I'll slit your throat...

I'll slit your throat...

It may be cringeworthy, but that is a really good quality tattoo.

Not really. The artist got paid and the sucker for the edgy tattoo he wanted.

Shadow fade looks pretty nice tbh. I wondee how many great tattoo artists are forced to put stupid shit on people?

"its a butterfly because I'm so unique"

"I'll shave my hair with the knife you left in my back"


Yeah, a bit of a waste of talent unfortunately.

Can't wait to see this once the dude's back hair has grown in again.

The kind of angles you'd get stabbed at would be very hard to tattoo well

/sub/blunderyears ?

Every single one of them would be my guess.

Maybe he's a fan of old Bring Me The Horizon. Their music at that time lines up pretty well with /sub/im14andthisisdeep.

some artist will deny clients, mainly cause it's their handiwork and they don't want to do or be associated with asshole tattoos.

It's not a tattoo artist's job to deny clients because they want a stupid tattoo. Give them what they want; they're responsible for their own actions.

This would be better if it was about pegging. I'll fuck you with the dildo you left in my ass

this needs to be a sub so bad

Someone's going to regret that when they leave puberty

Cheesy as hell, but the art work was very well done I've gotta admit. The lettering is impressive

oh yeah, that'll work. thanks!

Most people aren't aware how often good tattooists turn people down.

Your local scratch parlour wont turn away money unless the tattoo request is outright offensive, but most half-decent tattooists will turn people down if their idea is ugly, stupid, or trashy. A lot of tattooists also refuse to do tattoos based on other peoples' tattoos.

People really would be surprised how much artistic integrity the more talented tattooists have. Not every studio is just in it to trick suckers out of their cash.

This is the main reason you don't see many high quality ugly tattoos, like this one. Generally, if you go into a genuinely good tattoo studio and ask for a tattoo of a cartoon hooker smoking a crackpipe, or a heart with a musical note in it, or a cat with its butthole over your bellybutton, or an angsty quote written in cuts, they're going to refuse to tattoo you.

Respected tattooists make more than enough money to justify turning down work. People are saying ''they should just do it and let the people live with the consequences of their decisions,'' but in a business where reputation is everything, no amount of money or schadenfreude is worth tarnishing that reputation.

Because those skinheads will be going around going "yeah man, this kickass artist ____ put this on me!" and now that guy has a reputation for being the skinhead tattoo artist.

Every tattoo is an advertisement for the artist. That person is out in the world carrying a billboard of that artist's services.

It's good quality, not accurate.

Oh, his girlfriend cheated on him, poor johnny.

This has depth. Just not the type he was going for. Seriously though, spot-on shading

Would've been cool to see a broken off blade


Well it is a really nice swastika with the fading shadows and all. I like how he really captured the hate with the bold outlines!

I tried shaving with a straight razor for the first time yesterday and don't even want to think about how hard that would be.

Someone that wants you to live but suck at pitching the rest of your life

I was thinking that, or Fordirelifesake, although I think their line was, "if I stab you in the throat with the knife that you left in my back."