If you haven't played the ports, then a new game is a new game.

If you haven't played the ports, then a new game is a new game.

This post is more directed at what I perceive to be the vocal minority of Switch owners who are upset at the amount of ports being released & announced.

Sales figures indicate that there are many, many more active Switch users than there ever were Wii U users. However, I think you'll be hard pressed to find someone who is dissatisfied with the Wii U's library. Nintendo knows how strong their first-party titles are, too. Seeing as the Wii U sold so poorly, it only makes sense to bring their strong library of first-party titles to their system that is selling well.

All that said (as it has said many times before), I'm having a hard time understanding why people who didn't buy a Wii U are upset that Wii U games are being brought to the Switch. A port of a game that you were unable to play at all, as it only existed on a console you didn't buy, should be just as much of a new game to you as any other new game.

Open to have others CMV, but I just wanted to put this out there.

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Honestly I’m only upset that older games cost 60 bucks that being said I’m still planning on buying

Let me give you an easily overlooked reason. Some of these WiiU owners actually bought a Switch on release and have a hard time finding something original to play instead of ports, or games that have been already successful in other era’s and/or consoles. So no these WiiU owners aren’t really mad that you enjoy their beloved games, they are just disappointed about the lack of something new to play on what was suppose to be a “new” console/ handheld... then again you have as many players as there are opinions. My 0.02$.

Ya i mean i didnt want to pay 60 bucks for skyrim and look where we are now.

The only problem is the "switch tax". Selling a game for full price while it's cheaper on other platform is just dumb in general.

Disappointed is the right word. Not upset or "backstabbed" as another post put it. And for me, it's a mild disappointment.

A factor that might be hard for non-Wii U owners to understand was the amount of time we waited for games. There was a lengthy period of time toward the end of the Wii U life cycle when the only good first-party game we got was Paper Mario - really solid game, but it didn't fill a 6-month gap of waiting for a new game. So for me it just brings up those feelings of waiting that I went through on Wii U because I don't want to replay Tropical Freeze (great game), Hyrule Warriors and others.

Also, it annoys me when people tell me I shouldn't feel a little disappointed. Don't tell me how to feel! /s

Having said all that, there were so many good games released in 2017 that will keep me busy for quite a while when others enjoy playing ports that are new to them.

I didn't even buy pokken on either platform, but how do you release paid dlc for a full priced deluxe game you already rereleased

I’m not one of the people against Wii U ports. I like that it’s happening.

However, I really don’t like when people like to label others ‘a vocal minority’ .

I agree with this, ports are great!, full price ports of years old games are not!, especially if there are limited improvements. Porting costs definitely do not warrant a $60 game where the bulk of the development has already occurred. It's like saying Call of duty is PS4 exclusive, and then launches on xbox 3-5 years later at $60. Sure there was porting costs, but would anyone justify paying that much again? Just because these games had a limited audience due to legacy platform market size, doesn't justify a full priced launch. Software value depreciates over time, hence why FIFA 15 is <$20, and FIFA 18 will be the same in 3-5 years.

I just can't justify it, I've played the ever living shit out of skyrim on PC with mods, for 15£, why would I pay 44.99£ for the same game with less features

Except it's still not a new game but a years old game that is sold at full price with next to no improvements.

This is exactly why, and i don't get why people can't understand that.

Just take dark souls as an example. I think it's an amazing game, but i played it half a decade ago, and i have nothing left to see in that game. The same goes with skyrim... and doom (even though that was not so long ago). So when the list fills up like that, it just gets annoying that you're left with a new console, without new games.

Ofc. there are new games, but it's not like you're automatically going to like every new release, like some people here seem to think is the case.

And lastly, doing ports takes resources and work, something people like to point out to those who are annoyed by the amount of ports, and that is taking valuable resources away from new game development. Again, something i don't get why people can't understand.

I think the Pokken port in particular hurts the most, because the DLC was already made for the arcade version and never released for wii u.

You can't really justify selling the Doom port for $15 like it is for the consoles or pc, but then again I can't justify buying it at 60 when its 15, its gotta meet somewhere in the middle at like $30-40. I think I would have bought it for the switch at 40, but instead i just bought it a few weeks ago for 15 on the pc.

It is not a new game just because you skipped it.

New to you maybe, but not new.

It isn't new... It's a port.

I’m not upset about the ports themselves. I’m aware the Wii U was a niche console and most of the Switch user base missed out on some amazing games. The thing that bothers me is that as a Wii U owner, I wanted new games on the Switch and what I’m seeing more and more of is games I already own, at full retail no less. Now if we get new installments like Mario Kart 9 and a new Donkey Kong Country game, that’s fine. I don’t mind waiting. However, in four years the if Switch’s library is a handful of new games and a majority of Wii U ports and third party ports, it’s going to be really hard not to be disappointed.

