I'm handsome and i know it blep.

I'm handsome and i know it blep.

This little guy's eyes make me think of Yolandi Visser.

☑ huge ears

☑ round face

☑ giant eyes

☑ awkward cute pose

☑ tiny tongue


Cute:) I love when animals have their tongue out like this. My dachshund does it all the time

Good job. Every so often someone actually manages to get me to exclaim aloud about cuteness. You are the first in at least a week!

I said: "OH MY GOODNESS YOU ARE SO CUUUUTE." Getting more and more high pitched towards the end. That's the significant part here you see, you made me go full stereotype. Good job. I guess the praise is for your kitty, the one maintaining those irresistible cheeks

Those eyes! Ahhh!

His collar completes the tuxedo. Looks like a little bow tie.

This cat gone full retard. Never go full-retard.