I'm an idiot.

I'm an idiot.

The word "live" in the top text irritates me more than it should.

Do they get notifications about old comments? Could still be useful feedback for them. Don't sweat it, OP.

Twitch really needs to make the "vodcast" status more noticeable. Since im a veteran watcher, i know where it would be but its a prpoblem for newer viewrs to the site. RIP

Shoutout to /sub/keming.

I thought you linked to the wrong sub, then I realized the genius of it.

It's probably "livestream" not "live stream".

Also, if you think the streamer has something in their teeth make absolutely sure that it is food and not a gap in their teeth. Quite embarrassing even if the streamer can't see your face.

Sorry Caiti.

I like it when the meme actually lives up to his name. None of these "Minor Mistake Marvin: Missed my finals and failed all my classes" or "Minor Mistake Marvin: Forgot to pay my mortgage and now I'm facing foreclosure" or "Minor Mistake Marvin: Didn't eat last week and now I'm making this meme from the grave because I died of starvation - lol whoops!"

Livestream can be all one word, but is occasionally hyphenated or split with a space

Ah yes a new sub to subscribe to That will make a fine addition to my collection

Yeah, not really seeing the mistake.

They "fixed" it for me when I use my tablet, I can't seem to find chat anywhere. I sometimes try to open chat by swiping to the left but now it just switches the stream.

Hello there.


For me on Android this just swipes to the next streamer. Only way I can see chat I'd if I set it to chat only.

Edit: forgot portrait mode shows the chat. But on my Android tablet it use to show the chat to the right of the stream. Doesn't seem to do this anymore, just full screen video in landscape.


You have to swipe from the right border!

Well generally it's a small mistake that turns out to have horrible consequences, which I think is an okay use for this meme.

/sub/datgap nsfw would be the one place to understand your shame.

We've all done it

The minorist of minor mistakes for a minor mistake marvin.