I'm never drinking again!

It's so oddly adorable

Well done!

It speaks to the alcoholic in all of us.

Mine's my uncle.

Sound version :)

I’ve had a few weekends like this..

The mouth of the can moving while it talked was impressive as fuck.

There's an alcoholic in all of us.

Well done this is so amazing.



/sub/highqualitygifs and /sub/perfectloops come to mind. Well done!

And by a few, do you mean a lot??

Upvote for Uludag. I have a serious Uludag habit and might need an intervention.


Isn't that like Turkish Sprite?


Ohh enough of them.

This exact thing happened to me a year ago.

it’s called uludag, but you know... pun.

Most defiantly not.

Because you’re a sick fuck. You took an innocent incestuous rape joke and turned it into something disgusting.

So good! I'm sure they'd love this on /sub/bettereveryloop

His arms made it adorable

So adorable, can I marry it?

Did you look as cute as the can?

I remember when I could do this. Now I have 3 beers and wake up with a terrible headache.

Are you German or Turkish?

Also /sub/highqualitygifs

Well, of course. Like you say, it's a mountain in Turkey.



haha yes

Hey, glad you remembered this year!

Alcohol? Wait, this isn’t about the dangers of tap water? You know that fish fuck in that stuff right?

Consider yourself lucky. Alcohol and I really love each other, so we had to have a nasty series of breakups over 24 years before we finally divorced.

Not only fish... 😶🙃

Is it a thing in Turkey as well? Besides a mountain, that is...

The supermarket next door sells it in one liter bottles. Best day ever when I found out.

Ayran with Döner my friend

They must be very fond of that lemonade if they name a mountain after it.

Oh, I get jokes. Sorry.

I was hoping he'd learn his lesson by the 4th or 5th weekend...

I guess we were all younger last weekend.

You should put in the animations of "chug" etc on the sound one. Great work!

I dunno why but I read this in Ralph Wiggums voice.

did you just assume the gender of this drinking/puking can?!

Heck, they'd love it everywhere!

Hey... he can do that... (☞゚∀゚)☞

Huh usually don't see gifs made to be doodled on.

I read your name as your comment. In this case, it works.

ZOOP 👉😎👉

The best thing you can drink with a Döner

You may now kick the can.

Did you not watch the whole thing? There is a surprisingly touching ending.

Watch that 728 times and that was my life for 14 years. Except in the last 5 years I drank at least 5 days a week and the last 2 years every single day without fail. In 6 days I'll be 14 months sober! Wahoo!

That’s so awful, but now I can’t read it any other way

Lol wooops

Clings glass CHEERS!

Like his uncle did when he'd had a few too many drinks.

Me in my younger years.

Alcohol? Wait, this isn’t about the dangers of tap dihydrogen monoxide?


I believe it's a very old brand. Established in 1912.


That’s what doodles are all about. Even the word is sweet. Doodle!

/u/Jrhamm may have meant defiantly. "I defy anyone who calls me cute!"

Oh God, it's in the water supply!


or bubble gum water. cause it's sweet like those bubble gum for kids here in europe

Why isn't this real?

Perfect loops specifically mandates no cuts. But great gif nonetheless!

Yes, daddy.

Are you sure about that? Because I am 99.9998% sure that jD91mZM2 is not a bot.

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Ahhh yes, last weekend...where has the time gone.

Puns Cause Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and May Complicate Pregnancy.

I definitely did 😉.

Then again... who drinks something as sweet as Gazoz with Döner?

i propose all pun are to be followed by [...pun] like a health warning on cigarettes.

I suggest Ankara Soda if you can find it. Much better.

Why would it be?

I disagree. At least when someone spells it “definately” they at least look like they’re trying. “defiantly” is an altogether different word, and no way to pronounce that would sound like “definitely”.

I once took a picture of my bathroom floor after some hard drinking. Now every time I get the urge, I pull up that picture and imagine the possibilities. It's been the best trick to keep me sober so far.