If only nature could provide some packaging for oranges so that we didn't have to waste plastic.

If only nature could provide some packaging for oranges so that we didn't have to waste plastic.

They do this for elderly people and the disabled who have trouble peeling an orange.

peels are often used separately from the flesh of the orange.

70 years ago, my father was a young boy. his father worked for cointreau. they used orange peels to make the liquor, no use for the rest. so employees could take home crates of oranges for free. my father never saw an orange w/ a peel, he thought they were always white and fuzzy. his 1st year in school, teacher held up a picture of an orange and asked the class what it was. everyone got hte right answer, except my dad. his teacher was very concerned by his description of what an orange looked like.

A 'potato', oh interesting. Never heard of a potato, looks pretty good.

That is in fact true.

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That looks like Whole Foods. I work at one- And trust me, the stores that do this get criticized within our company as well.

We DO have a PLU for mandarin segments, but they are Segmented, not whole like that. They have to be carefully pulled apart.

Also- that isn't JUST an orange. That is a Sumo Mandarin, they are only available for about a month out of the year and it is the best damn orange you will ever eat. Many of them come in with very Ugly skins though, which as other people pointed out is probably the primary reason for doing this.

EDIT: Also worth pointing out stores sell what people Ask for. I find it crazy what people are willing to spend extra money for. We sell Asparagus that has the bottom segment sliced off, and is seasoned with salt and pepper for almost twice as much as normal. We sell brussel sprouts that have just been tossed in oil, salt, and pepper for twice as much as regular. Why? Because people throw a fit if we don't have it.

EDIT2: Wow, I wasn't expecting this comment to get so big. I usually don't get to talk produce much, I'm kept in the back and when I'm out front they give me weird looks when I talk to people for too long, even if I try to work while talking.

But what if I'm just lazy? Can I still buy it?

Your cavalier approach to capitalization is driving me crazy.

Why not?

I doubt there's rules on purchasing it.

I would suppose though that you should keep in mind there's a chance you're buying it for your own convenience when they might actually need it for a real reason.

Guilt might be the price probably.

Wow, the tweet in the article has the same exact sentence this title has... What a coincidence!


I fucking lose it every time I read that story

That's good, I've got plenty of that!

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Taste's very strange!

In a simpsons ep, Homer takes the identity of an escaped retirement home occupant to get the assisted living staff to do stuff for him and also to hide from something I think. But he sees someone who needs an iron lung or respirator thing and says the above quote

If only people could come up with their own material.

Beautiful!! I genuinely laughed out loud. An oldie but a goodie.

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But who's going to take care of his girlfriend's brother, what with his two broken arms...

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Tell that to people with arthritis

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It seems Cointreau would have made more money selling the juice or whatever to an OJ distributor.

Thank you.

Can we PLEASE put this meme to bed now?

Thank you for introducing me to this story. I'm one of the lucky 10,000 tonight.

I also heard they peel bad looking peels aswell,ones that otherwise probally wouldn't get bought cause they look bad.

It's been too long.. Link?

All I have is some self-loathing. Does anyone know the conversion rate of self-loathing to guilt?

I don't get it o.o

Edit: thanks everyone :D

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Cointreau uses bitter oranges, I assume no one wants that juice

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For anyone else that's curious, this is what unpeeled Sumo Mandarins look like. 

Not super appealing, I agree.

For anyone else that's curious, is what unpeeled Sumo Mandarins look like.

Not super appealing, I agree.


Because the people who criticized didn't think about that.

fuck, in the year I've been in reddit, I've seen this exact same post like 20 times

That looks like Whole Foods. I work at one- And trust me, the stores that do this get criticized within our company as well.

Why should they be criticized?

People with neurological diseases, disabled people, and so on often don't have the ability to easily peel things like oranges. Preprepared food is a must, things like this are what they need if they want to be able to eat an orange without assistance. The same goes for many other types of food.

I see no reason to criticize them.

My 2nd grade teacher called kids up to the board to draw different things. She assigned me to draw an antelope. I drew a pineapple because I wasn't exactly sure what a cantaloupe looked like besides a sphere and I was sure she mispronounced. 24 years old now and the uncomfortable look on her face is still etched into my brain.

Which is a good point though to stave off the initial anger. I wonder, if instead of doing this plastic thing (which the article said has now stopped) they could have a station where anyone can bring like their own packaging and take fruit and have a worker peel it and put in their container or whatever. I think that'd be neat as hell. No extra pricing or wasting plastic.


not to nitpick but no where in that article does it say that they do it for disabled people.... its just a disabled person saying that its helpful for them....

