some ideas of what to eat for lunch. I don't really think it's that odd?

Tempura. You had poultry tempura.

If assuming a lucheon of a specific food genre will include a well known and well liked staple of that specific food genre isnt racist idk what is.

I remember reading a long winded article about why watermelon is associated with black people, tl;dr was that freed slaves were able to grow it easily to make some money/have food, and people thought they were lazy about it or something.

here's the whole thing, http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2014/12/how-watermelons-became-a-racist-trope/383529/

Asian here. Stay the fuck away from my rice.

This is why PC culture is bullshit

Part of it is historical actually. During the age of Jim Crow laws, if you were a black man on a working crew, restaurants and lunch carts probably weren't going to serve you, so you'd bring your own lunch. Fried foods have the benefit of tasting fresh longer, being very calorie dense since the breading soaks up the oil (and you were going to burn those calories off), then you'd have a piece of fruit, something juicy, to help cut your thirst.

If your last line (and I guess the rest) was meant to be read in the voice of a preacher man, you succeeded ; )

Now that you mention it.... Why has no-one invented this?

Alright - I need some Uber drivers willing to be re-purposed for fried chicken delivery, who wants in on my new business model?

Edit: Ok damn people! Apparently KFC delivers (never heard of this and not near me) but I am out of the loop and yes we all know about Mobile Meals, DoorStep Delivery, etc... but usually they are partnered with restaurants and not fast food joints which KFC, Popeyes, and Churches are considered.

I was specifically talking about a fast food joint designed solely for delivering hot and tasty as fuck chicken (with waffles or biscuits) fresh to your doorstep. Like not a chicken joint that uses mobile meals but the entire business model is to deliver a 3pc with biscuits and tea to where ever you may be!

No, actually it didn't take a turn

This to me is indicative of an underlying societal ill, ie any words out of my mouth that have anything to do it with someone who doesn't look like me is racist

Saying soul food includes fried chicken isn't really racist.... It's just accurate.

Yeah, we fecking invented it

Can confirm. I am white and making fried chicken tonight.

Also the fake image that was promoted was that the slaves (or later black workers) would sneak off from their real work, steal a watermelon from the owner's garden and hide somewhere eating it instead of working. It sounds crazy today, but that was part of the unspoken subtext. The article doesn't include them, but there are postcards depicting this playing out. Who the fuck took time to draw that, then who had it printed, then who thought to sell such a post card and who thought it was so cool they bought it? WTF?

I hate this bullshit response. There are plenty of Irish people who get offended about being called drunks. And I haven't met a black person who gets pissed because of food jokes. Most jokes are said in familar groups so no one gets upset. If you go up to a random black person and say "OOOHHHH I bet you loveeee fried chicken!!", you deserve to be laid out. The same if you go up to a random Irish person and say "OOOHHHH I bet you are a violent drunk!!!!"

Stereotypes are fine if you know the person but horrible if it's random.

I hate little distractions that get in the way of work I'm trying to do in favor of "team building."

My favorite team building exercise has long been working together on a common and practical goal because we actually are a team and need to work together. I like my job, that's why I do it, so working together with others just seems natural. I find team building exercises forced and artificial, and that actually hurts my ability to feel comradery like we are supposed to intrinsically hate each other.

HEY, keep that honeydew out of there!

Who the fuck took time to draw that, then who had it printed, then who thought to sell such a post card and who thought it was so cool they bought it?

Survey says!

Now if they could just stop serving it up in a steamy grease sack that's been sitting in a heat tray for a couple minutes it would be perfection. Oh, and fucking stay open on Sundays.

Did you reply "Fried chicken, boss" ?

"...you must be lost. These are vegetables"

It's not just about if the audience is right. It's what your joke means about your mindset. Is it to tease, or to hurt? Is it self-deprecatory, or is it mean to others?

If you're not sure, you probably should abstain. I don't make black jokes around my black friends except when the joke - which out of context could be interpreted as racist - is funny because I'm actually making fun of my feigned (or possibly partially relevant) ignorance of their culture.

You know who likes fried chicken? Black people.

You know who else likes fried chicken? Everybody...

My Mexican husband manages to outdo my chicken obsessed dad, which is saying something. It's cute hearing "El kfc".. Point being I hear it from everyone in different areas of the my country. Besides, almost everyone loves fired chicken. It's life.

I never make it. But only because Publix is already on point with it.

