If you put Vodka in a fog machine, could it make vodka-fog that will get you drunk?

If you put Vodka in a fog machine, could it make vodka-fog that will get you drunk?

Yeah you put FOG in a FOG machine not vodka. pff

Let's atomize a flammable liquid and fill a crowded room with it!



Um... around here (US), most rubbing alcohol is isopropyl.

I think there's a bar that lets you inhale alcohol vapor. Maybe in NYC.


I thought that only applied to liquids. Once it's gas, other laws apply. Besides, as far as I know, the boiling temperature of alcohol is lower than that of water.

It could work. I was cleaning with 200 proof ethanol in a confined space once, and both my co-worker and myself ended up quite tipsy. Try it!

there's one in london

Sweet Baby Jesus

it doesn't have to do with receptors in the brain. they give ethanol to a person who ingested methanol because ethanol competes with methanol for the enzymes that metabolize alcohol in the liver. the liver enzymes then become too busy dealing with the ethanol to have time to metabolize the methanol. the metabolites of methanol are toxic, thus we prevent methanol from being metabolized to prevent the toxic effects.

... is there a patent on this yet?

I can imagine it'd hurt the eyes, though.

Methanol: H HC-OH

Ethanol: H H HC-C-OH H H

Isopropanol (rubbing alcohol)

H H H HC----C----CH H O H H

Damn, it won't show up right, but you get the general idea. Meth: 1 carbon, Eth: 2 carbons, Prop: 3 carbons.

Where do you get that shit outside of a science lab?

You're going to try this regardless of what we say aren't you?


Sweet Zombie Jesus


The problem with the alcohol vapor is that it burns your nostrils

real men end their pranks with vehicular manslaughter