Taste's pretty interesting!

Why the guilt? If the market demands more peeled oranges don't you think that the supermarket would just peel more to sell? It would really be a win win. Kind of like how the whole gluten free craze has helped true celiac sufferers.

Do you have no kids? I have seen tons of flash cards of just random objects.


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70 years ago, my father was a young boy.

Can confirm he was not Benjamin Button.

Sir, how did you feel about that repost?


That's an amusing story. Also, TIL Cointreau is with orange peel, not the whole fruit.

Shit! I'm in too deep. I can't admit I was joking.

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A first grader 70 years ago..?

It's helpful to people who have limited use of their hands. I doubt that was Whole Foods intentions but it not 100% moronic and wasteful.

Not only a repost, but this is old news

Damn those old people. Back in my day old people would just keep gumming the orange until it was time for their medicine and bed. /s

It makes counter intuitive sense, the pre-pealed oranges I mean.

Guilt towards wasting plastic when you could most likely peel an orange yourself and save the plastic.

Post title is pretty damn close to the words used in the tweet in the article. SMH.

Sumo mandarins are usually as large as grapefruits, if not larger. It's possibly you picked up some Satauma mandarins. They have looser skin that's kinda wrinkly but they're much smaller and more tart than a Sumo. Satsumas are my favorite citrus. They changed my life and make clementines taste like watered down Hi-C.

My first reading of your comment was that they sell peeled elderly and disabled people too.

For less messy amazon links you can extract the part after "/dp/" in


and make it:



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Those are mandarins, you prick.

Also, this an excelent way to retail blemished citrus fruit and avoid throwing it away or selling it at lower margins to other food processors.

People dont understand that in the whole produce chain, the farmers make the smallest profit. If they can make a few cents more that is great.

Your Cavalier approach to Capitalization is driving me CRAZY.


You're not the bot of me*


I can definitely relate.

I just had a superior capsular reconstruction surgery three weeks ago (that's for a massive rotator cuff tear) and the most difficult things are peeling an orange and brushing my teeth.

If only people knew that not everybody could peel an orange

If you're truly lazy you'll convince someone else to buy it for you.

Because people discard you after realizing how bitter you are inside?

Me too, thanks

It's a shame that the link is not https://redd.it/potato

? How the fuck do you think kindergartners learn shit lol.

Exactly. People with disabilities or the elderly can't peel oranges, and not everyone has someone around who can peel oranges for you

Yall motherfuckers made me want some (apparently) weird ass looking oranges.

picture of an orange

Other fun fact: you don't have to use a wheelchair in order to be handicapped.

Are the skins on the Sumo Mandarins usually kind of loose and wrinkly?

I bought a bag of mandarin oranges that were like that and they changed my life. Haven't come across them in any stores since

Thank you for this. I'm pretty sure I laugh harder every time I read it.

You're not the boss of me

they are Segmented, not whole

very Ugly skins

what people Ask for

We sell Asparagus that has

aaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAA What is WRONG with you?


This exact picture and caption has been posted a bazillion times.

If only nature could provide some new things to photograph so that reddit wouldn't be the same crap over and over

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What, and waste all that orange peel?

Peeling an orange requires decently dexterous hand movements for 10 minutes+ while you peel. Plastic containers can be popped open in 2 seconds.

If only people could stop re posting the same shit.

Well let me tell you, the father did not take kindly to that

Wow! thanks bot.

Is it legitimately more difficult to peel a mandarin orange than to open those plastic tubs? I feel like I've had more trouble with the latter than the former.

Perhaps I don't understand the problem set of people who are legitimately incapable, rather than simply inconvenienced by sharp edges and small gaps.

I toured the Cointreau factory. It's such a cool place, and Angers was a great town to study abroad in as a young college student

Let me tell you, this story gets funnier and funnier every time I read it.

I love being one of the lucky 10k. Its actually really fucking cool.

How about being one of the lucky 10,000 for this reference right here. Neato.

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Eh, sounds like a lot of effort... I'll just eat nothing.

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Can confirm. Am crippled. These are great.

Well the orange thing has been criticized in the past- but I think enough people asked for it back it became a thing again.

The thing that really got us shaking our heads was that asparagus water fiasco.

They do this at my grocery store. They have pre-peeled food stations, and they have free pre-peeled fruit for the kids.


Fun fact: you don't have to be handicapped to use a wheelchair

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