Soul food does mean fried chicken. She wasn't racist because she was 100% fucking correct. Also acceptable: anything made from literally any part of a pig (ham hock, ribs, feet, chitterlings, jowl, maw, fatback), collard or mustard greens, okra, cornbread and sweet potatoes.


"The speaker ruled that all members must wear shoes."

If we are going for it, the respose should have gone "Fried Chicken if ya please baws" then maintain eye contact while smiling hard.

Gabriel Iglesias - Racist Gift Basket

Reminds me of this: .

Perhaps more accurately, fried chicken is a southern food, and in places like LA and Detroit where a lot of former southern black people moved to in the 50's and 60's, they brought along friend chicken.

Too much rage, probably.

I visited Korea in October last year with zero clue about the place and I was pretty surprised to find it very Americanised. My husband and I got so excited when we saw a Popeyes because we hadn't had any since we were in the US the year before and we figured we wouldn't get to have any for a very long time.

So, instead of immersing ourselves the the Korean cuisine and culture, we pretty much had Popeyes every day.

Except for that one day we had Pappa John's.

People don't seem to realize racism is about intent. The word all these confused redditors are looking for is "ignorant". Racism comes from ignorance, but ignorance isn't always racist. If someone sees this as racist, it's because they are applying their own societal norms onto the speaker and taking their words out of context. She was ignorant to black people being stereotyped to fried chicken, she's not an ignorant person but had a moment of unintended implication, which only exists because of the listener. If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? Only if a butthurt guilty white person is around to hear it.

That, and Chinese people are usually racist as fuck, but they hate everyone equally, especially other Asian people, and most especially other Chinese people. Is that racist to say? Probably, but I don't hate Chinese people, I'm just ignorant and going based off what every Chinese person has told me. But I'm white. Does that make it racist? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Blanket statements about stereotypes are bullshit. But so is getting upset about it.

As a white guy, I refuse to be made to feel bad for my love of cheese. But folks can rag on me all they want because I'm not gonna stop loving a good slice of Havarti on my sammiches.

I love Chappelle's white guy voice, hahah. Kills me every time.

The only reasoning I have for it is that black people talk about fried chicken more.

That's certainly the case within my friendship group.

Then again I fucking love fried chicken.

Racism is when you think a group of people are inferior to your own. To point out the food that cultures eat is not racist.

Such a ridiculous bit of racism. "Hey, look at this guy! He likes fried chicken! Bet he likes pizza and Tom Hanks and long walks on the beach too! Idiot."

Tbh both of those sound a bit rude. Why you gotta comment on people eating and make them feel some type of way?

The colonel actually sold the restaurant for about $15 million (in today's money) in 1964.

You don't sauté in truffle oil, you culinarily challenged ninnymuggins.

If I was at the terminal in Die Hard 2, they'd solve all the problems by taking off my shirt and having me stand on the tarmac.

This white boy made fried chicken last night, OP. Don't sweat it.

Happened to my coworker when he was working in the field with our boss. Asked if he wanted anything to drink and the coworker asks for an Arizona drink. Stupid boss goes, let me guess the watermelon one.

Now us coworkers always make racist horrible jokes together since it's a pretty diverse place but the boss never partakes. So of course he answers seriously that no, he wants fruit punch. Comes back to the shop and explains the story and in reality yes he wanted watermelon but wanted to make the boss feel very awkward. We all bust out laughing.

Thats ok. I'm Mexican and Italian and I eat tons of burritos tacos jalapnos and pasta. Long live the stereotypes! ARRIBA!

As an Irish-American, I'd like to add on to that: stay the fuck away from my potatoes.

Collah grayyyyns

welp, back to watching The Office. For like the 8th time.

So what if black people love fried chicken more than white people?

One of these is true:

Black people like fried chicken more than white people White people like fried chicken more than black people Black people like fried chicken exactly as much as white people

Since option 3 is highly unlikely, I'll assume black people like it more. And I don't give a fuck, since it has no bearing on anything.

Let's stop pointing out all the differences between whites and blacks. It's not helping anyone. Last time I checked we were all the same race (human), so let's act like it.

Or maybe we should classify as many whites as racist as we can. That'll solve everything.

Cognitive dissonance comes in all colors

I always ask people what they had for lunch because my Cheese, Mustard, <Ham / Turkey / Beef> sandwich is so boring. I like living vicariously through their lunches.

Never be ashamed to love fried chicken

Don't read the comments.

Naw, he would have invented a character that was there to team build and use racist/homophobic/sexist/unsafe means thus uniting the office against him and succeeding in team building.