If Fallout 4 had Karma, I like to think we would have lost karma for selling our wife's wedding ring.

If Fallout 4 had Karma, I like to think we would have lost karma for selling our wife's wedding ring.

How dare you. I always kept the wedding ring.

I'll never understand everyone's love for Piper, I find her irritating. Cait's wearing my ring.

I gave it to piper ;)

You're all terrible people, I never sold it.

Completely forget where I left it mind, but I know it's safe. Probably.

I suppose it's because it's easy to get her affinity maxed out by just picking locks, and she then gives you a perk that doubles charisma check XP. I romance her quickly, then go get McCready, because I never knew you could do that with a mutfruit.

Which is why I like that there isn't a karma system.

You could say that selling your dead wife's wedding ring is "bad." But you could also say that selling your dead wife's wedding ring for food, armor and weapons to survive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland and find your kidnapped son is the "good" thing to do.

Because they removed both karma AND factions.

Yes faction rep was better than karma. I think most agree. However there's not enough factions in 4 for faction rep to be a thing. IMO this could have been sorted with a sort of detailed karma ranking at the very end of the game. Kind of like what happens at the end of a telltale game.

Edit-Shit, "factions" not "fractions" sorry bout that, I make a typo and it happens to actually be a word, great.

Honestly, it's a great dilemma for roleplayers. If you sell it, there's absolutely zero consequence to anyone but you, but it's arguably the most important memento of your spouse that you have.

What pissed me off about Cait is: Where the fuck do you get a pure Irish accent 200 years after the world crumbled!? Sure, she suppose to be a Southie stereotype, but come on.

Edit: either way, whatever dialect Bethesda was trying for, be it Irish, Scottish, Welsh, or a combination, it's still doesn't fit in the continuity of the game. Or at least, as it's been explained so far.

[ Nora hated that. ]

I always wore my wedding ring, and I kept Nora's in a safe next to my bed with the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. book.

After about 90 hours of wandering around the Commonwealth with the Brotherhood of Steel, I eventually got into the Institute and met Shaun. Feeling betrayed, I dumped the book on "Father's" desk and walked out on him, then left Nora's ring in the vault next to her pod and said my final goodbyes. That was when the wasteland finally claimed my character. Nate was gone, only the Sole Survivor was left.

It may have been what she would've wanted. For you to survive, and find Shaun.

I'm glad karma is gone. People were voting for its removal with NV, saying factions were better. Now that it's gone, people are complaining. Just goes to show you can never please everyone.

Pure Irish accent? The voice actor is a Scottish woman trying to pull off an Irish accent, and if you're used to real Irish accents, it's really obvious.

After I first met her I actually said to someone I know that it sounds like a Scottish woman trying to sound Irish, which was when I looked it up. I was really surprised to discover that I was actually right.

"This belonged to my SO, but they're dead in a fridge with a bad case of freezer burn. So I'd like for you to have it."

Cait gets relation improvement from lockpicking too.

Wife? What wife? You mean my character's dead husband?

You know you can get a second one off of your spouse's corpse, right?

I'm honestly surprised there wasn't some hidden achievements for selling/keeping them on you throughout the game.

You can also get her to pick locks for you, really useful when you're starting out or want to invest in hacking and have her pick locks.

I always keep mine on my finger.

If Fallout 4 had Karma, I'd have been less of a murder-hobo.

Example: When you rescue nick, there's an option to get the girl to turn against skinny malone. After the fight was over, I shot her. Why? Because there's no karma and no consequences. I was just trading a .308 round for 6 experience points.

Same with the Drumlin Diner. Worked for the drug dealers just because they had more speech challenges, kill the mom, kill the kid, then kill the drug dealers, because no consequences.

The lack of ending slides seriously affected my decisions in the game.

Seeing this pop up would be creepy as fuck.

Vault tec made a vault full of Irish to keep the accent alive.

They really loved the Irish.

I sold mine but wore hers. My ring is just a ring, but her ring is her ring, and anyone I'm in the process of punching is gonna get Nora's Goodnight Kiss.

They removed a way to represent numbers? Man, fuck Bethesda.

Was anyone else watching the very first streamer/leaker, like KJTheMonarch or something, and he didn't really know how to play Fallout, and put his wife's wedding ring into a dead Radroach and then left the Vault?

It was funnier than shit in the comments section.

I would love if the DLC somehow brought it up. Like everyone that sold it gets some kind of cutscene that makes you feel like shit and everyone that kept it gets to feel awesome about keeping it.

Kind of like in dragon age II. One of your companions has a shield she's attached to and if you sell it at any point there's a later cutscene where you give her a new shield as a gift and she says something like "I had a perfectly fine shield. I recall that you sold it :/"

I grabbed mine and pretended my character wore it on a necklace or something in remembrance. Then I met Piper and gave it to her to wear.

Cait sucks after you do her quest. Can't we just roam the wasteland as two psycho-junkies like we used to?

And those two Russians.

Of course they make alcohol.

