Idiot "goes undercover" to trick the Washington Post, but forgets to delete social media post bragging about what she is going to do.

Idiot "goes undercover" to trick the Washington Post, but forgets to delete social media post bragging about what she is going to do.
Idiot "goes undercover" to trick the Washington Post, but forgets to delete social media post bra...

The title implies she was caught because she posted something online. She was actually caught because:

Post reporters saw her walking into the New York offices of Project Veritas, an organization that targets the mainstream news media and left-leaning groups. The organization sets up undercover “stings” that involve using false cover stories and covert video recordings meant to expose what the group says is media bias.

What a dumbass.

This makes my head hurt... They want to make Roy Moore look bad so that the media will report on it and then they can say "a-ha! we lied!" to make Roy Moore look good and make the media look bad? Was that the plan here?

The email’s subject line was “Roy Moore in AL.” The sender’s email address included “rolltide,” the rallying cry of the University of Alabama’s sports teams, which are nicknamed the Crimson Tide.

Alright, which one of you sent this email?

This Project Veritas is trying to "expose media bias" but are using biased tactics.

If they were not biased, they would post their conversations that failed, where the media didnt fall for the "trap"

Only reporting 1 side or 1 result is bias.

Pretty much. Not really surprising considering one of the earliest defenses of Roy Moore was a tweet with an unsourced claim that someone they know was told by another person in a different state that they were approached by a news organization with an offer to accuse Roy Moore. Somehow this random tweet without any evidence was treated as proof that all allegations are false.

Here is the post in question. A GoFundMe to "sponsor" her move to NYC to fight the evil liberal MSM.

Common name, could be anyone...except one of the donors was her daughter. Facepalm.

What tipped them off and indicated she was lying to them was a gofundme page she had made bragging about moving to New York to take a position doing that work, so the titles right if not entirely descriptive.

"it ended up falling through" yeah, your fucking "research and fact-checking skills" couldn't land you a job huh?

That's what Project Veritas does.

That’s cause they don’t want to expose media bias, they just want to smear anyone who is left of them(and they are very far right).

What about the robo call that was going out in Alabama of someone impersonating a wapo journalist named "Berny Bernstein"?

I incest that they come forward

Looks like O'keefe has delusions of adequacy again.

They wanted to be able to say "ha! WaPo lies! See all of the people who accused Roy Moore are also hoaxes!"

It takes a special kind of stupid to work for O'Keefe and PV.

Well the first suspicion was raised because she said she had only lived in Alabama for a summer as a teenager, but the cell phone number she provided was from an Alabama area code. Why would a person who has't lived in Alabama for 25 years (before cell phones were common) have a cell phone with an Alabama phone number?

I think that explains why, for the first 10 minutes of the video all the reporter said was "uh huh...right...sure....uh huh"

Kinda hard to edit that into something salacious. Then the girl being interviewed kept bringing up that Beth , the previous reporter talking to her, wouldn't really say anything either about what this would do to the campaign.

The girl was definitely outmatched in the wits department.

I think the plan was just to get them to say things they could carefully edit to make them look bad. That's what they usually do. She was angling to get them to say things that would make it look like their goal was to take down Moore.

OP here. You're all correct, and the title of this post could have described at least three different facepalm things she did to get caught. I can't wait to hear her excuses soon.

Your post history is very dissatisfying with a name like that.

Idiot would be an understatement.