If you don't teach your kids, others will.

If this was real, i totally approve of this.

I approve this message. Your failure as a parent only makes little assholes that feel victimized.

I didn't do anything, she just dumped her drink on me for no reason

Here's the short film "Felix". Not much better than the gif but it includes credits at the end

I think this is from a film or show or something.


Don't listen to him guys. It's totally real. It better be real

In all fairness, these are the type of "mothers" who just find it funny when their children misbehave at the store.

"but they're only kids"..."you so funny."

keep on destroying things at the market son and let's act like we are the victims and are offended.

Just before the second time the kid goes for it, it looks like the mother goads him on by tapping on the back of his shoulder to do it again. -Edit:looks like it is from a short film

I actually think its an important distinction that the adult poured the kid's own drink on him, lol..

I learned from hollywood that 'based on' is nowhere near what really happened though.

I'd put money on there really was a bratty kid like that but the reaction was just the filmmaker's revenge fantasy.


Oh this is a German production?

It says that this is based on a true event.


I know every grocery store I go into has ankle-height cameras pointed at the checkout aisles.

I have never felt any more satisfaction than the moment I heard that sob.

That kid knows he's fucking with the adult, he's not innocent and neither is the mother.

Have you ever read this? If not, you're in for a treat.

I got one better. Was physically assaulted by a 12 year old at school when I was 6. Principal saw it, and she got in trouble.

So in the afternoon when it's time to go home, before my mum gets there to pick me up, the bully's ADULT MOTHER takes me to a place no adults can see her, yells at me, threatens me so I'd be too scared to speak out, and hits me. Many times.

So at 6, was assaulted by a 12 yo and her mum, on the same day, and apparently, neither of them were to blame. It was all my fault, apparently.

Based on the true fact that there once were three humanoid creatures standing in line at the grocery store.

Actually, a lot do. They're used to make sure that people are not trying to hide stuff on the bottom of the cart and not pay for it.

So for years I've been farting on kids that act like little shits. And I know Im not the only one.

Sounds like you may need to get some "therapy," and by that I mean here's a bat.

It's obviously staged.

Reminds me of my aunt who kept a hyperactive dog that ran around me with it's leash, giving me a large burn with a nasty scab and then knocked me over.

I was like 12 and she scolded me for messing with the dog.

He doesnt fully understand the consequences of his actions

That's the fucking point of doing what they did to him: now he does!

I've noticed people not understanding this concept several times before and...I lost my patience, I'm sorry.

But that is the idea behind such...shall we say, "corrective measures"? They correct the behavior.

Idk man, people getting beat up for being insufferable twats has been hilarious since like always


Fuck those guys. Especially the ones where they call being racist a prank. Calling a big group of black people the "N word" then screaming "its a prank!!" as you get the shit beat out of you isn't funny. It never was, it never will be.

Edit: Not funny for the black people. It's kinda Funny watching these dudes get the lord living shit beat out of them for being assholes.

lol. that patron was like foh, little shit

lol. that patron was like

I completely missed that being the kid's drink!


Sometimes 4chan makes me feel uncomfortably good.

Theres that story about the guy who had enough of one brat's shit in the line at mcdonalds that he ordered ALL the apple pies in the store (even the frozen ones) so the little shit didnt get his way. Looked for a link but im either tired or lazy. Maybe both?

Edit: i guess it was BK

Oh my fkn god she does! I did not notice. What a twat.

'Something happened once, here's my artistic representation of it.'

I thought it might have been a "Now Timmy, you shouldn't do that again" in the sweetest voice she could. The token effort that the parent puts in, but won't go farther and "traumatize" the child.

If this was the US the mom would sue the guy because he "traumatized" the child.

tears, laughing so hard i'm tearing up. Thank you. thank you so much.

The kid doesn't realise it's not a joke. That's the woman's fault..... guy should have poured the milk over her fucking head for not stopping it.

My four year old girl can be like this. She just spectacularly misreads people or situations and doesn't realise when she's being annoying or hurting someone. To her, adults are all indestructible giants but the difference is she would never manage to ram this guy more than once because I would stop that shit down in a heartbeat (while profusely apologising).

Nah....can't blame the kid for shitty parents. Would have been better to pour it on the mom.


