If you don't have the tools, use teamwork.

Here's a video

This is pile driving in Thailand on small construction projects. There's a song they sing to keep their stomping in rhythm.

Saw this in person at my wife's family house when they were building an extension. Very cool.

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Edit 2 - Another video with tambourine accompaniment

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The athleticism and strength used to get up there. Bravo.

Basically. Piles are used when the earth you want to build on isn’t super stable. They’re driven into the ground to either reach a stronger bedrock, or just use the friction against the pile to keep everything in place. You then connect all the piles and build on top of that.

Some of those posts just slide in like butter. Are they basically building on mud?

Usually people on reddit a full of bs but you're completely right about piles my friend

videos like these really make me think the whole "we couldn't have built the pyramids without aliens" argument is complete crap.

EDIT: this video did not open my third eye. Some other youtube video did

Wtf. I mean cool but... wtf.

drives it too far "fuck, alright everyone do the pulling-shit-out-of-the-ground dance."

The last guy to climb up has some serious swamp-ass going on.

I’m currently using reddit to procrastinate studying for one of my AREs that includes foundation systems. I’m counting that at studying.

They look like they are having a good ole time

Rational fucking thinking did it for me, but however you get there I suppose.

That guy needs to get into some horror mocap work. He could certainly get paid for that motion.

It's Thailand so 100% humidity

0 .... 0.00000000000000001 .... 0.00000000000000002

Man has been building great things for far longer than heavy machinery has been around.

That just sounds like slavery with extra steps.

Yep, humans have been capable of building awesome crap with ingenuity this whole time, all over the world. It's a little sad that some people find aliens more believable than some clever Egyptians engineering a way.

Is this one of those shithole countries out president was talking about? They look like nice people to me...

Most historians don't even think they used slaves, it was an infrastructure project to provide jobs. Workers rotated pyramid work with agriculture

Harder working, better at cooperating, not complaining, much fitter and healthier, and having more fun on the job? Yep, shithole.

count to six then get back to study!

That's the worst see-saw I've ever seen.

I have good news for you.


Can’t decide which would be worse with a bad hangover: a pneumatic pile driver a block from my office; or, a group of Thai construction workers singing the same song over and over again while jumping on a pole.

Technically he skipped an infinite amount of numbers

The ingenuity from countries like this who don't have access to the same equipment we do in the first world never ceases to astound me.

200% humidity


First thing i noticed too, i can smell it through the screen...

The amount of times he must have fallen on this face before that

In the next Snow White movie I want to see the seven dwarfs using this technique.

ah, an intellectual

Uh... I get that you're trying to praise Thailand but... I don't know how many of those are true or even a good thing... It would probably be a good thing for them to complain more particularly the uh.. women...

In any case, doing essentially the same thing our shit president did by generalizing an entire country/region still isn't a good thing just because you are praising them.

You can just say "Hard working, good at cooperating, fit and healthy", there's no need make comparisons to bring down another country to try and praise another. Both can be good, both have bad people.

Don't generalize, that's what our president did.

Could also be dirt

Did you skip a number? I think you skipped a number. Better start over

I seriously felt so old watching that guy hop up there with such ease. I grunt getting out of my car now a days.



Having a network of piles sunk into the ground can actually firm up the soil. There is a really cool clip of Richard Hammond demonstrating this. Let me see if I can find it.

Edit: Well I found the clip without sound. It was is in season 3 episode 4 of Richard Hammond Engineering Connections. It happens at about 5:30 but makes little sence without sound. I will keep digging.

Edit #2: found it with sound https://youtu.be/VudIGzeXVrE#t=04m08s start at [4:08] (I think the uploader is trying to avoid getting hit with a copyright strike so it is not full screen)

That's the worst seen I've ever see-saw.

is this him at 1:29?


They're just goofin'. Pile-drive-goofin'.

I knew it would be a real spider this time.

It's not falling, it's chest-bumping the floor.

Seriously looks so fun


That's what she said

Of course. I'm not discrediting that. But when you're so used to seeing construction being build with technology, it's amazing to see how it's done without it.

I cant speak too much for small projects like this, but after about 30 days the ground "tightens up" and it takes ALOT of force to move it.

Theres alot of technical details that are hard to get in to, but we often do "re-strikes" on pile that don't have a minimum resistance when we drive it. After 90 days, a pile that took 3 hits to move a foot, takes 100 to move an inch.

To most of us grunts, it's just magic. The engineers tell us it's called "Skin friction". But you can't call something "skin friction" around a bunch of grown children and expect anything less than snickering and lube jokes.

But, the History Channel told me it was aliens...

Buildings aren't good at jumping.

You just stand on the earth and push it back down. In relation, the pillar thing will push out again.

Inorganic chemistry, for one.

Omg the last seconds when he's moving his head about.... I wanted to punch the screen

I remember when I was in college using conversations about STDs to study for microbiology 😂. Good luck!

Really helps if you treat humans as a disposable resource too.

Seem more adequate for the porn version.

That's not deep at all

That guy is like a spider monkey.

Visit the pyramids of giza. It's something else. It's hard to even conceptualize the number of people involved.

None of my "fucking thinking" is ever rational.

H&M worthy

Well, being in the office with a bad hangover ain’t a great start

Eek baba durkle

That is called a "friction pile." The point carries no load.

If you want to really spice up this gif, listen to it with "Let me see that thong" overlayed.


Depending on how old you are it might be more fitness and weight. I know for me I thought I was getting old as getting up off the ground, etc was getting harder.. turned out I was just overweight and unfit.

My rotator cuff hurts watching that.

It's true. Aliens built it.

By hand.

Sometimes I get swampass, but rarely smell. I've asked.

“Hey cashier lady can you sniff my ass?”

As an accounting major, my favorite procrastination topic is planning out future money laundering operations

Thailand does have access to those resources, they have plenty of mindblowing buildings, it has nothing to do with their country. This is just how people, not construction companies, do this.

Take how the Amish build houses as an example.

Reminds me of the mannequin monster in the silent hill movie the way his head spins

1000+ people who consider lifting their own body weight a herculean feat. christ

And it's on Netflix! I know what I'm watching tonight.

Haha you want to move there? Be serious a little bit, not defending what he said or anything, but much healthier, really?

Can you pole vault gently on to an unstable balance beam with 4 or 5 other folks on it????

We weren't even talking about spiders tho

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is.

We talked about the most economic way to make meth in bulk while studying O Chem.

Yep. That's why they have to drive them so deep.

somebody is gonna get laid in college

Apparently they sing when they do it to stay in time.


Someone needs to add some music to this.

Most jobs kinda sound like that to me


That's the worst saw movie I've ever seen.

saw the vdo of the gif on another site. would like to add that the song is a parody of a nursery rhyme about an elephant. the parody is about wives

Maybe it is not new, but the way people used to do it... So they aren't inventing anything, you're just so far removed from seeing it because you're from a place who uses modern tech

New boot goofin’


Best of luck with the ethics exam

as a pile driver i approve this comment

But they’re not white

Third world line dancing.

Looks like something out of a Bruno Mars video

Reminds me of this..they survived. Although probably not without a little shit in their pants

2nd times a charm...look how straight the first one is

so... the guy on the left shit himself or what?