If Republicans believe Roy Moore’s accusers, why not Trump’s?

If Republicans believe Roy Moore’s accusers, why not Trump’s?
If Republicans believe Roy Moore’s accusers, why not Trump’s?

Specifically, if you believe the women accusing Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate in Alabama, why did you ignore the women who accused presidential candidate Donald Trump? If you’re troubled by Moore’s alleged behavior, why were you so nonchalant about Trump’s?

she's waiting repubs. - what's your answer.

If they had spoken up against Trump, they would've definitely lost the presidential election. One Senator, who still has a good chance of winning, doesn't hurt them nearly as much. Plus, midterms are closer now and sexual assault/harassment is much bigger news now(thank you Mr Weinstein Ms. McGowan).

Nothing hurts the republican base more than having a librul president molest and abuse his second amendment.

Vote Roy Moore - He will touch your kids but not your guns!

Because losing a senate seat is more palatable to losing a president. Also, if Moore wins they will all forget his actions.

They believe them all. They just don't care and lie about it. Republicans will never pass protections or sexual harassment support on their own. Don't expect them to.

Which is still stupid since Obama massively expanded gun owner's rights and even refused to prosecute the terrorists of the Bundy Klan when they threatened to kill federal officers.

Your argument assumes that GOP supporters listen to facts/reason.

My prediction? Moore wins, McConnell boots him, AL appoints an interim Senator....Jeff Sessions. Trump then gets to appoint a new AG who isn't recused from the Russia investigation.

You heard it here first.

According to five thirty eight politic podcast from today, the difference is Trump won. If an elected official wins, it kinda "washes away" any scandals from before the election in the sence that voters and the public apparently don't care. They actually claim that because Trump won with these scandals out there is a BIG reason Moore is not dropping out. He knows there is recent historic precedent where he can just ignore them and be ok politically.

Interesting take IMO, don't think its right morally, but makes sence politically.

Exactly. The only thing that matter to the GOP was the color of Obama's skin, period. End of story.

That's 538's simple advice for all political scandals: don't resign. Eventually the voters wont care anymore.

I read that on Twitter a few days ago.

I think it is more likley they will kick him out and their Governor will pick someone else.

Bill Clinton accusers: Telling the truth

Roy Moore accusers: Telling the truth

Donald Trump accusers: Fame seeking whores

Because the GOP knows they could put a rotting corpse up for an Alabama Senate seat and it would beat the Democrat candidate. They can afford to lose an unpalatable candidate that will likely be a liability to them in office when they could just as easily put anyone in the seat.

Once Trump was their candidate for President, and especially after he was elected, they had no reason to pretend their cared about him being the avatar of America's racists uncle and had reason to look the other way about his obvious corruption and incompetence. He was their ticket to their SCOTUS seat bullshit not blowing up in their face and to rubber stamping their legislation and to appointing just the worst possible people to cabinet positions for departments the GOP wants to crumble in on themselves.

TL;DR: They have something to lose (a seat) and nothing to gain by standing by Moore, they had many things to gain by hedging their best and just not actively denouncing Trump.

Yep. There was no political/public environment of "We need to finally end sexual assault".

Republicans went all-in on the Weinstein/Spacey thing because they were liberals, and went too far to be able to backtrack and say "But its ok for Moore".

If they wouldve just let Weinstein and Spacey go quietly, they couldve just done with Moore what they did with Trump, make their statements about "well, it was so long ago, who knows", and let him get elected.

Yeah and on here like fifty time in the last few days haha.

Some of the supports for sure, but many of them are just ignorant. That's what makes it so hard to understand, like I can understand what a white nationalist wants, they aren't complicated.

The issue is that some supporter's only source of truth are people like Rush. Rush is smart enough to say scary things and get the "decent" people worked up, while going full out on the southern strategy to keep everyone else happy as well.

Vote Roy Moore - He will touch your kids but not your guns!

He might make your kids touch his gun though.

I’d say “Thank you, Ms. McGowan.”

It's not that he sexually harassed women or worse it's that they weren't minors. For some reason the only thing dragging these old white dinosaurs out to say something negative against "one of their own" is that he chose to grope minors. If he was harassing adult women he would have gotten a pass.

Also don't get me wrong, they find nothing wrong with him groping children, the optics of it are what they have a problem with. They would quietly shove this under the rug if there was any chance in hell of doing so. That's what the Republicans stand for these days.

I mean this is one senate seat. Going against Trump meant raising the possibility of a cue dramatic music Hillary Clinton Presidency.

At least, I think we’re talking about the accusations in 2016. Are there any new ones?

Bill Clinton won and they still are bringing up his accusers from 2 decades ago...nothing they do is ever consistent or explainable with any sort of logic other than "he's on our team".

I just double checked and she was 21 when it actually started with Clinton. Not a whole lot better though. Apparently her first thing with a married professor was at 19. Still, I don't remember that being talked about at all during or afterwards.

This whataboutism is ridiculous. Who says nobody believes that? If either side engaged in sexual misconduct, they should be held accountable. If either side colluded with Russia, they should be held accountable.

Because they don't want to face the facts that they voted to elect a slimy, pussy grabber narcissist to be commander in chief.

Let them share a cell for all I fucking care, Bill CLinton's got nothing to do with the topic at hand though. Whataboutism in action

What the hell are you talking about, Trump admitted sexual assault on fucking TV, and he is fucking proud of it! What more do you people want?

