If I'm being honest, neither do I

If I'm being honest, neither do I

It makes every post one of those maymay things them young people go on about

Maybe they should have reduced the visual mess instead of increasing it by bastardizing text posts. Way to go, facebook.

Most people only really react to videos and images on facebook, and short and simple text posts aren't really noticed in all the mess. The color text option allows otherwise buried posts to be visible among the rest of the visual noise.

TIL I am now with the oldpeoplefacebook

Nor do I. It's probably not a good thing when you relate to a submission on /sub/oldpeoplefacebook

Anybody else hate the new color post things

Gotta get that lowest common denominator

Please log off I am trying to sleep

My roommate calls them mimes. Every time I does this I pretend to be stuck in a box and he doesn't get why.


Edit: visual https://ibb.co/jV7hKF

That's interesting because that's what put them apart from MySpace. It was the simple clean text design compared to the glittery gif music clusterfuck of MySpace. Now they are heading in the same direction.

I don't get this formatting thing?


I don't think FB wants max simplicity. They want whatever will grab your attention and keep you occupied. Pictures and videos happen to be best at that.

CAN you guys stop send me your posts GREG is trying to sleep THANK YOU

POST with BLACK TEXT. Black text.

Why the heck can't I pick any hex color for these. They never have the color I want

Stops people from wasting storage space by using images to display a simple text message.

It's bizarrely half-assed.

For the patterned or image-like backgrounds, when is "shitty golden stucco(?)" Or "geometric confetti" appropriate? Why are there two color varieties of the weird "shittily-drawn jungle" backdrop?

attention whoring no doubt

It's Facebook developers trying not to be laid off now that the site is fully functional (overly functional?) by adding doodads to look busy during work.

Edit: Okay the whole dev team or whatever, I don't know how that shit is structured, jesus.

No, he's a mime... Pay attention

Congratulations face space... You're just a glitter laced, crawling ant border and animated gif from remaking MySpace....I can't wait to see what dinner entree I would be if I were an Applebees menu item...

Tell GREG that I'm SORRY Janice.

I have terminal brain cancer.

I skip the colored-background-textposts because they never have anything to say.

They are catering to the younger generations. A new social network should be coming sooner or later for the people that don't mind the reading...

Or they'll come to Reddit like I did.

CREAM CHEESE is made from the same ingredients as EMBALMING FLUID, I saw it on a blog post!!! Please don't give this POISON to your PRECIOUS LITTLE ONES!

What is the intended point with that anyway

shut up

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send them this

I'm pretty sure they're pronounced mee-mees. That's all Phyllis talks about at the sewing circle.

c'est la même chose

When I first saw them, I didnt recognize them as posts from my friends, and thought memes had seriously gone downhill.

Stop replying youre waking up GREG again

I skip them because I think they are an image someone has shared with some inspirational or anti-inspirational message. I often have to go back through and read them after people start commenting on them and I'm going 'why do these people care about this? oh my sister is in the hospital'.

I don't understand why they give you a semi-random set instead of just letting you choose what you want.

I don't really understand why so many people end statements with question marks?

I think he means that people started doing this themselves to get noticed, so facebook implemented this as a way to avoid wasted storage space.

w h o o s h

Lol my 60yr old coworker pronounces it mem

those pictures made me uncomfortable

I'm imagining this whole exchange going down in real life, and it's cracking me up "wtf are you autistic" lmfao

You down with OPP? ( Old people's posts)


good bot

bastardizing text posts

Alright. I'm out. You guys can fight this battle.

If you don't post for a long time Facebook will send a notification to your friends when you do. "Timeworm has posted for the first time in a while".

I wondered the same thing. They could have given us better backgrounds. It's almost like some kind of psychological trick. Maybe to keep people wanting more. I don't trust them!

I always thought it was an attention whoring thing to draw more attention to your post.


In software, there's always more to do. It's the product managers who typical decide "features" anyways.

I hate the backgrounds. I purposefully ignore whatever my dumb friends have to say if their posts include it.

"Back in my day we said 'coloured' and we didn't mean nothing by it, it's just what we called them."

Yeah, you know me.

Too much visual noise? Add more visual noise to compensate. Spread that visual noise around.

