If only 1 paw fits, I still sits

I love that his face says, "still counts."

That's Maru! Nobody can forget Maru, he's such a recognizable cat :)

You're crazy for boxes Maru

Cow confirms this is that same

Glad to see Maru is still rocking.

My nayme Maru

I am a cat

I hav a box

&tiny hat

So even if

Jus one paw fit

I settl down

And then I sit

He's gonna rotate paws every 30 minutes.

Owners are still messing with him. Revenge is building up. Next time it's on reddit it will be on watchpeopledie.

Is it Maru? Maru is reaching elder cat years looks like, and when I think about it that makes sense. Grand Elder Maru of the Boxes.

I have to repeat it here because he deserves the status: He has become Grand Elder Maru of Boxes.

Also go binge, there's lots of videos. They got EVEN cuter because he's so grandpa now and there's another cat that tries to play with him while he does his box things.

When he stops rocking we should have a candlelight vigil or something.