If President Trump knew about Flynn lying to the FBI when he fired James Comey for not letting the investigation go, that is textbook obstruction of justice or, at best, extreme incompetence.

If President Trump knew about Flynn lying to the FBI when he fired James Comey for not letting th...

This type of reaction is in a word, "hysterical".

I've noticed a few users who react this way to any Trump bad news. Do you have an comment on obstruction of justice or is sarcasm just the response?

Comey testified to that effect and has detailed memos about that interaction and others.

Lots of assumptions in that title

Hilarious. So definitely not sketchy at all that he brought in Comey and asked him to back off Flynn and then fired him right after that because he refused. Gotcha bud. Definitely not sketchy in the slightest. On a fucking conspiracy sub no less. Jesus Christ.

And while people like you are screeching about a lie Flynn reportedly told, where was your self righteous outrage when Obama's administration was giving weapons to Mexican gangs

you know a lot of people around here just hate the government, and refuse to give into partisan tribalism.

i criticized obama at the time, and still do, for the fucked up shit tha thappened under him. surveillance, drone strikes, to name a few.

but i also strongly dislike trump. and there are many like me.

About on on going investigation into his own campaign and pressure him to back off investigating his criminal campaign associates? No, he shouldn't be allowed to do that.

How long have people been saying Hillary was going down?

20+ years now? And they still keep the faith and light candles and make threads about it.

And you think less than a whole year investigating, which has gotten real results, is bad??


What a fucking idiot. This dude is about to get himself impeached because he can't keep his mouth shut.

Not sure you're familiar with that expression. My argument hasn't changed at all.