I'm pretty sure my cat is the Blep queen...

I'm pretty sure my cat is the Blep queen...

It's called a cat.

Speak for yourself, buddy. If I can't see molecular structure, then don't even bother me with your "pictures".

Sorry about the quality! This was taken a couple years back on my old iPhone 4 and I just recently stumbled upon this incredible sub a couple days ago.

I don't even understand how this could happen! I'm so jealous, my cats have never blepped. I am envious of you and your long-tongued cat, OP.

There's nothing wrong with the quality...?

This made me laugh unreasonably hard, I think it's time for bed.

That's the biggest blep I've ever seen!

That's kinda of how this one went down! She was grooming herself and I said her name and she popped her head around to reveal the ultimate blep.