IDF: two rockets fired from Gaza, did not reach Israel

IDF: two rockets fired from Gaza, did not reach Israel
IDF: two rockets fired from Gaza, did not reach Israel

"America did something we didn't like, LETS TRY TO KILL ISRAELI CIVILIANS!"

Doesnt this happen literally all the time?

Remember they only hate zionists not all jews! /s

They attacked a kosher restaurant in Amsterdam.

Been a while, easier to get casualties if you hit people with cars or go out to stab school children.

In all fairness the Arab leadership was allied with Nazis in WWII.

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler were BFFs. There was a sizable contingent of Muslim SS.

So, it makes complete sense that the Arabs around Jerusalem would be protesting the Jews who fought against their allies.

The problem with Palestine(as per my limited understanding of the situation there) is that after every war, the citizens have a choice to realign their paradigm about the political organization in power. Rather than blame their elected leaders for the war(diplomatic discussions vs rocket firing, their government really seems to have its head on straight), they play victimitus infinitus, placing all blame squarely on Israel. They had a chance to change things after the war, focus on rebuilding, reeducating, re-electing officials that want to maintain good relations with Israel(you can't always force your way in negotiating when you're at the bottom, but you sure can negotiate a good deal) Instead, things are now going down the same track to another war. Guess who they'll blame for the war?

It's funnier when they protest the Jews who fought against the Nazis and the Fascists in Italy.

Such a lie. When the Arabs took control of Jerusalem they expelled Jews from the land and used Jewish graves to pave roads, destroyed Jewish shops, and destroyed Jewish holy relics. They had their chance.

Tell me, would you rather be a Jew in East Jerusalem or an Arab in West Jerusalem? There’s your answer

This is the game Palestinians play. They elect Hamas.. make deals with Hamas.. Hamas has run Gaza for nearly a decade... and Hamas is 100% made up of Palestinians.. yet somehow people are dumb enough to try to persuade us to think Palestinians =/= Hamas.


"Attempted war crime" isn't much better than "successful war crime," imho

Except for when they indescrimately kill civilians.

if this dumb shit didn’t do what he did this would not have happened

Not a Trump fan in the least, but this statement is just obtuse. Palestinians have been firing rockets at Israel for years.

This happens a lot actually.

Such blatant lies

This happen all the time. but the reason the IDF now announced this latest rocket salvo is because the rockets landed in Gaza, and if there is casualties, Hamas would say to BBC/CNN "Israel bombed us !" and the entire EU/UN would condemn Israel and send a few more Millions to Hamas.

So the IDF says "look up ! it's Hamas ! not us, and if someone is dead it's on Hamas" since i'm sure you won't hear about it if those rockets will land in Israel since no one cares about dead israelis because fuck israel right ?

Example - Hamas rockets hit an Hospital in Gaza and killed 11 kids ‘Misfired Hamas rockets’ killed children in Gaza'

Ahem.. Hey Mr. Abbas. The guys firing the rockets FROM Gaza are part of your new-and-improved Palestinian government. Remember? Their name is Hamas in case you forgot. You made a huge unity deal with them a couple months ago.. remember?

Tends to happen when Hamas has been found (multiple times) to be storing rockets inside areas such as schools and hospitals, as well as firing them from within.

Rockets found in UNRWA school, for third time

Hamas Quietly Admits It Fired Rockets from Civilian Areas

Israel hits symbols of Hamas rule as UN finds rockets in school

UN Report Confirms Hamas Stored and Fired Weapons from UN Schools

Now whats your excuse for Hamas firing thousands of missiles at Israel point blank, from within civilian zones?

No, it happens literally all the time.,_2016 They haven't updated it for the rest of 2016 or 2017 yet.

LOL... what a joke of revisionist history

the time of all that happening he was in exile from palestine due to being a wanted man for crimes there.

Not local crimes. He was completely representative of the local populace.

And all those muslim ss were bosnian, not arabs.

Recruited by Arabs:

Rashid Ali, the Mufti, and other Iraqi veterans took refuge in Europe, where they supported Axis interests. They were particularly successful in recruiting several tens-of-thousands of Muslims for membership in German Schutzstaffel (SS) units, and as propagandists for the Arabic-speaking world. The range of collaborative activities was wide. For instance, Anwar Sadat, who later became president of Egypt, was a willing co-operator in Nazi Germany's espionage according to his own memoirs.

Numerous Arabs collaborated with the Nazis. E.G.