Right? There's no option to be a shitty person and stay a junkie. Hell, the soul survivor has every reason to turn to crippling drug and alcohol addiction, he's a veteran who's seen the horrors of the war in Anchorage, and if he didn't already have PTSD he watched everything he knew get blown up and then watched his wife get shot in front of him while he was trapped and helpless.

ur dik

look im pretty sure she'd like that more than a crummy old ring

look im pretty sure she'd like that more than a crummy old ring

"After de bombs fell, we came across the ocean on a raft. It was tough getting here, but it's a lot safer in your 'Capital Wasteland' than back in de Metro. We had mutants with fucking Psychic powers, and fucking ghosts all over the place. Not to mention, a bunch of fucking Nazis tried to kill everybody with some kind of supervirus."

"Ahh, don't forget the Bloodsuckers!"

"Бог, how could I forget the Bloodsuckers? That's some cheeki-breeki right there."

Won't she and McCready steal for you? That's another bonus.

If I piss off the

Brotherhood of Steel Institute Railroad

I can't do their missions.

Okay... that's three choices. Literally three choices you make in the entire game, which consist of 'Which factions do you want to murder?"

In Fallout 3, if you kill the overseer during your escape it will affect when you return to the vault later. Resolving the Khans quest line in New Vegas has more options than the entirety of Fallout 4.

So what you're saying is... there's only three decisions you make, and those decisions aren't even made until you're 4/5ths through the game.

It was Irish-ish

My head canon is Australia being a Mad Max-style Wasteland.

If anything, I find Cait to be irritating. Her frequent use of the word "Me" in places it shouldn't be is one of the biggest factors, but her disapproving of about 85% of the things I do is also a problem. I end up having to abuse quicksaves and a lot of chems if I want to max out her approval.

Anyway, I just shoved the wedding ring in a safe at my home settlement and never touched it again.

It's similar to the note from your mother in Far Cry 4. It's worth an ok amount, so it's still a cool roleplay item.

There's no immersion if the world doesn't react to your decisions.

Personally, I thought this should've been an indication of whether or not you're ready to move on. Sort of like the Amulet or Mara in Skyrim. If you're wearing a wedding ring no wastelanders should come onto you and you shouldn't have the option to flirt, or if you do your follower points out your ring. However, once you remove the ring your character has finally accepted his loses and decides to move on.

She just picks up eveything. Then you can't give her shit but she can pick up more shit than she can carry.

Cait's far more irritating. She complains about everything, it gets old fast.

Curie on the other hand...

I gave it to the sexbot with the french accent.

OH MY GOD I've been fucking screaming that at her every time she talked! Where the flip is the explanation for that?!?!

The voice actress is Scottish, so I'm not sure why they hired her to play Irish.

*husband's ring.

Source: played a pistol packin' mama.

I left my home as is, in Sanctuary. A graveyard of memories, with two rings in a showcase box in the main room.

I mean, it's kinda hard to explain where the majority of the post-war population comes from. Look at how many humans are there. Where did all of the BoS soldiers come from? I find it hard to believe everyone/most are descendents of vault dwellers.

My point is that there's lots to be explained about people across all the wastelands in all the games... so I guess the realism doesn't quite exist there.

It isn't even a proper Irish accent, it sounds more Scottish than anything. It's a bit too annoying for me to use her as a companion.

They also removed the very concept of consequences for your actions. A good role playing game is "Your actions now will affect the game later."

It is pretty cool that the game allowed for that kind of a change I perspective.

One question though. When it came time for the pod. I guess your husband held the baby. Did you climb into a pod on your right or your left when you entered the room?

Sell the ring? Then what would I have given Piper on our anniversary? 💕💕

Curie is an absolute doll. I turned gay for her. I'm now in a bisexual threeway with Mon chéri and Macready. We do kinky shit with Mutfruit.

I'm Welsh, and you all sound the same to me.

Eh I think there could of been enought factions for it to work out.

Major: Minutemen, Railroad, Institute, Brotherhood of Steel

Minor: Goodneighboor, Diamond City, Vault 81, Triggermen, Atom Cats, Gunners, Children of the Atom, Super Mutants

Relationships of companions could vary depending on faction Affiliation as well as which factions you could get as some would of obviously not meshed well with others.

It's about the roleplay. If I'm roleplaying a good guy, I'm not going to murder for easy gain, regardless of consequences.

I really needed the money... Totally not for psycho... scratches arms hungrily

Same here. I figured there might be a quest related to the ring so I held onto it just in case. I actually went back to my wife and returned it after completing the main quest. Thought It was a nice bookend to the story.

20% increase in Vats headshots

I gave mine to Curie

Why would you think everyone is descended from vault dwellers?

BoS soldiers come from the villages they protect as part of their tribute in Fallout tactics.

It used to be bugged out and gave either +200 or +2000. But they patched that out. 95% chance at all times if the head was visible.

I hated the karma system. You're telling me there's some invisible god watching me and judging every one of my actions? It's bad if I steal from a guy who WANTS TO BLOW UP AN ENTIRE TOWN? Or reverse-pickpocketing a grenade into a raiders pockets is also a bad thing?

