If you put a fridge outside and it’s below freezing out, is it a heater?

If you put a fridge outside and it’s below freezing out, is it a heater?

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No, the thermostat would never kick on. Technically, a fridge is always a heater. Technically, any electronic is a heater.

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A fridge inside is a heater too - it heats the room.

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A fridge is an air conditioner built around a little room.

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It's not a heater, it's a heat pump. If it's running then it always makes the inside colder and the back of it hotter, so it you put a fridge outside whilst it's freezing it either won't switch on (so it's an insulated box) or it will switch on and make the inside of the fridge even colder and will make the outside hotter, just like normal.

It's actually yes, but no

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