I'll just lay here

Consider all other plans you may have, cancelled, human...

Some say that OP is still in that position till this day.

..until I want to be fed. Then you may rise.

Like this?

if I lay here, if I just lay here

You don't own a cat, a cat owns you.

It's believed to stem from when cats knead their mothers to get milk as kittens.

It's called owning a cat.

Does anyone know why cats knead you before lying down?

love the double cigars

would you lie with me and just forget the world

Damn. What a strange relationship.

Dogs have masters, cats own slaves.


I fed up with this world...

Yeah to expand on the nursing bit, when kittens it was a feeling of being comfortable feeding on their mother so its a signal of being content and feeling comfortable. Some cats will even still suckle and knead. So if you have a blanket on or even your shirt they will suckle on.

The one I heard was that since they come from the desert, they kneaded their place of sleep to check for stuff like scorpions, etc hiding under it, but yours sounds more likely

They're toasted

I've cleared your afternoon.

And by that, I mean I pushed all the stuff off your desk.

You're welcome.

Look in a mirror

The ones that suckle were apparently taken from their mothers too early.

Aaaw. That's the cutest I've seen all day

seeing that cat not being able to wrap its paws around the owner makes me wish they had another elbow joint in their forearm

'You're my home now'

Like my cat. If I'm asleep on my back, I almost always wake up with him on my chest with his face right in mine.

It's not unhealthy, nearly all cats do it.

You angelic bastard

Didn't notice at first!

But they can use their whole body to wrap so they are in it 100%.

Be my snuggle.

It depends on how they're bread.

My cat will legitimately hug me and nuzzle my face by sitting his nose right under mine. I'll pick him up and put my arm around him, and he'll reach up and hug me around my neck and shoulder and squeeze lightly. I swear, it seems so human, like a real hug. I've owned several cats and this is the first one that knows how to hug. He's also the most affectionate cat I've ever had. Sometimes I'll fall asleep with him in my arms between me and my girlfriend.

I wish I could get a picture but he always freaks out if I move my arms and grab my phone.

Orange cats have the best personality.

Oh hi Mark!

The slave is sold once and for all; the proletarian must sell him himself daily and hourly.

Wait what? Sorry what were we talking about?

I have been told that as kittens they kneaded their moms when suckling to make the milk flow more freely... This is still a comfort thing with them?

I don't have either, what does that make me?

HIS nipples man, can't you read??

Can confirm. Thought my first kitty was old enough to take him but we were told the wrong birth date, he will knead and suckle when really happy but acts like a feral asshole for the most part. He LOVES his little bro though.

"I'm the captain meow"


I got two siblings at 14 weeks. They are 18 months old now and BOTH suckle on HIS nipples when they're reaaaaalllly content.

cat: "I'm the captain now."


My cat doesn't even wait for me to fall asleep. If I lie down on my back for more than a few minutes she loafs on my chest face to face with me.

Tuxedoes are pretty rad, but I think you're right.

The ginger cats are, counterintuitively, the best.

who's nipples?!

They trick me and betray me and I don't care anymore

It's not very easy to lift a car off someone

Mine wraps his tail around me. If he's laying under my chin he lays it across my neck and if he's in my lap he wraps it around my arm. Sometimes he lightly waves it and I like to think he's mimicking how I pet him.

"Counterintuitively" lol

Because it's adorable.

Cat Marx

That red cross tat is a nice touch.

A slave for sale.

Is it just me or does gif feel reversed? Something seems off about it

That's an orange boy for you.

I usually wake up with my cat on my chest too.... facing the other way.

Hehe alright :)

I've never heard this before. My current cat does not knead where he lays (he is an old man). He just flops over. It's quite funny.

I sleep on my side. My cat sneaks on my shoulder and stares at me sleeping. I awake and my phone with lawyer contact is never close enough. SPOOKED not spooned!

Last time I heard that song was at an airport and 3 AM with a bunch of jet lagged teenagers playing music....

Cats are actually amazing bakers. It's their way of practicing kneading bread when they're not baking for real.

At least it's not his butt. Apparently it's a good thing when they do that as it shows they trust you but I prefer the headbutt of love to the butt of trust.


...unless she's a CatBird®

Your cat kneads you.


I wish my son and I weren't allergic so we could have a cute kitty 🤧

They are trying to find out which part of you is the most tender.

cat: "I'm the captain meow."

I feel this is better.

Why does everyone seem to have their nipples out in this thread?

If one of my cats is looking like it's coming to sit on my lap I frantically try and cover up all exposed skin so I don't get accidentally clawed. They always find an exposed spot somehow.

Or, in my case, you have a 5 year old, 7kg tomcat with big fangs sucking on your earlobe.

Please give me a picture :(

If a car sat on his buddy I doubt moving it would do much good :)

Edit: for anyone wondering.. the guy I replied to said "car" instead of "cat" but has since edited it

If he's willing to move the dead guy and accompanying cat, why not the cat that sat on his buddy?

forget what we're told

before we get too old

I really can't tell if the original's reversed or not lol

Feline Engels actually.

those that say cats are evil, unaffectionate, and plotting are just doing it wrong. love your kitty and they love you back. you gotta speak their language, respect their space, and be open minded. kitty in this gif obviously trusts and loves his human, beautiful thing to behold.

Mine does the same, except it's butt to face.

They are pretty damn cuddly

We have a Blue and a half blue.  Rarely shed and each one of them has a favorite owner, mine likes to ride around in my hoodie.

We have a Blue and a half blue. Rarely shed and each one of them has a favorite owner, mine likes to ride around in my hoodie.

If it's not a severe allergy get a kitty. My brother and sister were allergic when we didn't own cats or dogs but when we did the allergies would go away. I do suggest stocking up on antihistamines. My brother now has two cats and my sister two dogs and no allergies.

Enjoy every second.

I had that for 13 years until this past November 16th. And my lap / shoulder has missed it every day.

Give your kitteh a hug for me.

My cat does this too. He absolutely loves putting his face into my palm, arms, etc. It's his favorite way to be pet

I love you, orange kitter. 💗


Lisa you are tearing me apart. Oh hai mark

Sure. Scorpions are predatory animals of the class Arachnida, making them cousins to spiders, mites and ticks.

Scorpions have eight legs, a pair of pincers and a narrow segmented tail that often curves over their back, on the end of which is a venomous stinger.

Laid back, with my mind on my human and my human on my mind......

You made some Irish people mad!

Awee, look how cuddly they look

In my experience as well, this is true. The most friendly cats were the orange ones.

the yeast is the power that be

They like to shame their owners for being chubby and soft.

Yes, I agree. I am not allergic to my cats but I am allergic to unfamiliar cats.