The kid and the the "mom" were in on the experiment. They were having the kid misbehave towards strangers while the "mom" didn't do anything and they film the strangers response. So in a way it's real because the stranger didn't know what was going on.


Here's the actual link, and not a shitty spam site that bommerangstick linked

It's an actual Reddit post, so might as well go straight to the source

Did you just assume your own gender?

Oh my god, imagine a cartoon called Batman where a 30 year old college drop out plays vigilante in the streets with a bat.

"This is based on true events. Only the names, locations and events have been changed"

No the right thing to do if find out he kids name (let's call him Timmy) You then punch him mum in the face and get down on one knee and yell at the child "YOU MADE ME DO THIS TO YOUR MUM, TIMMY! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, TIMMY!"

Those words will echo with him for his entire life, costing his parent tens of thousands of dollars in counseling alone, not to mention bed-wetting products.


Notice how the kid looks up at mom the first time? Almost as if they're checking to ensure they have protection from the mean person? Yeah.. lady (I refuse to use the word "parent" here), you're enabling a monster.

I'm Eefan Brabarry

Based on the way the kid reacts, it seems genuine. Either that, or they just made a kid cry for the sake of making a viral video.


Educating the streets.

When I was in high school my first real job was a new grocery store. They purchased a dozen of those kid carts. So much pain and suffering.

A month into it, their numbers dwindled... we thought someone was stealing them. Not that we cared, we fucking hated them.l and most parents hated them too but the entitled little shits would pitch a fit if one wasn't ready for them.

We found out later one of the night stock guys who used to work days getting carts was crushing them in the recycle dumpster. One or two a week if he could get away with it.

He was our hero.

Damn, thats fucking brutal.

Hopefully it teaches the kid not to be a dipshit and teaches the mother to be more aware of what her child is doing.

cue lactose induced nightmares

He knows his bothering him. He KNOWS it's not right and that he's working to get a rise out of the guy. That's what looking him in the eye as he does it means. The kid KNOWS it isn't right and is doing it anyway. The mother should have stepped in but the little shit got exactly what he deserved.

I work at Costco and whenever I get put at the front end, I see this a lot. The other day, this kid (maybe 7 or so) sitting in the cart picks up a case of blueberries and throws them on the ground and proceeds to laugh. The mom looks around nervously and just laughs it off while we clean it up. It's like the child was controlling her. Everytime I see shit like that it makes me not want kids more and more.

I think it is more likely she is an actress.

little assholes that feel victimized

And they grow up to be big assholes that feel victimized. Who do we know like that?

[wife laughing in the background]

*Something may or may not have happened once

like why would there be a camera there

I think it speaks worse about the parent when they just don't see when their kids do stuff like that. That's how you lose your kid in the store

No, it wouldn't, because then the kid learns that his actions have consequences for his parent and not himself.

Pour it on the kid, then when the mom takes the kid's side, you pour it on the mom.

Similar story.

At about age 5 or 6 I was playing with a friend of mine in the schoolyard waiting for our parents to come pick us up. We were picking little gumnuts off nearby trees and chucking them at each other. One that I threw missed and hit a nearby car waiting to pick up their kid. It was a TINY gumnut, would have bounced off the hood with zero damage.

The mother gets out the car, grabs me by the arm and yells at me for throwing rocks. she picks up a huge rock from the ground, squashes it in my hand, puts her hand over mine so hard the rock cuts my hand, drags me to the principals office and tells them I was throwing rocks at cars.

Hit that like button

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Oh really?

I wanted it to be real, but it's part of a short film:


My ex-wife worked for the county Children's Advocacy Center so she had plenty experience dealing with troubled kids. Years ago on a 3 hour flight, a kid that looked to be about 7 or 8 kept kicking the back of her seat. After a few minutes of this she turned around and asked the mother "would you like to get control of your child or would you like me to?" The look on the mother's face was priceless.

TIL. Thanks for mentioning it


You're not supposed to feel anything comfortably at 4chan, that's the 14th indicator of being a sociopath.

They always seem to forget that a prank needs some kind of twist at the end. Something should be different from what it seems at the start. You can't just do something and slap the 'prank label' on it.

Sue the store for the li'l shopper carts

Adult Swim is ready.

I couldn't cart less, it's still good.

My stores are not from the future and use mirrors.

Sure, they just set up security cams so they make sure not to capture faces of adults, only children and really short people.

