If the top 1% already own wealth equal to 90% of the rest of us, why do they need more wealth before they'll create more jobs?

If the top 1% already own wealth equal to 90% of the rest of us, why do they need more wealth before they'll create more jobs?

If I had that kind of money I wouldn't want to share it either.

That's exactly why the majority of this country needs the government to maintain high tax rates for the super rich and corporations.

The top 1 percent has sent jobs to China. Slave labor.

The rich make up the laws tho, a lot of members of Congress and the Senate fall into the 1%

Exactly, the idea is that cutting taxes makes it more affordable to keep jobs local, making American workers more competitive vs. Chinese workers. Problem is, we don't want to knock our workers down to the level of Chinese workers to be competitive. If anything, we should make it more expensive to outsource labor, but then you have problems where industries simply leave the US.

Our economy is facing problems with no simple answer. With the rise of globalization and mechanization, labor is less valuable than ever before. With women entering the workforce a few decades back, we now have twice the workers but half the demand for workers. There will be a need for wealth redistribution at some point, the current status quo is unsustainable. The rich will continue to get richer, and the poor will be increasingly unable to find work, until the system breaks. Hopefully if we start early we can have relatively gentle corrective measures in place, but if we wait too long it won't be pretty.


76 million people own more than the the other 7,524,000,000 people combined. The 6 wealthiest people in the world have as much wealth as the bottom half of the world’s popula...

Our job is to have a vision. Don't be afraid of a vision. Don't be afraid of somebody saying 'You're too idealistic.' Don't accept that.

-, Oct 25th

I dream of a world where we know who we are and what we're about. Where we strive to embrace what it is to be human & progress Humanity. Of us mastering our greed by unavoidably tying our vested interests to our common interests, selfish altruism.

Where we put effort into common civics and communal foresight, a future to believe in. Where we healthily balance our emotions and bring rational reason to bear. Where predatory social Darwinism & the farming of humans are sagely regulated. Greed by the few is corruption, greed by the many is apathy. The choice has always been to put in an effort and make ourselves better or tear down for a slice of the plunder.

I dream that we're on the cusp of bridling greed by leveraging democracy in response to the corporate golems & public sector unfairness we've created due to the continuing worldwide metal health epidemic of corruption.

I dream that one day may humanity proclaim that people do not have a right to unlimited wealth and that officers are to be held accountable for group actions.

By putting in effort we become practiced, familiar, and wise. Our exercised power grows as we grow together. Then there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

And even the ones who don't know who finances their campaigns.

No single person built, used, or operated that entire factory, and so no single person should own it. It is theft when a single CEO or a group of self-important investors claim ownership over the hard work of the people who did the actual labor.

But because so many still want to pretend in their desperation that capitalism is just and that, somehow, some way it can be made fair despite its inherent inequality, workers the world over will remain wage slaves with no claim over their own labor. If, and only if, people recognize this as the injustice it is -- the lie that capitalism guarantees everyone the chance to succeed -- perhaps the small group of criminals that own all the wealth and business in this country will be defeated.

Democratize labor or we will remain dominated by the capitalist class.

lots of job creation in the Cayman's

I say democratize the work place. lets say you have a candy factory with 100 workers. those 100 workers would make the choices of keeping the factory in the town or not instead of a dictator on top that only cares about profit.

also with community ownership the town where that candy factory is can use the profits for stuff like infrastructure or education eliminating the need for taxes.

I am comfortable with enforcing a top tier cap on profits, however, such as Japan's oft-cited system (I forget how it works, is it that CEO's can only make max 20X the lowest salary in the company?)

Profitable tax dodging firms have cut jobs.

Right, as is proved by our economy right now. Right? The rich are wealthier than ever, and somehow unemployment has been very high since they got richer. Oh wait, that means what you just said isn't true, and the proof is all over the place.

Or are you one of those people that think the poor just refuse to work?

That's just it, though...I don't necessarily think it needs to be their choice. That is a huge contributing factor to wealth inequality. We already have minimum wage, so this country isn't above wage controls. I think forcing extremely successful companies to increase all wages if they want to give themselves a pay increase could be very beneficial.