If you call for the death of someone, you will be banned.

If you call for the death of someone, you will be banned.

We get tons of reports of comments from people who are making calls for death/extreme violence/whatever to other people because of Net Neutrality feelings. If you are unable to be civil and call for the death or maming of someone, you will be banned. You won't be warned, one of us will just ban you for at least a month for saying stupid things you know better than to say. I can't believe that this post even needs to happen.

Where's the line? Can we, hypothetically, wish someone a good, square kick in the nads?

Poor post OP. I wish you a gentle rapping on your testicles!!

When being civil and obedient gets you fucked in the ass consistently at what point can we fight back? I'm not advocating violence but some of the great changes in history happened because people rose up to fight. The freedom of America took violence, the end of slavery took violence. If petitions and protests do nothing, and the voting system is screwed against you, what more can you do?

A gentle rapping on the testicles?

How about "I hope you accidentally kick your toe, not hard enough to do damage, but hard enough for it to be unpleasant"?

That one toes the line. I'll allow it in most contexts because it's a funny image in my head.

Yeah, they should just go somewhere and d....... nevermind.

Totally allowed

I'm going to go with most likely not. Most cases I foresee with that would probably be over the line.

Sounds reasonable

Had to google that one.

I'll allow it. Though I think you'll be wanting to wish Osteomalacia since you're most likely going to be talking about adults.

Seriously, people calling for other people's death are so pathetic,lowest class of keyboard warriors.