I’m sure

I’m sure

I get a pebble stuck between the tread of my boots and can feel when my foot hits at a strange angle. There's no way you could walk for weeks and not feel that something was lodged in there.

How did he lose a boot that big?

It was hidden under a charging cable.

Not only can you feel it but there is no way you couldn’t hear the plastic crunching

Walk in the carpeted house and step on dongle Take off boots Don't wear boots for weeks Wear boots Find dongle

Even if you walked on nothing but carpet for weeks wouldn't the white plastic would be far more abraded and dirty than that?

It's a little odd that thing is completely clean after hes been walking around with it on his boot "for weeks".

guys please.... this is a joke.

Dear Reddit,

People, even men, can own multiple shoes! I'm not saying this is real; however, it's entirely possible that he hasn't worn these boots in a while and upon putting them on again discovered this dongle.

Literally the only way.

"What's that weird clicking noise I can hear every time I walk on a hard surface? Oh I'm sure it's nothing"

But you can sit in or near your boots for weeks without feeling it.

That’s a courage™ dongle, not a charging cable

Found OP.

Don't worry they'll still tear it apart.


So you're saying this could've happened? That's preposterous, reddit never gets anything wrong!

Look at the sub this is in and try again.

dawg look at the top comment and a few other comments. Why am I even arguing with you lmao

Maybe he walks on his tipy toes

I guess if you're not wearing the boots when they have something stuck in them you wouldn't feel but I can't imagine doing much walking without noticing that there's something wedged in there.

Watch your language, this is a Christian server

"I need a photo that shows that I:

1) Wear Timberland boots 2) Am an Apple owner 3) Am careless with my possessions"

It must be difficult being so woke.

Not necessarily. If the guy was on thick carpet, if these are brand new boots, hell, maybe the guy has a prosthetic leg. People on Reddit are so quick to call bullshit on something, but then go to /sub/nevertellmetheodds and upvote everything in site.

How big are your boots that you can sit in them?

Simplest reveal is that there's no way something white and plastic is going to retain that color after walking on anything other than a carpet.


Or is this one of those /sub/nothingeverhappens

I get confused easily

No must take things literally always

Man, you really are a turd.

Could have gotten lodged there and then he didn't wear the boots for weeks afterwards

He boot too big

Oh check out mr/miss too-big-for-their-boots here.

Ah, the ol' reddit boot-a-roo

Would of still felt it the moment it happened

2 kind of makes 3 redundant. At least in my experience.

I can't help it. I feel compelled to remind them they are shit.

Goddamit Lisa

Hold my dongle, I'm going in!

That's the popular stereotype. It's also a popular opinion to have that Apple is used by pretentious people and Android is used by the "real people who are tech savvy and know what's good".

I have an iPhone only because they had the simplest and easiest UI that I preferred, is the most common phone in my area, is stable in terms of performance (in my experience).

My work phone is an Android and it's extremely unstable in terms of performance, it's laggy and slow. My iPhone is a 5s and the Android is a Samsung Galaxy S4. They both released the same year and are about the same price today (just did a quick glance. The iPhone is slightly more expensive but that's to be expected). I'm not a huge phone geek and don't know their specs. But my 5s is stable and very rarely lags. It's about 3 years old, while the S4 is only 6 months old, but the S4 lags every time I open it and I would go crazy if this was my primary phone.

This isn't indicative of the entire phone market of course. The only reason I'd switch to Android at this point would be because Apple made a change I can't live with, or because the price of an iPhone would be too high. My 5S is fine for now even if it's an "old" iPhone. Problem is, if I were to buy a new one I would only be able to buy an SE, since I think their new phones are way too big. Apple already kind of made the the change I can't live with. If I don't buy an SE next (I will) then I'll buy whatever Android has the right size, even if I'll hate the interface for a while. There's a shortage of smaller Android phones that aren't low on hardware too, though.

He might be in a wheelchair

Could have just put it with the original packaging. I noticed it when I first got my phone then couldn’t find it for months until I used the headphones

Sheesh why would you not start your search there