Well if they monitor my "scroll" and I imagine many other people like me, they should know that I skip over all videos because I'm checking facebook on my phone with the sound off.

Seems like videos are 50% of content right now.

I also skip over shared text image memes because who gives a shit. When the colored box thing happened, now I need to determine what a shared text meme is verses a status.

You'd be french fries with bacon bits doused in soy sauce - 'cause you salty.

I've met with Facebook reps and others in social media. There's a lot of talk about "stopping the scroll". In other words, your asset has to be the kind that people just don't tune out in the sea of useless shit you follow. I would imagine that the colored backgrounds are a way to make it easy for anyone to try and get attention to their shit without having to know anything about design, photoshop etc.

You still have a lot to be proud of /u/ganggxnggvng!

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Order corn


Facebook, please add me to catsgoingmeow's friends list

Coward! What will you tell your children when they ask what you did in the Textpost War? What will you answer when they ask why the world is covered with loud ass billboard text?

I hate them. Refuse to use them and it bugs me when other people do. I really can't pin point what it is that turns me off from them either lol. They're not a big deal. Just not easy on the eyes I guess? More loud and obnoxious?

To fish for replies? I guess? Idk?

Yeah. Now I just ignore colored background text pictures, too. Because 99% of the time it's the same inane shit I don't want to read. It's like yelling in a noisy room. Everybody does it and it produces the exact same effect that it is used to counter.

But Grandpa George and Aunt Linda and that one crazy bitch you went to school with two decades ago who still parties like she's in college except now she has a kid will all use it because they think their post is the most important thing anybody could see today. So here we are with all this visual clutter.

Never seen text on a white background jpeg? They're everywhere

Parlez-vous français?

Yeah I don't know if an engineering school is really a great place to learn UX though lol

Who was actually doing that though? I'd never seen it.


My old roommate called them mems. "Did you see that mem?" I'd stare blankly for a second till I figured out he meant meme. "Ohhh, you mean meme, nah I didn't" I'd correct him every time and it would never take. Some say he still calls them mems to this day. DISCUSTING


Non :(

Moi non plus! haha but I did get a trophy in high school for my awesome grades in French class. But that was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Au revoir!

Separate messenger app is good because it means you can uninstall facebook and still keep in contact with your friends.

TIL I'm one of the old people, because yeah, it makes no sense to me and seems like needless effort when regular text works fine

It's to show the inflection (rising upwards as if it were a question), and often to solicit an answer.

I don't get why people put question marks at the end of declarative sentences?

Dammit Grandma, you can't say that. We call them backgrounds of colour now.

It just feels to me like a way of drawing more attention to yourself and that irritates me. Mainly because people use them to say absolutely nothing of value whatsoever. It seems really conceited.

Im 18 and I'm oldpeoplefacebook I don't understand it either.

LARRY did you see this?

yahoo take me back to my aol account

I feel like the are abandoning me, a 20 something who checks facebook on the go and mostly keeps it for the events ability, and they are gearing towards my parents and grandparents who are retired and are on facebook all freaking day.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of those statuses. It just makes things harder to read and colour gradients belong in the early 00s.

At least there's text only subs and others have heavy moderation. Which is nice

My name Jif

FB Purity has an option to remove them

He can't answer you right now, he's miming.

Paraphrased: everything shouts so here's some more shouting to make everything clearer.

Facebook bastardizes everything though. Think about the separate messenger app and how people (including myself) hated it.

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Your specific situation is why Facebook now offers the ability to auto-close caption videos that are posted (at least if it's an ad. Not sure if it's available as an organic post). That's also why there are many more content creators that incorporate subs into their mix.

I don't doubt that you are just one of many with your habits but for facebook, but I'm not sure you're statistically significant based on how heavy FB is pushing video on their platform.

Ultimately, a lot of what goes on on Facebook is testing. They're constantly making tweaks to their UI, how they serve you stuff, what ads you see, etc in order to make their ad platform more lucrative to advertisers.

It takes you to the post itself, fyi. I'm also sure it's randomized--it isn't like they can do it for literally every one of your friends, or for literally every person who acts like a social recluse.

It only happens because they want you to see the outpour of attention, feel special, and return to a more frequent pattern of FB use. Very clever.

They aren't actually storing images, those can just be generated as needed. All you need is background color and the text!