Haj Amin al-Husseini became the most prominent Arab collaborator with the Axis powers. He developed friendships with high-ranking Nazis, including Heinrich Himmler, Joachim von Ribbentrop and (possibly) Adolf Eichmann. He contributed to Axis propaganda services and to the recruitment of Muslim and Arab soldiers for the Nazi armed forces, including three SS divisions consisting of Yugoslavian Muslims. He was involved in planning "wartime operations directed against Palestine and Iraq, including parachuting Germans and Arab agents to foment attacks against the Jews in Palestine." He assisted the German entry into North Africa, particularly the German entry into Tunisia and Libya


The hatred for jewish people in 1910's to 1930's in Palestine and Jerusalem didn't happen in a vacuum. Zionists terrorists stoked that hatred quite high.

LOL. The Jews just incited those Muslims to ally with the Nazis. Muslims had no choice but to fight alongside Nazis.

Now we're going to get constant articles of attacks from Palestine to Israel even tho they have been happening for ages.

So...given that Gaza is super densely populated. And they fired out of Gaza towards Israel...but did not reach Israel - does that mean that the two rockets fell into Gaza? Did...did they just fire on themselves?

Depends on the year, some somewhere north of 640 israeli civilians died in the last major intifada, not to mention the countless palestinian civilians that keep getting killed when Hamas hides behind them.

And an intifada is exactly what Hamas is promising to stir up again.

No, I'm going to make a shitpost on the internet that completely ignores most of the important factors to make a joke at one side's expense.

For the rockets being fired? What logic is that

70 years ago it was British land where they let people live on it.

Can we not.

Yeah... I would suggest getting a better understanding. Israel has literally prevented the legislative branch of the PA from meeting since the 2006 election, because Israel didn't like the results.

Not true at all.

Hamas and Fatah are both using the defunct Legislative Council to settle political scores with th...

Gaza power-sharing deal moves ahead with parliament meeting

Palestinians hold local elections in West Bank but not Gaza

The PA is not a government, it is nothing more than an administrative body that Israel uses to enforce the occupation as cheaply as possible, while those in the PA line their pockets. In all practical respects, the Palestinians don't have access to any government, let alone the ability to reform one.

Pure conspiracy BS.

If Fatah was being controlled by Israel, then why do they regularly incite violence and murder towards Israeli civilians?

In Washington, terror attack focuses lens on PA incitement

On PA televison, young kids incite to violence against Israelis

The fact that Palestinians are unable to take responsibility for any actions whatsoever is precisely why they do not have achieved statehood to this day.

Israel vs. Palestine

rockets fired

would not have happened

Try again good sir.

Israel's Iron Dome defense system is really effective

You're referring to tiny anecdotal exceptions. In terms of numbers and effects, Arabs were pro-Nazi. End of Story.

It will roll something like this...

Trump makes comment about Jerusalem Palestinian leaders urge their citizens to launch violent protests against Israel Israel defends itself Palestinians prostrate their wounded protesters in front of the media to illustrate Israeli oppression.

This is a pretty racist statement. You basically state that once Trump said what he said, these Arabs in Gaza had to fire rockets, it's automatic. You are depriving them of any free will to either fire or not fire the rockets. They are human beings with their own agency, not Trump's puppets.

Your comment is also disgusting on a another level... It's like those who say to a beaten wife "it's your fault, you should have kept your mouth shut".

Simply disgusting.

One, because AIPAC is an American organization.

Two, the Gulf states make Israeli lobbying efforts in the USA look like the take-a-penny jar.

To recap:

Muslim attacks shouldn't affect immigration policy. If they do, then we're letting the terrorists win.

Muslim attacks should influence where the embassy is.

So its perfectly fine then for rockets to be fired and attacks carried out on Israelis, gotcha.

The Israelis have only taken something like 4% of the West bank and only intend to keep settlements that are contiguous to Israel and will swap empty Israeli land equal to the 4% taken. Any peace agreement would leave Palestine with the same amount of land. How could that possibly impact Palestinian statehood?

Here comes the model UN warriors from high school to debate this on Reddit.

Jordanians even used the tombstones for paths to army latrines.

You might want to check your facts. The truth is, the arab-israeli conflict was 100% started by the Arabs. It took 15 years of pogroms and terrorist attacks before a Jewish extremist group committed any act of violence against Arabs. Not to mention, Irgun was a fringe extremist group. While the violence committed by the Arabs was a populist movement with support of the general population. The majority of Jews were (and still are) committed to only using force in defense.

The Jews moved to the region peacefully and legally. They bought land and built farms and villages and towns. The Arabs were afraid of losing political control over the region and they incited violence against the Jews -- who only wanted to peacefully build a nation. Things have gotten a bit convoluted since then, but the Arabs started this conflict 100%

"we are a peaceful people! Give us what we want and we will stay peaceful!".

