I'm loving Alaska on Scared Famous but I have a issue with one aspect about her depiction

I'm loving Alaska on Scared Famous but I have a issue with one aspect about her depiction

It's getting annoying how the straight guys need to do grossed-out faces whenever Alaska is in drag and showing her sexy side. It's like, can they give it a rest?

Who's safaree's ex?

You're that girl who asks people what they're eating and than says "EWWWWW" loudly when you don't approve, aren't you?

A cliche? On reality tv? Ru! Never!

child why are you on this sub

"Straight men are entitled"

Yep. They sure are.

A lot of straight people have a problem with gay men acting sexual. Which is why I was disappointed that they pretty much scrapped the pit crew mini challenges on RPDR last season when the show got moved to VH1. I hope they bring them back next season just to keep people feeling bothered.

Girl thats like saying gay men have the right be uncomfortable with women acting sexy, If said person is just acting "sexy" in general and its not harming you in anyway whats the problem?

I feel like this isn't an issue with Don so much as it is Safaree's extra ass. They seem to have a great relationship outside of the show, with liking and commenting on each other's pics (but this is the case with a lot of Alaska's costars!)

Perhaps you should practice your bullshit calling skills on yourself 💁🏼‍♀️

mikki minach

Umm girl ...

leave Nicki Minaj out of this

Nekci menij

+1 and toxic masculinity and homophobia are rampant in the black and Latin communities

Hi Safaree, hope you’re enjoying our little sub full of drag queens xx

Don’t get why y’all are downvoting this. As a black person I can 100% confirm that at least the black aspect is true.

I hate the way they are treating Alaska 😤

I'm part black AND Latin and its 100% true. Part of the reason why I didn't come out was because my cousin did and his parents abandoned him, threatening to beat him up/kill him - the same boy they raised and loved. The boys on the show probably react the way they do because our community taught them that


Wait, what?

Not when they're being extra about it.

Who hurt you?

I love how a sub full of Drag Queens dragged you to -100 Karma. Stay safe asshole.

Are you Lydia from The Real Housewives of Orange County? How can anyone dislike drag queens? The world is a much better place with them.

Not necessarily VH1's fault. I believe they filmed season 9 expecting it to be on Logo, and it wasn't until after filming had wrapped that they signed with VH1.

Monikkie Menaja

Why jump straight to racism tho ?

Snooki Menai

to be honest i think Don is like that kid in school who is "okay" with the gay kids but as soon as his "cool" jocks friends are around, he macho it up and bully the gay kids with the jocks. Don seems like a down low coward to me.

Sure you can be uncomfortable with something but that doesn’t make it any less wrong and fucking stupid.

You could be uncomfortable around black people, still means you’re a racist piece of shit.

They should be comfortable with the fact that it exists, ffs. It's unreasonable to expect gay people to hide their light under a bushel just so that some douche's feelings are protected.

Like you don't gotta pop wood but making yucky faces and gagging noises and shit, lmao, fuckin relax. Imagine gay people being that performative about their own sexuality when they see a woman in a bikini or some shit, it's ridiculous.

e: Actually I've decided just now that they DO have to pop wood, as compensation for all the times I kept myself from turning into a bug-eyed awooga-ing cartoon wolf when I passed a shirts v skins game in the park

could have just been in relation to the fact they are two seminal female rappers for two different generations and are famously feuding with each other?

IKR? and then showed his biceps.... Dude, do I need to remind you that Alaska kicked your ass in the workout in EP1, and then she's the only one who's not a chicken (like you) to check on the fake "haunted" closet

My time has come

Everyone seems to be getting along outside of the show and pretty much all of them follow each other on IG. Except that Alaska follows everyone but a big portion of the cast does not follow her back. Not even Don, Sky, Tiffany, etc. Eva and Drita really love her though!

Who's Safaree anyways?

I'm rooting for Eva. She genuinely likes Alaska. Bless her heart

I want Alaska to sit on Safaree's lap

Benenick Cumberbaj

I can’t believe people are upvoting someone saying ‘I’m white and I have black friends who have shown me BLM hates white people!’ Ugh this sub.

Edit: at the time of commenting the votes were pretty much reversed, so this may seem a bit weird now. My point still stands that that ⬆️ is a staggeringly tone-deaf comment to make.

Teach the children! The Nicki/Lil Kim beef is legendary (been going on since 2007, Drag Race started in 2009 for frame of reference). Nicki took pot shots at Lil Kim with her verse on Monster and Roman's Revenge. Then Lol Kim clapped back with "Black Friday" (called that cuz Nickis album at the time was "Pink Friday").

And outside of the show they all seem to be getting along which just makes me feel like they are doing it for attention tbh

Michelle Mirage

Black people may be responsible but it doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to be called on our shit. Us contributing to queer culture doesn’t give us a right to treat LGBT members like shit especially those of our own kind who already have it hard enough as it is. And refusing to talk about it doesn’t help. Maybe white people should or shouldn’t talk about it but as a black person I most certainly can, and should if I expect anything to change, and I do.

I haven't really noticed that (I'm casually watching for Alaska...that show is a rough spot). What did bother me is when Safaree said he was the only "real man" left on the show because Don got scared of something. And Alaska was there also.

you don’t deserve that flair

I agree!! its cringe worthy at times. The camera guys almost make it an effort to make it awkward too.


And the album cover featured a bloody decapitated Nicki!

intersectionality yo

Wasnt she on Dragula?

excuse me who?

Yes, they should. Behold the power of mascara!!!

Tyra is shook

Black 👏 woman 👏 are 👏different 👏 people

EDIT: original comment said Nicki minaj was a worse lil Kim or something like that