If this gets 300k upvotes I'll delete my account

If this gets 300k upvotes I'll delete my account

No you wont

Phew lads here we go, this could be the greatest bamboozle of all time

Not if i post it there first.

I know this is bait, but I have to upvote you on the off-chance you follow through

Where's the Bamboozle insurance salesman?

/u/spez, please ban /u/GallowBoob if this post hits 300,000.



How 'bout we just ban /u/Gallowboob,

no work necessary and bamboozle insured.

You are going to get some major karma on /sub/quityourbullshit.

If this gets 2 upvotes I will ban /u/gallowboob

Banned 365 days

If this gets 100 upvotes I will extend it to 730 days

Extended to 730

Okay, now it is time for redemption

I will unban /sub/gallowboob if this gets downvoted back to 1

Yea, I'm gonna need some leveraged karma default swaps for this.

You clearly havent seen /sub/me_irl yet

Well, I guess I've given you an out that utilizes your identity as a karmawhore.

You're welcome. You can gild me now.

I expect bamboozles, but I could also witness reddit history

People who have an actual problem with /u/gallowboob make me laugh so much

I'm just here to be a part of history (maybe)


Taken from the latest issue of meme insider

Taken from the latest issue of meme insider

30 upvotes in 15 minutes? This is what I expected...



Seriously reddit? Just downvote the fucking post for the love of god.

Fuck, it's definitely worth the try.

He'll just make a new account. /u/GallowBoobs

If he posts it in a more appropriate place, where it gets upvotes because people appreciate it, how is that bad taste? I come to Reddit to see shit. I don’t give a fuck where it came from.

Damn right, fuck him.

I don't normally. But when he steals content to take advantage of a terorrist attack for karma it's kind of in bad taste.


He's gonna miss history!

Asking for upvotes in exchange for anything is literally against the rules of Reddit...

But /u/GallowBoob is my favorite reposter... Reddit wouldn't be the same without him. How else would we know which posts belong on the front page?

Here I am!

1 upvote = 🚨1/300,000 🅱️AM🅱️OOZLE FREE 🅱️ONE🚨

I need more up🅱️oots to prevent 🅱️oozles





There are ways to reduce the sentence

He give the good succ?

Use forward slashes you heathen.

u wont faggot

I hope this is real


When he creates another account and does the same thing. Karma, uh, finds a way...

I've never upvoted any of /u/gallowboob posts before, but I feel obligated to help be apart of his hopeful deletion of his account.

A year is a bit much for "all in good fun"

People of the future: sorry for Earth.

Normally I agree but this is a little different in my honest opinion.

Sure they are worthless except for Gallowboob who has made a career out of stealing content and not providing a source almost ever.

That's a pretty scummy thing to do.

Only Gallowboob would karma farm an unreachable upvote amount because he knows this won't reach 300 k karma. But... this bamboozle is tantalizing. Let's prove him wrong!




Strange how angry people get over worthless imaginary points

Not at all, I actually prefer people correct me.


Good bot

Can we count all the people who have you blocked as upvotes?

Have you ever heard the tragedy of u/GallowBoob the reposter?


or both. The greatest bamboozle.

In fairness, pewdiepie never did specify which account he was deleting.

I gotcha fam. Upvoted.

I was here to witness the birth of /u/Gallowboobx

Oh he's a good sport

There are ways to reduce the sentence

We don't use the "w" word here.


Huh, well that's sadly unenforced.

He'll pull a PewDiePie. Watch.

I down vote nearly every one I see. Except this one

This really begged my upvotes


1 reddit gold says he will

I don't want you to leave Reddit, but I really want this to be the highest post of all time

There, downvoted, where's my gold bitch?

jesus dude

yfw he already has alts at work. yfw every post in this thread is an alt. yfw we were all gallowboobs all along

OP gilded himself

Do it.

That was a quick gilding


I doubt it

It used to be, but then it changed, and then there were more shitposts than ever before.

You should care where it came from. Why should people put things out into the world just to have it stolen? If you enjoy seeing new things, you should care where those new things come from so they came keep coming. All he had to do was link the original in a comment in the actual post. 2 seconds work

upvotes intensify

include me in the screenshot

from his bio: "One day i'll unplug. One day..."

Today's the day. Or tomorrow, or however long it takes to reach 300k.

Not really, he got a job through becoming a reposter.


Asking for upvotes is the first thing listed...

Technically these posts don't ask for upvotes. They just inform the redditor that if a certain number of upvotes are given, something will happen. There's a minute technical difference there.

By the spirit of the rule, it's illicit. By the letter, I don't think so.

Hey, aren't you... Nah.

Ok i wont


Gallowboob can enjoy all the fake points, all he should do is link in the comments where the actual thing is from. Did I say he shouldn't post at all? I just said stealing someone in charlottesville's tweet without crediting them to get fake internet points from a terrorist attack is pretty devoid of class

Maybe you can delete your account in solidarity.

He reposts the same shit and reaches frontpage at least 3-4 times a day, it's not that hard to hate him.

Jesus Christ GO GO GO GO GO

Damn, you really are desperate for karma

Same, i'm currently at -413 downvotes on him.


We are in good hands

I don't believe you but i'll upvote anyway

Do it

nobody gives a fuck about you

This is the quality content I come to /sub/coaxedintoasnafu for.

I mean this really meta'd my eta

If this comment gets 300k upvotes I'll delete mine AND /u/GallowBoob's account

Yea I don't either. gallow is the shit.

Ack, thanks.

That's dedication.

hi historians

One time, my adorably mischievous cats had done something bad (can't remember what) so me and my one normal roommate were joking around about buying a spray bottle to train them.

In the middle of this, my crazy roommate piped in with "yeah, and we'll fill it with bleach and spray them in the face with it!!" and just laughed and laughed....

That's basically this guy

No shit it wouldn't be the same. It would be amazing.


This really made me upvote

Being a moderator and enforcing the rules is unfortunately hard.

Also bringing a ton of attention to a sub does have its advantages as well, even if rules are being broken and all kinds of other shady stuff.

Curses, foiled again

Yay we did it

Not really, he got a job through becoming a reposter.