I cannot imagine the biblical storm of right-wing outrage that would happen if Access Hollywood type tape came out on some high profile Dem. The world would literally implode.

If they had spoken up against Trump,

Remember the GOP primary? The more they spoke up about him the more the GOP base liked him.

I disagree. I think trumps accusers coming forward all with a similar story that trump then confirms as his MO in the access Hollywood tapes is the strongest evidence provided in any of these accusations against politicians/celebrities. Just think about that. Not only does trump admit that he has sexually assaulted women on tape, but he also lays out exactly how he likes to do it, which then matches up with the accounts of the women who are accusing him. It doesn’t get much clearer than that!

Which would belittle actual sexual assault claims since she has never claimed to be a victim of anyone other than Ken Starr.

Fucking stupid. GOP would be way better off with Clinton as president. Donor cash would still flow and they'd be able to win enough elections to write constitutional amendments.

If you change the word “voters” to “donors,” then I think you’ll be on the right track.

Donald Trump: just locker-room sexual assault.

Occasionally I like to punish myself and listen to right-wing radio. Today Rush was asking how "she couldn't get away" if child locks weren't around in 1977 but perhaps Moore had "some special locks."

What a piece of shit he is.

Remember when Ted Cruz stood up to Trump?

Then he went into the GOP backroom and was told he'd never be President if he shit talked him. Then he came out and phone banked for him like Trump didn't accuse his dad of assassination.

After the Access Hollywood bus tapes the Republican establishment seemed ready to throw Trump under the bus. They knew he was the kind of candidate that could do long term damage to their brand the same way Moore will. They were definitely prepared to lose the presidential election but were not going to give up on every other down ballot election by completely conceding the election as a whole.

This seems similiar. They're, once again, willing to concede this Senate seat if it comes to it (they'll do everything they can do not to like push for a write-in ballot or get Moore to drop out).

There are some key differences between Trump and Moore too in this specific case. Yes they both have said amazingly crazy stuff, but Trump's accusers stories haven't really been corroborated by 3rd parties and physical proof (much like Bill Clintons). Now, I'm not saying I don't believe Trump's accusers, it's just Moore has had a history of this behavior that's been verified by 3rd parties with nothing really to gain politically.

FALSE he is in fact still facing civil suit from one of the accusers you are willfully dishonest

I don't think you understand the severity of the Roy Moore reporting. Gloria Allred didn't find her and bring her to the national spotlight. The Washington Post did with 30 verified sources. Do you understand what 30 corrabarating accounts is like? Fuck we even now have retired Mall Security guards from the fucking 70s who remember this creep and were sources.

Allred saw the most enticing case she's ever had just handed to her with her morning paper. I guarentee she was on the phone with the accusers by noon that morning and was dispatching paralegals to their homes.

Moore is a dangerous lunatic to have in the Senate. Like republicans really don't like true believer Rand Paul because he's honestly not in the same kind of game they are. Roy Moore would just be absolutely bat shit in what he'd try. Like passing legislation requiring reading off the Ten Commandments before federal court sessions. It would put Republicans in an awkward we can't do that legally and vote it down, which would hurt their base optics. Or waste time passing it just to get an insane media coverage disaster while the courts strike it down almost instantly.

But you heard it here first.

Reddit: The audiobook

Well, that's a weird takeaway. My takeaway is that voters have the ultimate say and politicians are afraid of voters not voting for them.

Oh that's much better!

You can hear a faint "still better than Hillary, rite?" between the Klan rallies and mass shootings.

he was pretty heavily investigated...

You're ignoring judicial appointments. People only seem to really know one or two nominees but they've all been awful ridiculously far right and generally young. These are lifetime appointments.

Like republicans really don't like true believer Rand Paul because he's honestly not in the same kind of game they are.

Oh yes he is. He just has a different brand. He grandstands only when it doesn't matter, but he always votes the way McConnell wants him to.

He voted for Sessions after all. Some "libertarian" he is.

I can give you several reasons: Supreme Court Justice, Obamacare, Tax Cuts for Billionaires, etc.

its about rubbing the fact their morals suck into their shitty little noses

everyone knows why

The fact that Moore was a nutjob, even by GOP senate standards, probably helped give them a nudge. Plus, the fact that he could actually win and embarrass them all with his presence and words (and undercut every moral argument they try to make) was also probably a deciding factor. As opposed to Trump, ho they thought was going to lose, so endorsing him was a fairly low risk proposition, given his approval rating among their voters.

Um, honestly in my opinion his actions got swept under he rug when he won as well.

Remember when trump trotted out clinton's accusers during a press conference as if that justified his own sexual assault? Cause I fuckin remember.

If they had spoken up against Trump we could have had President Kasich and we all would have been a lot better off.

Rachel Maddow brought that up last night as well

They never spoke about his sexual harassment allegations in the primaries

I think a lot has changed in 20 years. Fact is most 20th century presidents did gross things - sexual and otherwise. The people who make up the Democratic Party are also different. I'm a registered dem and I was a little kid when Bill won in 92, so of course I didn't do anything about it. It's better to compare the modern reactions of both parties. Anthony Wiener and John Edwards were both dropped for their actions. Got any more contemporary examples than Bill?