Scraps Wife's Wedding Ring for no resources

You Lost Karma

Yeah, it really bugs me that she always confuses minerals for rocks, though. Likes stealing, however, so that's k.

Curie on the other hand, damn.

Well, yeah, decimal numbers are hard to handle, more so in a computer, give them a break, people. \s

I'm not even used to real life Irish accents and it's still really obvious. She sounds totally Scottish.

I'm on the opposite side of that spectrum. Piper and I help the people of the Commonwealth, but sometimes in some shady ways. Cait however doesn't like when I help anyone. Plus that and her annoying af accent makes me dislike her.

Curie all day long.

Then it shouldn't be that hard to find an actually Irish person?

That would be pretty cool, and if you give the ring to another partner depending how far along they are with you they (if it works out positively) then they would be overjoyed and accept and now you can't flirt anymore with anyone else.

X gonna give it to yah

Sorry to be a picky dickwaffle, but it would be "Ma chérie", unless Curie has a penis that I am yet unaware of.

i couldn't decide so i had everyone follow me

I think the problem is that the reactions of NPCs in previous games was a little excessive and immersion breaking.

As someone mentioned earlier, a huge problem was that your actions, no matter how small, affected the wasteland in a way that broke immersion. Like, how the hell does Three Dog know what you did in the bottom of a never entered vault? It makes it seem like an omnipotent god was watching you and judging you every step of the way.

A better way to implement the Karma system would be to reward being sneaky with not having Karma go up or down. If I steal a magazine of .308 from a chest and no one sees it I would not expect Travis to call me a massive asshole for it. Or kill witnesses. Just anything to make it seem like you can be a dick without immediately being deemed an asshole by the Super Mutant in the sky.

That's fucking OP.

How so? The issue is that there are no 'consequences later" just "consequences now." Resolving the Khans in New Vegas has more possible steps and options than all of Fallout 4 combined.

The reason so many folks are upset is that Fallout 4 takes the "Press X to pay respects" approach to interactivity. It asks you to make a choice in dialogue, then crumples up your choice and throws it in the trash while maintaining eye contact and telling you what you're going to do.

Probably has to do with the heavy Irish influence in Boston's culture

A crummy old ring you originally gave to your first wife. Yeah, women love that.

It'd be a cool easter egg or dialog if your companions noted you enabling it in their inventory.

It's the little things like that which make role playing so much fun. The little unspoken pieces of the story that you put together make it that much better.

I remember the first time I played Dark Souls, I went with the Pendant as my starting gift. Even though it gives you no gameplay advantage, the notion that it gives your character fond memories was enough to have me sold.

This is also my headcanon, I also put Metro in there. And while unlikely, I could see Bioshock being in the same universe. But that's just wishful thinking mostly.

If you're on PC, you can change her reaction from dislike to like via console commands; was the only way I could keep her around after doing her quest. I can't find where I found the exact wording for the command though...

I'm sure I have two.

I agree, her "Irish" accent did sound very strained and false, but Endoterrik has a point. Regardless of its authenticity, where the hell is this accent coming from? The only explanations would be A) American- Irish ancestors that had been isolated from the rest of the American population since before the war or B) Traveling from Ireland to America after the war. If it was due to isolation, then how did her family manage to survive without outside linguistic influence for so long? When she speaks of her family, she only mentions her mother and father. Would it be possible that they were the only surviving members of some type of Irish isolationist clan in the US? Or, assuming Ireland still has people living in it, how would she even manage to get to the US? Too many questions, so few answers. I'm the only one out of my Fallout-playing friends who seems to be bothered by this, so it's a relief to see someone who shares my concern.

I always wondered about other countries in the Fallout universe. I mean we get a bit of information about China and Canada, but other than that? Pretty much nothing. I always wondered if any humans at all have managed to cross continents after the war. I mean, it should be possible with the available tech, but you never hear about it.

I really just want to know what the heck is going on in Europe or, even better, Australia this whole time.

Wh...wha? h...honey???

Curie is excellent with science because she has all the chemistry.

you can loot your dead spouse for their wedding ring :)

Ahahah! I died when he said that after sleeping together.

Hey, in the apocolypse, you can't be too picky.

Mutfruit your man

You'd think Bethesda would have done something like that. Why even let us have our deceased spouse's wedding ring if its only utility is to sell it for a paltry sum?

I had one on my finger until I romanced Piper and then I felt bad and took it off. Which made me feel even worse. Now I have an entirely custom built house in Sanctuary and that's where its sitting. Right next to my bed. Between my bed and Piper's...

The benefits of a robot - gender? what gender?

I'm Scottish and it really doesn't sound that Scottish to me. It sounds more like the really bad Oirish accents you get in films.

She's apparently just as disapproving if you keep it. Something about how it's no good any more or something.

Hate to say it but fallout tactics isn't even considered canon by interplay back when they were in charge of fallout. But eventually they do recruit from settlements and towns which they say in the game.