"I'm Not Going To Give You A Question! You Are FAKE NEWS!" Hahahahahaha CNN BTFO!

"I'm Not Going To Give You A Question! You Are FAKE NEWS!" Hahahahahaha CNN BTFO!
"Not you. Your organisation's terrible. I'm not going to give you a question. You are fake news."

The best part is that he allowed CNN a front row seat, knowing that they would be begging to ask a question, just so he could blow them the fuck out right in front of everyone. Fucking amazing.

I've never seen a president stand up to the Mainstream Media like Trump has. It's incredible.

I think the most telling part was how the press corps applauded Trump after he said that.

They fully understand how much this clusterfuck has hurt the reputation of the MSM.

Edit: Apparently CNN is trying to save face and insist the only people applauding were Trump staffers lol

Edit 2: /u/Lorenzo_Brandy come back! It was fun watching you hang yourself with your own stupidity.

Video: https://streamable.com/83k66

Really would like to see a Thug Life version of this before COB today.


That was fucking awesome

Edit: Link to the awesomeness

Dude the entire thing was amazing, he straight up game of thrones'd the "intelligence" community stating that he told no one about a meeting yet it still got out........

CNN just got pissed on by Trump.

wew lad, my first golden shower

You know what's not appropriate? Being a propaganda arm of Democrats, actively contributing to racial tension, and attempting to provoke both a civil war and world war. Fuck off, CNN.

Next time, Trump should say "CNN, I'd love to give you a question, but unfortunately, Donna Brazile hasn't forwarded it to me yet".


In this version you can see CNN's Jim Acosta:

I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before. Such domination... Trump is not fucking around. God this year is going to be incredible.

CNN is melting down, they sound like satirical comments I'd read on this sub.

fucking lol

Acosta whining: "that's not appropriate".

Instant classic.

5D Settlers of Catan

I do love the claps after calling CNN out on their fake news.

This shows the huge difference between Obama and Trump and how media treats them. If Obama chastised a reporter they would now and apologize. When Trump does it they scream at Trump and say he is not being appropriate.

That is without question the best news conference ever. Explosive!

The best is how shocked they are by it. They have gotten so used to being able to abuse whomever they disagree with they can't even fathom that someone would start fighting back.

“You are attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir?”

CNN is on the same level as The Sun tabloid at this point. They are nothing but a bunch of boot licking hacks. It was proven that back in the 90's, CNN provided favorable press to Saddam Hussein and killed negative stories to keep their Baghdad branch open.

Think if you were a legitimate journalist trying to do real investigative reporting and you had to sit in the back and listen to these clowns in the front rows for the last eight years. I'd be pissed and tired of their shit too.

gave them a golden shower lol


i bet he does mole hunts regularily. smart move.

No, no, let them keep them, but spend the next eight years calling them fake news and not giving them a single question!

In typical liberal fashion, he acts like a child who throws a fit when he can't get his way.

Now that truly is 4D chess.

Obama actually spied on Rosen from FoxNews & bugged his phone.

totally! when even your slimy peers dispise you...thats a big sign that your total garbage cnn.


The reporter sounded like a child that's just been told off by an adult for the for the first time in his spoiled life.

And he hasn't event started yet. Inauguration in 9 days.

9D Warhammer 40,000 Second Edition

And thus the race to make the first video of him saying that

followed by the Grey filter and shades.

CNN tweeted about it, that was their senior white house correspondent.

He's been doing it for the better of 40 years in NYC. You don't win ANYTHING much less multi-million dollar real estate deals in NYC running an organization that leaks like sieve.

Was that CNN? I wasn't sure.

exactly my thoughts, who the hell are they to talk back to the Future President of the US like that? They would never in a million years talk to Obama in such a disrespectful manner

Can you imagine being that reporter, and actually saying the words:

"Mr. President elect, that's not appropriate."

To the face of the man who has been elected to be President of the United States of America. Liberals, man...

and then the little "harumph" slump. Perfect.

Its gotta be pretty daunting to come to the realization that "top level intelligence" people are conspiring and leaking against him, probably has to clean house but as we know from history these types of people don't go quietly.

...yet they are still on overhead in every bus and airport terminal in America 24x7x365. ...like a 1984 brainwashing show.

They posted an unverified story about him saying he is a Russian spy with a piss fetish, yet they wonder why he dosent like them. Its almost like they have no self awareness. If you are going to be critical at least verify before spouting publishing.


Here you go. You can thank me later.

Here you go. You can thank me later.

CNN is fucking done.

Next step, revoke their press credentials

This should have been rated X, honestly. You usually have to go on pornhub to see cuckold videos like this.

Under budget and...

Someone get this to Kellyanne/someone else on the Trump team.

I'm not going to lie, this restored my faith so much.

I'm scouring the net as we speak in search of something to help me with this throbbing victory erection. Winning this much is beginning to cause physical pain.

Also, repeatedly interrupting. Maybe inappropriate? I mean shit... He said 'no' several times. He has no legal or contractual or even moral obligation to answer your question. No child, you can't get what you want and you need to learn to accept 'no' for an answer.

The Red Presser.