Agreed. Seems to just be a way of de valuing someone's opinion. And its not like they have the stats to back it up.

Ooof, I got so lucky. I got Skyrim for ps3 for $10 within a few months of it being released because Walmart somehow had a copy on the shelf for just $10. Just one. The rest were in the case. The guy was like "This is definitely not right but you are getting this deal today!"

It's above full price. Donkey Kong was $50 at launch for Wii U.

I think it's more upsetting that there isn't a whole lot of originality coming to the Switch. Zelda was awesome, so was Odyssey, but what else was completely new?

Make no mistake, I love the Switch, but I look at the sidebar right now and there's not a single game I care about.

If Skyrim can look amazing on the Switch, where are more of those type of games?

I've bought Skyrim three times and Halo: CE four times. I still love these games and play them often.

While I think it's great that these underserved games are getting a proper stage to stand on, one counterpoint to rereleasing them is if they weren't enough to draw people to the WiiU, maybe there isn't much demand for them and that original content is more exciting than something the market already wasn't drawn to the first time.

We'll see though. I'm happy to get a shot at Hyrule Warriors without being tethered to a console I didn't want. I hope for the same from Mario Maker, if not a new iteration.

major justification

I don't think that's a $60 justification.

At least in XB1/PS4 they did a remastered HD version of the game. The Switch version is a joke at $60. It's the base game released in 2011 with some Nintendo content. It should be $39.99 at most.

Honestly, Pokken on the Wii U could’ve been skipped entirely and being hold off until Switch. By that time, it was obvious that the Wii U is not a huge hit.

But just because it's new in a limited context, doesn't mean a $60 price is justified. Maybe I am just used to PC ports being released after the console version launch generally being cheaper or better featured. I'll vote with my wallet and wait for a sale to grab these on the cheap

Eh, the resources argument isn't valid when they contract ports out to others. Guarantee Retro didn't port Tropical Freeze, for example.

Don't feel bad for us. We got My Nintendo reward points.

Sweet I can’t wait to save up when good stuff comes ou-....annnnnnnd it’s expired

Don't tell me how to feel! /s

Sadly that's exactly what happens all the time here. The direct has been had and we're back to a bunch of "your opinion is wrong"-dumps. It's embarrassing.

I have a stable income and I'll be damned if I'm going to pay $60 for Skyrim on Switch. The PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions are all $40 and you have the ability to mod them. At the very least ports should match the price the game is being sold at on other platforms.

I don't think their argument was that the ports are responsible for not getting games.

I got both the Switch and the Wii U at launch. I've bought (most) of these games that are being ported over and the DLC that they're bundling in "for added value". It doesn't bother me that the ports exist, it bothers me that very little else does.

I have no desire to pay another $60 on a port that has very little new to it when I still have the game sitting on the shelf -- so I won't -- but that doesn't mean I'm mad that they exist.

Well, 80 Canadian bucks

the keyword here is ‘again’. These releases are not aimed at people who had Wii Us before

This is where the Switch comes in. I know you’re probably talking about Xbone/Ps but the Switch actually has major justification for re-buying a game: portability.

People who complain about the price of games/ports/whatever don’t make a steady income.

That's an outrageous assumption. I have all the same things as you, with three kids, and I will still complain about the price of these ports. $40 is fine. But $60, and that shit needs to be a ground up overhaul. I'm talking Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes level.

I wasn't unable to though. Purchasing a WiiU isn't/wasn't out of my financial means, it just wasn't worth the investment for me. I view ports much like I view buying used cars.

Is the car new? No, but it's new to me. I would however never call it a new car.

A port isn't a new game though. I'm not mad about it at all, as I'm looking forward to the ones that were just announced. They were announced back for Wii U and I thought those look good, not good enough for me to buy a system, but good. Them being re-released doesn't make them a new game, but rather an old game I don't have to invest extra into in order to buy now.

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze launched at $50, and is now and still available as a Nintendo Select for $20.

$60 for an old port with a 20% price increase or 300% over current prices.

How is shit like this even upvoted? No, old Wii U games aren't 'new games' just because they are coming to a new system. They are old games, and for people that want to play those games, that's great. But for people who want new releases for the Switch, that's not anything to be happy about. Stop trying to justify your excitement for old games being re-released by trying to change their very definition.

I swear half the posts that make the front page of this sub are either by people who feel the need to justify why they like something or just by fanboys who will praise Nintendo regardless of what they do and never criticize them.

