If the Fox deal goes through...

If the Fox deal goes through...

What will happen to the slate for phase 4? We know Marvel Studios are not going to make more than 3 or 4 films a year, so do you think they will put X-Men and F4 in the next couple of years and delay films like Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther 2, Ant-Man 3, and Nova? I would rather see them do these films than see another iteration of the X-Men, even though I love those characters. Thoughts?

It's fairly safe to guess going by marvels trends that phase 4 will have

Avengers 5

Guardians of the galaxy vol.3

Spiderman 2 & 3 (one in 2019 and apparently a 2021 movie)

Ant-Man 3

Black Panther 2

Captain Marvel 2

Doctor Strange 2

That's 8 movies. Marvel has a trend of introducing 1 new franchise every year. Seeing as how spiderman is in 2019, I think we could be looking 3 new marvel titles introduced through 2020-2022.

I do think that 2 of the new properties they had planned for phase 4 will be pushed back to make way for the X-Men and Fantastic 4. Maybe whatever they had planned for someone like Nova to be introduced would be pushed back to phase 5. I think they'll just wait out for some trilogies to clear space for what they did have planned.

Probably find a way to squeeze them in kinda like they did with Spider-Man. Probably have them join in with already established heroes and give them a lot of screen time in those movies. I can see them adding the F4 to Captain Marvel, DS2, or GotG3. Or even possibly finally diving into that whole Scarlet Witch/ Quicksilver mutant thing and bringing Magneto and the mutant brotherhood into the fray before giving us the X-men. They made Spider-Man’s entrance very natural, I think Disney can implement them properly.

People were tired of Spider-Man too.

She was when she originally introduced and she stole captain marvels abilities. She wouldn’t be the main villain but a henchman giving her s redemption ark like she did in the comics.

I'd like them to keep the Phase 4 plans going, but have the new Fox characters make cameos where appropriate (i.e. Ant-Man's dimension could be where the Fantastic Four were trapped, Storm showing up in Black Panther 2).

Then use the time to figure out how to integrate the new characters. There's no rush, what matters more is getting it right.

Oh shit storm in black panther 2 how did I not think of that!

I could see them introducing x-men in captain marvel. Just have rogue as the villain for the captain marvel 2.

Yeah the whole reason she has super strength and flight is because she stole Captain marvels powers and for some reason they stayed with her. Captain marvel was even trapped in her subconscious for about ten years

I didn’t know that how she was introduced. All of my X-men knowledge (except Wolverine) comes from the Animated series with the kick ass theme song in the 90s, X-men evolution, and The Fox films.

Rogue isn’t really villain material. She could be the Macguffin of the film, like Iron Fist in the defenders. I’d see someone like Jean Grey as Phoenix being a better villainess for Marvel. But she’s far too OP for Captain Marvel. That’s more Doctor Strange territory right there.

Agreed, I've seen enough of the X-Men. So maybe single character X-Men movies but I rather not have them overshadow current heroes or even lesser known heroes they had in development. Like Laurence Fishburn's project.