If the second disc is real...

If the second disc is real...

Haven't people already confirmed it's fake? What he retweeted (original post) has since been deleted.

The album filled with a bunch of pop stars (no hate, just facts) that's Em's album, not this one.

you’re right. i’d say 90% of this sub called it fake. lol.

I mean people thought the first one was fake just cuz there wasn’t a backwards E. Like I said I’m definitely not convinced it’s real yet but if it is then I’ll be one happy stan.

When Dre tweeted that video of Trevor finally confirming the album, I thought the rollout was complete trash. But as the days go by, this marketing campaign seems more and more genius. Everything is getting questioned cuz it doesn’t seem real and it just builds more hype

A lot of people thought Em was finally moving past the pop (myself included) but I'm not sure why. lol

E: Oops, I used their trigger word, my bad.

Will you donate $20 to charity if there's no second disc?

i thought that when Berzerk came out but then we got songs like Monster lol

If it’s not on the normal or deluxe I’ll donate $50 with proof to your chosen charity. As long as I feel it’s beneficial, no cancer shit. Local to you etc.

Use the remindme for the end of December.

Edit - If I’m right you donate $20 to my charity?

I actually just spoke to Paul he said it's real.

I don't think you can 'guarantee' it's real brother. There's no reason why it isn't fake and there's a bunch of reasons why it might not be real.

add to that:

• 2chainz being ‘missing’ from the original tracklist

• all the shit with trevor. the stall at complex con etc

Get ready to hold dis L bruh