And from what I can tell, people who don't have a Wii U aren't upset with the inherent idea of bringing old Wii U games to the Switch. They are upset because of the lack of new big titles for the Switch and perceive Nintendo to just be filling the upcoming schedule with old games. Of course, if we do get an actual full length Direct soon as we are rumored to be getting, they may announce some big new games for the first half of 2018.

80 bucks if you are Canadian :(

I'm not sure it's all that valid either. Many of these games did most likely not earn the amount of money that Nintendo was aiming for when they were in development. The price point is probably meant to reflect that. And because Nintendo sees that people will object to the price, they've opted to add features to each and every currently available or announced port to make it at least feel like it's more worth the money.

I'd like these games to be cheaper too, but as someone who has not owned the Wii U these games are new to me and in the case of Tropical Freeze I've actually been hoping it would be ported over for months. It'll be worth whatever remotely realistic price Nintendo puts on it, and the same goes for Mario Kart.

what are you complaining about? If enough people are willing to pay $60, then the game company has priced the game correctly.

No, they’re still ports.

I think the basic answer to that is that new games (generally) take longer to develop than ports do. The system is still pretty new.

At the same time, there's not really a TON of software on the Switch. If there's a market to charge $60, charge $60.

I've owned a Wii U since 2013 and got the Switch at launch, but don't mind the ports. The ports are generally produced by a third party or junior Nintendo devs to get their feet wet.

Ports are not the reason we're not getting new games. We'd likely get the same number of new games with or without the ports.

People forget that even at $60, games are dirt cheap compared to 30 years ago. Games in the 80s were still $60-80 each, which today would be anywhere between $130-$175 dollars.

Even if you can’t afford many games at $60, you don’t have to buy it. Wait for it to go on sale, games also drop in price ridiculously fast these days, within months in release. Or get it used, B1G1 deals, etc etc. If a game isn’t worth $60 to you, don’t buy it, if it is, buy it.

Personally I view video games as one of the most economical purchases I can make in terms of dollars per time spent entertained.

I've now bought Skyrim twice, once in 2011 and once in 2017. I've spent hundreds of hours in the game both times and find $120 for those experiences to be well worth it.

I'll probably pick up Dark Souls for full price because I never played that either.

I would HAPPILY pay MORE than full price to get Diablo 3 and Portal/Portal 2 on the Switch because I know how much I enjoy those games and I know they would be easily worth it to me.

If the game is worth it, then who cares how old it is? If enough people don't want to buy old ports for full price, then it won't sell and the price will drop.

I mean, that's how international currencies work - they're in constant flux with each other, so it's not usually going to be a 1:1 ratio. At other times, 80 CAD could be less than 60 USD.

You're probably joking, but no one is giving you an additional fee, much less a charge to simply state "fuck you."

As someone who owned a Wii U and isn’t really upset to see all these ports, I very much fail to understand your line of reasoning when it comes to calling them “new games.” Under that logic, all the Neo Geo games on Switch are new games because I never owned a Neo Geo. Except no, they’re not, they’re old games.

If haven't seen it its new to me

It's pretty clearly the Wii U's fault and not the fault of the games themselves in this situation though. I do think it's important to consider all variables, but the games did extremely well amongst owners of the system - there just weren't many people who actually owned the system.

You said it yourself - "without being tethered to a console I didn't want." - That is precisely the problem with these games. The demand was there, but it was strongly affected by people not knowing what to make of the console itself and thus viewing it as a failure they would rather not buy into.

In most of the releases we have seen so far of Wii U Ports, their sales EXPLODED the moment people could play the game on something besides the Wii U. Hell, it basically launched the Switch initially. Think about that. The first two huge titles were games that were Wii U Ports. The demand was there - in droves - it's just that the Wii U was already doomed at that point with a lot of consumers who were just holding out to play it on a better system.

Very true didn't have a WiiU but I want every WiiU port. These are all new games to me

I think this is some of the only valid criticism of the ports. However, it's just a market consideration. If Nintendo can get away with recouping lost $60 sales on a game that would've made beaucoup sales had the Wii U sold better than it did, they're going to. They're at least going to try, that's for certain.

All we, as consumers, can do is vote with our wallets if we don't want them to get away with selling $60 remakes.

Edit: "Get away" has unintended connotation. I honestly don't mind, but I do feel it is valid criticism. If you don't want Nintendo making a full price sale on a rereleased game, don't buy it at full price or go used.

I just got a switch last night and my dad gave me his Wii U just a few months ago so I've still only been able to play a few games but I love that you can play older games especially since I didn't get a chance to play a lot previously. I also recently lost my Wii and all its games so id be very happy if I could play some cool Wii games on my switch

My man!