If Czechochechnyoslovenoslovakia became a country

If Czechochechnyoslovenoslovakia became a country

Thanks for my next goal in EU4.

Ah yes, Czechochechnyoslovenoslovakia! Formally known as the Union of the Former Soviet Satellite State of Czechoslovakia, the Former Chechen Autonomous Soviet Republic and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Slovenia, or UFSSFASRFYR Czechochechnyoslovenoslovakia for short; such a beautiful country!


religion: christian

Chechenia not amused

Border gore level: 100

This looks like an American Congressional district.

You forgot the national animal.

You forgot the national .

So is it Macedonian or not?

no step on czechechenslovenslovak

This was a thing when the Czechoslovak Legions occupied the trans Siberian railway

oh no

at least we have access to the sea

GDP of Croatia drops in half.

You might as well add Austroaustralia at the end.

Fun thing about this country: it would have regions that are majority atheist, catholic, orthodox, muslim, and buddhist. Truly a diverse land

oh yes

delet this

Yes, but only the Christian non-Slavic parts.

Lies. If it were a US Congressional district, it'd be curly and look like some kind of Disney character.

This is just a snake.

I bet they would live in peace and fraternity

sudden interest

closes borders to all

Tone down that vanilla flavor.

Tone down that vanilla flavor

For anyone else wondering what the Buddhist region is, it's the Republic of Kalmykia in Russia which has a Buddhist plurality.

That looks like czechechenslovenslovak šnek

can confirm. The idea we have some state religion is way off here.


Chechens will explain they point on religion. /s

czechechenslovenslovak šnek snek


"Šnek" means "snail" in Czech language somehow.

Religion Christian?


we need somebody to make this mod in hoi4

The comment at the bottom relates to the series of post on my insta

That's pretty legit

(tanks rolling)

Well if that's what these people want then we should respect that!