Ahead of Schedule!!!


"Daddy said no."



But trump is a FACIST!!

That's not appropriate, after trying to butt in annoyingly when Trump's trying to take a question from somebody else.

See the epic video here

D4 Uno

I doubt it. When has the far-Left media ever learned their lesson? I have very low expectations for them.

Oh dear god. I was looking for a temporary remedy, not impotence. Now I have to watch that presser all over again.

Overdue pushback. Cannot believe a President-Elect was treated with such disrespect.

not just that, it was a woman trying to ask the question. WHO'S SEXIST NOW CNN?

"You are fake news."

I used to be a pretty extreme far leftist.

I voted for Bernie.

I didn't vote for Trump (or Hillary). I voted for Gary Johnson.

But with those four words, and if he truly does make America great again within four years, I may actually vote for a Republican for the first time in my life.

Make America Great Again You Are Fake News Blown The Fuck Out


True, but even amongst journalists there is an "honour amongst thieves" code. Lotsa left wing journalists and news orgs have been distancing themselves from the Muh Rushuns narrative for several weeks. Several have stated that they turned down the report because they knew it wasn't verified.

Even shameless shills have a professional line that they won't cross (cf the CNN anchor who outed his "protester" cameraman)

Omg I totally just read that as "garbage can"

I think the Democrats used to do this to media they did not like, but they were passive aggessive, not up front and fearless like our new President.


When people say to me mockingly, "your god emperor..."

I'm afraid you don't understand. He's not just my God Emperor. He's also your God Emperor.


gives me great confidence in his ability to deal with these traitor abc agency groups.

I hope that's true, but I really don't think that's the case. There are other staff and supporters in the room would be my guess.

Edit: I had only listened to the press conference because I was busy. I just rewatched a video on youtube that showed the press the entire time.

While some reporters clearly like Trump and smile at his quips, the overwhemling majority remained aggressive/serious and certainly didn't applaud or cheered. Remember folks: These are the most dishonest people there are.

They're going to fry him but we don't care and neither does Trump. It's time someone called a spade a spade. We know that CNN is fake news.

Haha ok, maybe I could support this!

Wait a few days, they'll change their tune.

I can assure you that you won't hear the applause on CNN's feed. ;)

Well also, if a reporter continued to yell at Obama and over other reporters, he would be chastised. But, not when it involved Trump. Glad he shut him down.

Reporter is so pathetic. - "Can you give us a question please?"

CNN goals for 2017: stay on air.


he's so gassed lol

CNN has anthropomorphized into a literal SJW. It has only 2 modes: harrass/bully and beg/cry for sympathy. Go fuck yourselves.

The comments calling Trump a baby are mind blowing. Thank God for the electoral college and thank God for Trump.

"I'm the victim" even though CNN was the perpetrator. CNN deserves everything they're getting. Press credentials pulled because they are #fakenews.

Under melania


He actually did make that joke at the red dinner. "I notice Hillary isn't laughing so much at these jokes. That's because she had all the punchlines given to her in advance by Donna Brazile. Oh this is corny stuff..."


Donald Trump is zero bullshit now. I can't believe that what we saw before was his tame side. His Co-ed softball cause his coworkers begged him to fill the roster side. Now it's time for hardball and the man is not fucking around.

That shut down gave me chills. I feel like there's something inherently old school about this type of candor. Something I've only seen in my grandfather in times of great determination that has been lost in the current cesspool of PC-culture.

Revoke their press credentials.

I remember Obama shutting out Fox News and all the liberals at the time screaming about how they were biased. But none of them had the stones to call someone out at a press conference. Awesome.


CNN just got BTFO

/sub/news and /sub/redacted are in panic mode, they don't know what to say next.

/u/ThugLifeNewShit you've been summoned sir

7d chutes and ladders

Ha, and CNN has the audacity to call something not fair! The world would be better off without that cucked network being the worldwide leader in DNC propaganda and fake news.

After watching that slaughter, I'd rather Trump keep them around and continue to humiliate them like this. That was one of the most enjoyable things I've seen in a long time.

It's amazing the reaction that most of reddit is having about this... He's a facist/this is the next 4 years suppressing the truth and on and on. He is literally Hitler.

CNN has been outright fucking hostile against him and did everything they could to make sure he did not get elected. Donna Fucking Brazile used to work at the network and spew her anti everything that isn't Hillary agenda. These are the nitwits that called his election a fucking "whitelash". Yes. The election between 2 white candidates was decided because of racism. Makes perfect sense.

Is he supposed to sit there and take the repeated hatchet jobs from an inept agency that seems to only try to cast aspersion and delegitimize his presidency? Would you?

If Alex Jones stood up to ask Obama a question do you not think he would dismiss him?

Fuck CNN. Fuck the majority of the snowflakes on this website. Use your fucking brains. Jesus Christ.

Completely disagree, asking a question gives them a soapbox and control of the conversation, something you don't want at all in a situation like that.

Part of Trump's brilliance has been how he handles these kind of people, which he does very well here by making the CNN reporter look like a rude petulant child being scolded by an adult.

It's about perception, not what is actually said.