Idgaf what Maury says

Idgaf what Maury says

how does this damn food look appealing? for real

Tastes good. Not all good food "looks" appealing. But not all good food is healthy.

Son, I know it's been 17 years but you tryna go to mcdonalds like the good ole days?

step 1: have your parents be not-so-good at cooking

McDonald's tastes like a 7-star meal compared to what Ive been eating at home my whole life

I mean, I'm a guy of child rearing age... They can't prove I'm not a dad

Im sorry but McDonalds has some good food. Ive been eating the guacamole sandwich so much that I might turn it into a McChicken😩

Quarter with cheese πŸ§€ and bacon please πŸ₯“

Just looked it up. It's only for south Florida during breakfast hours, and you have to bring a child. Oh, and you only get a breakfast sandwich and a small drink.

I'll marry the bitch who invented the McGriddle bruh fuck what you heard