Iggy Pop crowd surfing like a boss at a concert in Cincinnati, 1970

Iggy Pop crowd surfing like a boss at a concert in Cincinnati, 1970
Iggy Pop crowd surfing like a boss at a concert in Cincinnati, 1970
Here's some of the broadcast of the Stooges from the show, and when this iconic photo was taken

I watched this all happen on television. After the Woodstock movie came out one television station thought it would be a great idea to broadcast a rock festival on television, the 1970 Cincinnati Pop Festival was the event and the television show was "Midsummer Rock". I was 10 at the time and bands such as Grand Funk Railroad, Traffic and Ten Years After were mainstream, but then Iggy and the Stooges came onstage, this was something I never seen before, and changed my views of what a performer could do and what a band could play to drive an audience wild.


*I found the whole Midsummer Rock show on YouTube. Seriously a great showcase of rock at that time.

It's hard to imagine Iggy Pop survived to the ripe old age of 69 with that crippling shirt allergy.

His feet aren't touching the crowd. He really was just that high.

Iggy Pop...like a boss

Now that's just redundant

No one ever thinks of the genius that brought peanut butter to a Stooges show though. He's the one truly living.

Wish I had that kind of foresight.

Later someone from the crowd handed him a jar of peanut butter. He smeared it all over himself and threw it at people. Guy knows how to live.

They're actually grabbing him so he doesn't float away

TIL where the quote from the beginning of an old favourite came from - a band called The Heads sampled the anchor before he started covering that festival, made it sound like a lab experiment. On the album Under Sided.

Hopefully the sample was cleared, otherwise I've just announced it to the world :(

Gonna download Raw Power now.

Usually with glass bottles.

Henry Rollins vs Iggy Pop

TLDR: Rollins tries and fails to put on a wilder show than Iggy Pop

If there was ever a video that depicted the birth of punk rock, that might be it.

Didn't we all stop saying like a boss about 4 or 5 years ago?

Glad to see Cincinnati referenced on reddit for something other than Harambe

I envy his core strength.

"That's.... peanut butter."

Wow. I'm not really a fan, but it's amazing to see this stuff in context and better understand (maybe a little) what the hell was going on then. I was very much hoping there was film/video of that, and you totally delivered!

Could we find another link to this iconic photo that isn't loaded with ads?

Apparently it was Stiv Bators.

They say it was Stiv Bators [later of the Dead Boys] who handed me the peanut butter [during the Stooges’ famous, nationally televised set at a 1970 festival in Cincinnati]. “He’s strange; we’ll give him peanut butter.” That wasn’t in the repertoire. But people started bringing it to the shows. I was like, “No, I’m not gonna [friggin’] play with your peanut butter.” I got involved with stuff that had some corny overtones. But I was never a corny thinker.

from http://www.gibson.com/News-Lifestyle/Features/en-us/iggy-pop-world-0201-2012.aspx

Don't forget about the Velvet Underground and the MC5...


That would most likely be The Stooges (1969). Only Stooges album that John Cale produced.

Iggy jumps into crowd.

'Seems like a good time for a commercial break, folks!'

Awe the announcers were so young and innocent back then.

Have you ever seen him perform with a shirt on

? He looks ridiculous.

Liquor and drugs.

Show up at a friend of a friends house for a bar-b-que in picturesque Traverse City Michigan. We're all white trash from Flint, but the homeowner, Ben Hamper, who was in the film 'Roger And Me' had written the book RivetHead about his fucked-up days on the assembly line down in Flint. Jonny Depp had read it and wanted to play Ben in a movie, so Warner Bros wrote him a huge check for the Movie rights and an advance for his next book.

A few years later he'd squandered all the money, failed to write another book, and Depp had lost interest in the movie idea. The cookout was a farewell party for his foreclosed/trashed waterfront home. Long story short, I take a seat on a ratty beach chair overlooking lake Michigan next to Iggy Pop. Wearing a cowboy hat and drinking bottled water, he just looks over and politely says hey. I pretend not to be a jackass and a huge fan, and just say hey.

It's insane how well he's held up too.

I saw Iggy at ACL a few years ago and he still put on a hell of a show in his late 60s, still shirtless and all. I was lucky enough to be in the part of the crowd he got to rush the stage toward the end of his set. Security wasn't too pleased.

I think it was more of a statement than a request I think

They weren't exactly young, they were the man, man

There's a great story about either Raw Power or Fun House while they were recording (I'm fairly certain it's Raw Power). John Cale of the Velvet Underground was producing it and wanted to make it all finesse. The band refused though, and simply turned all their amps to 10, and played in the studio like that. All amps on 10, no compromise, and I'm not sure if John Cale walked out at that point. Stooges had no idea how to record an album, but they still made one of the best rock albums ever made.

Hell, I saw him this year and he is still crushing it.


I know, rigth? How are rock stars so cut?

Slightly off topic, but that was the part that got me. Slashing his own chest with glass, then diving into a crowd.. That's just crazy on a whole new level. First thing I thought of were people's dirty, sweaty hands, touching the wound and it getting infected

I'm no fun at parties

It is almost like Google Searches are to hard nowadays.

Aaaaaaaand the NY Dolls

This absolutely needs to be sent to the top and seen/heard by everyone. Rollins is an incredible storyteller, and nothing beats his story of Iggy in Finland.

MC5 always get forgotten :(

He's got a lust for life.

Although, they started in 1971, so not quite as proto-punk as the others doing it 1967-70.

I was at a Cage the Elephant concert and the singer did this same thing, also in Cincinnati. It was rather impressive.

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That's where literally everyone who's ever been even remotely considered "punk" got it from.


At 4:14 you can literally see the flash from the camera that takes this picture...pretty awesome!!

Do you want the full story?

(Jeffery Lewis is god by the way, do recommend his other work)

That was Jack Lescoulie, a well known television announcer. This was a whole new experience for him too.

"That's ... peanut butter!"

Dicks out

No, that's just the style they were going for with the record. He is wearing a shirt on the album cover as well.

Lik3 a baWs

Today it wouldn't work because everyone would be taking a video.

No Fun by the Stooges is another great one

You can see in the video the flash from the camera that takes the iconic photo.