Little known scientific fact, but AIDS is actually transmitted via online comments and shitposts.

As a kindergarten teacher I approve of this message

So management material at Subway then.


Oh man, that's fucked.

So sorry to hear that happened to you. What a lying manipulative arsehole she was, abusing her "adult" status.

May her children grow up to hate her, and her vagina be forever dry.

Totally worth it.

I was reminded of this story when this little shit was throwing a similar fit at target and decided to crop dust him. Loudest. Fart. Ever.

That's because he's being directed, and I don't mean by the mother

(it's fake)

He thinks it's alight and funny because his shitty parents didn't teach him otherwise.

Can't you read? OP said it wasn't a copypasta. Who would lie on the Internet?


Seriously? No Mitch Hedberg quote yet?

"I like when they say a movie is inspired by a true story. That's kind of silly. "Hey, Mitch, did you hear that story about that lady who drove her car into the lake with her kids and they all drowned?" "Yeah, I did, and you know what - that inspires me to write a movie about a gorilla!" 

It's loosely based on a true event. In the real story, the man hails the SS and the boy is sent to a death camp in Poland.

The director found this altered ending to be more...palatable.

Good. Hopefully that humility will last with him.

I think all kids are born arseholes, but if you do your job as a parent you teach them not to be. If you do nothing, or enable that shitty behavior, then they grow up to be arseholes.

About ninety percent of the internet?

I've seen so many accidents and near-misses with those fkn things.

We should gather them all up and fire them into the sun.

True story time: I worked as a checkout clerk at a movie rental store back when they were still a thing. This middle aged woman was in line talking on her cellphone while her little 7 year old brat was running around being a little shit. Of course her phone call was far too important for her to reign him in. I did my best to ignore it until he started taking candy off the racks, unwrapping it, eating a bite, then putting it back on the rack.

So I say "Excuse me ma'am" a few times until she can be bothered to look my direction. She covers the mouthpiece of her phone and, in the most entitled voice you've ever heard, says "Can I HELP you?" I say "ma'am your child is unwrapping and eating candy from the racks. He can't do that. I'm going to have to charge you for them." She gives me the dirtiest look and says "I'll stop him but I'm not paying for those." She turns her back on me, snaps once or twice at the brat, then goes back to her phone call. Not 20 seconds later, the kid is unwrapping another piece of candy and I say "Ma'am" and she responds "Can't you see I'm ON. A. CALL." Then she turns back around.

At this point I'm livid, but I wait for her to get up to the front and it's her turn for me to check her out. I ring up all the movies and the candy and tell her how much its gonna cost. She starts screeching about how she's not gonna pay for the candy and how she didn't choose to purchase it. Blah blah blah.

Well an important part of this story is that it all happened right after Million Dollar Baby won the oscar for best picture. And guess what she's renting? You know it (spoilers incoming).

So I finally have had enough of her whining and I say "Fine. I won't charge you for the candy." She gets this smug look on her face and says "That's what I THOUGHT." To which I reply "That'll be $X.XX, and by the way? She dies at the end. Her mentor euthanizes her after she gets paralyzed in a fight. Enjoy your fucking movie bitch." So this woman glares at me, stammers a bit, then starts screeching for my manager. I walk out the back, the manager goes and talks to her, and that's the end of my part.

In the end, I didn't get fired, I ruined that woman's day, and my manager actually made her pay for the candy. It was sweet justice.

Yea but isn't that kind of the point of the title? If the parents won't teach about consequences, others sure will. Better a stranger in a super market than a judge later in life, eh?

100% true. Based on just means that the premise wasn't original.

You're not the only one who got tears from that justice fart.

Sometimes I wonder if this how kids feel when they are first informed that Santa isn't real

guy should have poured the milk over her fucking head for not stopping it.

Agreed. She's the one who truly deserved it. Fuck parents like this. It's her fault her son is covered in milk(?) And totally freaked out that some stranger decided to pour milk all over his head.

So you have an empty cart?


Yeah this is exactly the sort of show they'd do. They could have all these college-themed parodies of different heroes/villains, like maybe an actual robin that follows him around his house when he's high or something.

Is it appropriate to respond to someone asking "did you just assume my gender?" with "NO! It wasn't a guess, it was an estimate based on my previous interactions with people in my life and how DARE you suggest it was a baseless assumption!"