I'm donating 25 Bitcoin to good causes this Christmas. Join in and give Bitcoin this Christmas (day 7)

I'm donating 25 Bitcoin to good causes this Christmas. Join in and give Bitcoin this Christmas (day 7)Goal

During December I will donate 25 Bitcoin, 1 each day leading up to Christmas, to a cause suggested by /sub/bitcoin. It can be a charity, open source project, crowdfund or anything else.


I am hoping that these daily posts and donations will encourage others in the community to give Bitcoin this Christmas. Especially people who have benefited from the rise in price recently.  

Get involved

Submit a suggestion in the comments of a cause you would like to see donated to. Also post a link to their Bitcoin donation page (not address) if possible. Even if your suggestion is not donated to by me this month hopefully it may be seen by others here who may choose to donate.


Each day I'll pick a cause from the suggestions, likely the most upvoted one, and donate 1 Bitcoin to them. I'll ignore any scams, begging, college fund requests etc.


I will try to send donations as fast as possible but there may be times where I have to do more research or checks to verify the suggestions are legit.  

If you wish to give but don't have the time to check Reddit for the rest of the month you can send Bitcoin to my address:  


I will divide the extra Bitcoin sent to that address by 25 and donate it to each of the chosen causes on the 25th or the 26th.

Proof of funds

Message: "Give Bitcoin this Christmas" Address: 34WbSyrtibUJiFbRa7ukLC8RGdFMnQRn4b Signature: I8vZgsyOb1CKbTjo/Mravp03yIFnC94GNTVYOkBbhIUPUajfKPg4nh8zj7dWu5qzev2nsAtByLwpHHDnVwyAxsI=

Note that the address above doesn't contain 25 now due to sending donations so the funds moved to change addresses. You need to verify it using Trezor.

Donations Day Cause Proof of donation 1 EFF tx , tx ,tx , tx 2 Khan Academy awaiting deposit address 3 Give Directly tx 4 Andreas Antonopoulos tx 5 MAPS tx 6 TBD


Warning: Don't send to addresses I have without checking donation pages first. Some of those were temp wallets produced by their payment processor.

You're a great person for this


I want to propose SENS Research Foundation. If we want medicine to succeed in developing effective treatments for cancer, neurodegenerative disease, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, we need to finally start addressing the core problem of aging. The organisation is not being adequately pursued by major funding bodies, therefore our donations help to accelerate research. It's one of the world's most important problems because it causes the most suffering, and takes the most lives.

SENS publications: http://www.sens.org/research/publications

Donation link: http://www.sens.org/donate

Introduction by biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey:

Free Software Foundation!


TailsOS - Privacy for Everyone


Tails fits the cryptocurrency model of security, privacy, and anonymity on the internet in all transactions. Keep it free and accessible to all by donating.

Tails is free because nobody should have to pay to be safe while using computers.

But we need your support to stay alive!

Tails is an irreplaceable security tool as it allows anyone to use computers safely. But we know that secure tools need to be free software to be reliable and relevant in all situations. That's why we are giving out Tails for free.

If everybody using Tails today donated, our fundraising would be done for the whole year. But not everybody can donate. And that's fine. We just need some of you to give to keep on providing such a secure platform for everybody.

Donations from individuals, like you, are our most valuable funding as they make Tails more independent from government and corporate funding.

This year, please consider making a donation to protect and sustain Tails.

I second this, one bitcoin would have a huge impact on the early stage research being conducted by the SENS Research Foundation. It would go a long way to help keep the lab supplied with reagents, pipettes and all kinds of bits and pieces needed to conduct medical research. I cannot think of a better cause than ending age-related diseases for good.

As we age,we become prone to age-related,horrible diseases,like cancer,Parkinson's disease,Alzheimer's disease,etc.Ageing also makes us less fit,and causes dementia.

In short we can say that it takes away both our body and our mind,slowly and painfully,without giving any hope for improvement,and it becomes worse and worse as time goes by.

The only way to overcome all of these issues is by focusing on reversing ageing itself. The SENS Research Foundation is working on precisely that.

Time right now is working both against and in favor of us,because as time goes by technology advances too.The only difference is that ageing is a passive,and the advancement of technology is an active process,which doesn't happen on its own.

In the future we will surely get to a point where ageing will no longer be an issue,but the later we get there the more lives will it cost.Lives of friends,loved ones and also our own.

Therefore it should be a top priority of humanity to accelerate the research-process of this issue,and it is a shame that it faces funding problems.

You are awesome, but imo you shouldnt donate to large companies, but instead donate to people who really needs.

Just my 2 cents, your 1 btc will not make a difference on the large company balance, but it could literally change a persons life

One BTC can have a tremendous impact on this early-stage, proof-of-concept work. It can get something off the ground enough so that private investors feel comfortable taking the risk on a project. This can potentially speed up development by years.

Btw the Chief Science Officer of SENS Aubrey de Grey is doing an AMA on /sub/futurology today. So if OP has any questions can ask him directly.

I second SENS, too. You don't need to agree with ending aging to see the value in pursuing cures to the various fundamental diseases of aging.