I hope people realise that these people are not peaceful, and no matter what they will always be violent.

It's up to the Palestinians to negotiate for land of equal value. It's not like any of the land taken has any valuable resources. In either case how can 4% of land make Palestinian statehood impossible?

Of course, it's completely impossible that people would disagree with the actions of terrorists. They must all be shills, right? Who could possible be against a group with the stated goal of committing genocide?

Answer is zero.

Also, please cite me anywhere in the last... ten, twenty, let's go with 30 years, where a Jew 'walked into' a Palestinian's house and 'kicked them out'.

How many lives are threatened by a settlement?

The largest force of organized native troops in Arabia was the Axis-aligned Free Arabian Legion, some 20000 in number... 5 times that of the number you mentioned

This isn't a very difficult situation to prove, because the Arabs were almost uniformly allied with Nazis.

Because of Israel's defense systems

Tell the people who've died or been injured in these attacks that these rockets are no serious threat.

This has been happening daily for ages. It has nothing to do with what America did. Not sure if you read the papers but Israelis and Palestinians have been killing each other daily forever.

Uh..when exactly was that? Was it before or after the UNRWA found depots of rockets and tunnels under schools and told Hamas to knock that bullshit off?

Or shoot innocent people while they are passengers in cars

Why are these rockets any different to the rockets that have been fired in the past? Was peace in the middle East established? I didn't get that memo.

Hamas rockets sometime fail and land in Gaza..killing their own ppl and blaming it on Israel.

Example - Hamas rockets hit an Hospital in Gaza and killed 11 kids ‘Misfired Hamas rockets’ killed children in Gaza'

US Expert: Hamas, not Israel, Killed Boys on Beach in Gaza War

Who killed the four boys on the Gaza beach?

Israel also never claimed they intentionally targeted that beach

Edit: I'm pretty sure that's the reason the IDF now announced this latest rocket salvo. to say "look up ! it's Hamas ! not us, and if someone is dead it's on Hamas" since i'm sure you won't hear about it if those rockets will land in Israel since no one cares about dead israelis because fuck israel right ?

It was never their land it was the ottoman Empire then the British Empire then the Jordanian dictatorship. Now they have to negotiate for statehood which requires land agreements with israel.

This one particular incident sounds like the rockets just failed; launched from the Gaza strip, landed in the Gaza strip.

lol, when real terrorist attacks happen in Israel, they get very little coverage.

But if some rockets were shot a day after Trump said something about Israel, even if they hurt no one and fall inside of Gaza, they get to the front page.

Terrorists win when you fear them. Do you think this is the first they fired this month? They fire rockets and build tunnels all the time.

Arabs in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq etc are all, also, sitting on stolen land. The main different is the Jews did not commit genocide to take theirs back.

Depends. Are those civilians killed because Hamas likes to put them in the line of fire or because Israel targeted them (tricky question - only one of those is true) ?

I don't believe I commented on either of those entities.

Great efforts are all good and nice, but when the Palestinians are so fond of "factions" that actually could be any Mo and Mus, it is very easy for a group like Hamas to say "oh we are doing the best we can, but oops", when the reality is that they know exactly who, what and when.

s the UN has repeatedly found, Israel continues to hold the Gaza Strip under occupation

I love it how it is all fine and dandy for the Palestinians to declare that this one and that one are not "trusted partners" but when it comes down to the UN raining hate on Israel, it is somehow "the word of law". You might be interested in reading an actual, learned jurisprudence analysis on the matter (spoiler - the Article 42 of the Hague Regulations is not fulfilled so no, Israel is not occupying Gaza).

By it's own logic, then, Israel would have to hold ITSELF responsible for those attacks.

Are there Israeli forces inside of Gaza, policing the places where rockets are fired from? No. Are there Hamas' forces? Yes. The responsibility is clear, as is the blame.

By your own logic, then, Israel should reoccupy Gaza in order to stop the rockets.

and only started again in response to being attacked by Israel first

From your own article: "The army said in a statement that the Sunday night air raid was targeting terrorists “in the southern Gaza Strip, during​ their final preparations to launch rockets at civilian communities of southern Israel.”" - that is, a Hamas operative was killed while setting up a rocket attack, which was then followed by Hamas attacking...with...rockets... Such excuses!

but to pretend that such attacks are an everyday occurrence is counterfactual

Tell that to the people that only have 15 seconds to run to shelters when the siren sounds.

on some levels, racist.

Oh get stuffed.

These aren't quite as reliable as Tomahawk missiles in terms of reliability or accuracy.

You're acting as if Palestinians haven't been launching rockets at Israel for a decade now.