I'm just gunna leave this here

I'm just gunna leave this here

Damn, her covfefe is FAKE too.

Fake Brews!


There it is. Evidence of collusion.

At least she is reading the bill this time.

"Quick, get a picture of me trying to read a bill! I'm a congressman!"

fake american. fake indian. very fake news.

This should surprise no one.

Oooh and here's a picture of me pretending that I can read.

My ancestors used pictures instead of words to communicate.

Pretentious enough to lie and pretend you're an American Indian to cheat others out of what you want for yourself. (And, stupid enough to get CAUGHT, that's always good too.)

Her Covfefe is ISIS!!!

Honestly who tweets out pictures of themselves reading or ostensibly doing their job which consists of having to read things and says "Hey look at me reading! I'll let you know soon what I think about what I read!"....?? Totally useless and vapid morons, that's who.

This needs more up thingys

yup now we cover it with wall to wall coverage

Congressxur, you shitlord!!


Our autists are everywhere. Who would even notice that?

Please, covfefe would never be involved with anything like CNN


Smoke signals

I love how she knows this plan is going to rip healthcare from millions even though she's not done reading it yet.

Not just autists. Cops are trained to have that level of attention to detail too.

Shouldn't she be watching the sky for smoke signals? I thought that's how her people communicated.

Did you just assume xer nobility!?

"We have to pass it to see what's in it..."

I can't think of a time that I had less confidence in the legislative process than when I heard that quote come out of an elected official's mouth.

Have an updoot!

Fake Indian will be on campus tomorrow to talk about how evil everyone is except liberals LOL

Kool aid and coffee is a dangerous combo.

Pretentious, Hypocrisy, Shamelessness, and Deflection. Liberal core values

Fake work. Fake outrage.

Cops are autists? They should definately consider hiring an autist battalion. Just put them in a room with computers, some colorful objects a wallpaper with an interesting pattern and a box full of criminal files! Let them solve them :-D

it's probably charbucks

"rip Healthcare away from millions" only like 2 million new people enrolled on their shitty new system on their shitty broken website.

Worst lesbian hairstyle ever. Reminds me of guitarist from Mazzy Star, circa. 1994.

I'm so sorry. Clearly I should have said xurxur but it's too late for me now! I'm now officially a nobiliphobe. :( :(

Upvoted for charbucks

Ahhh, their signature burnt-to-shit taste.

While DJT starts his day at around 5.30 working at least 14 hours a day, he raises his heads up from his bills for to take photos. Pocahontas "entertains" people with money as work, and tips her heads down for 5 seconds to her bills to pretend.

That's the difference.

Pretty sure your thoughts are that Republicans are ripping healthcare from millions.

No need to update.


I thought they had to pass it to find out what's in it. Oh wait. . . . .

I've met Pocahantas,

This woman is a fake. She is definitely not reading. No matter what is in the bill, she is going to act the same way towards it.


^ this right here.

Why does it matter if you read it or not? You already know and have said it's going to kill millions

(And, stupid enough to get CAUGHT, that's always good too.)

The funniest part is that the left still defends her on it (MUH HIGH CHEEK BONES!). I get the sense that there are a lot of Dems who want her to run in 2020 just so they can label Trump a racist for calling her "Pocahontas" (I personally prefer "fauxcahontas"). I hope they do, because they have no idea how badly this would backfire on them. They think it's actually a winning argument for them.

First of all, they've already been calling Trump a racist every second of every day since the instant he announced his candidacy, so tossing one more on the pile isn't likely to have much effect.

Second, calling someone "Pocahontas" is only racist if the person is actually Native American. When the left becomes apoplectic over the name "Pocahontas," they put themselves in the position of defending the bona fides of a woman who (as anyone blessed with the gift of sight can clearly see) is white. It would be like people getting upset at the racial overtones of calling Shaun King "boy." To an outside observer, the only thing it would accomplish is to draw attention to the fact that they are obviously white and lying about their race.

According to their "identity politics," it's impossible to be racist against a white person, so when they get upset over "Pocahontas," it's a self-defeating argument. But you know they just can't help themselves, they have to play the race card and the victim card.

I'm at my desk, doing the job that Senators are supposed to do, let's have someone take a picture of me!

This is priceless.

Step 1. Take picture pretending to read the bill.

Step 2. Go sit in meeting with all the other dems to receive talking points.

Someone get Trump Jr an infowars cup

I think a better description is the look on GE's face when you take a picture of him working is "Annoyed".

Not this posed campaign crap.

Why should she share her thoughts... She hasn't had one in 50 years that wasn't spoon fed to her. Dumb cunt.

heard u like coverage so we covered your coverage with coverage of some cover, read more later for more coverage of aforementioned coverage.


implying she would have to pay penance to him? who the hell are you kidding she's probably trying to replace him.

We shall require penance to Moloch. You can do it at the same time as Hillary.

Dances with Fake News.

She's admitting that she had already made up herself mind before even reading the bill.

Give this son of a... give em a brick!