I'm so sorry

No. No you're not.

If that was me my blasters would overheat and I'd only get one kill.

and then I'd crash into a building.

I wish I was this good at anything in my life

I normally hate getting killed my Starfighers because there's nothing you can do except run, but this is fantastic!

Was so excited to unlock the ion rocket for the Heavy class so i could fight back...it takes off like 10% of their health. Neat.

Let’s try terrorism, that’s a good trick!

Dice is so bad at balancing anit aircraft weapons. Always have.

That's one of those rare moments in this game that feels like the force is calling to you. They line up so perfectly in this shot and OP just orgasms all over the clankers.

Not yet

Fake, you didn't lag into the ground.

that setup is like winning the lottery. you dont need to be particularly good, just lucky.

I mean, it made more sense in Battlefield, you dont want a player to be able to one shot a plane or chopper with one missile, but in that instance, they have multiple rockets for each player, you have a server with 32 v 32, so there are plenty of guys with rockets to help out. But in BF2, people have to unlock it, and even then it has a cooldown after you fire it once, so you need a group of Heavies all with the rocket firing at the same aircraft to shoot down, which is ridiculous.

It's treason then

Whenever I am in an aerial vehicle, I never see ANYTHING on the ground.

Try spinning. That's a good trick.

Now THIS is podracing

That's me in the spot, light, loosing my batlepoints.

I am the subreddit

The subreddit will decide your fate.

You have to know where the enemy will be.

It's terrorism, then.

I mean I usually just crash, sooooo

That's me with sentry

Not just the Droidmen, but the Droidwomen, and Droidchildren as well!

I’m hard as fuck.


Also, it's never been easier to avoid a rocket than in this game.

I would've hit something

Set em up and knock em down!

I’d have run into an invisible hitbox.