Ice on the Trampoline

This is so satisfying.

It reminds me of glazing on a not very fresh donut at the moment it breaks.


The particle effects in this video game are amazing, what is it called?

Really shattered my expectations.

Not that satisfying:

I think he just broke his trampoline

I think I need to visit Krispy Kreme in a few.

I was expecting it to cut to that russian guy jumping on ice

It truly was a smash hit.

Used to be a good game but it's gone a bit chaotic and unbelievable of late.

Also oddly satisfying:

Icee what you did there

Nice kicks

How it feels to chew 5 gum

That’s what happens in any massive multiplayer when everything’s pay to win

You ever been approached with an offer to work in Bollywood?

Stone cold theme song

Mother fucker

Fuck the fucking goat world

And my new band name is


Its satisfying and beautiful, but I just can't stop thinking "If that gets in your eye, it will cut you."

Let's not jump to conclusions

Also oddly satisfying:

Also oddly satisfying:

Considering that the top left of it is broken away from the frame, I think you’re right...

Swing em by my place and i'll eat them with ya

Until you notice a bunch of springs are missing in the top left

That sounds fun! Send me your address and I'll be over in a few. And while we're at it send me your social security number as well! Donut partyyyyyyy

Can't believe that heat didn't melt the ice

Yeah except to my understanding the devs just released the game before it was finished and you can’t actually win (yet at least) and instead your character dies on average around level 80.

I've seen some level 100 players. Doesn't even look enjoyable. Like grinding all those levels doesn't even pay off in the end.

I think that it was probably already broken.

Dem royal 1s

theyre jordan 1 royals right?

Some people get the level 100 alpha testing invite, wonder when it'll go live?

Please note your social security number will only be used to check your credit history! We will not save or use your information without your consent. Be advised your consent is assumed when you send us your information.


This looks like a tech demo for a physics engine

First I was afraid when I saw the bare skin on his back and thought this will turn out to be a „What could possibly go wrong“ situation. Glad it didn’t (or at least it doesn’t seem he got hurt) and it looks very satisfying.

He is actually German, sad to hear I know


Story is shit though, and multiplayer is unbalanced

/sub/outside has the best physics engine ever

Yeah i think those might have broke during that jump


Close your eyes?

Source with sound

Stimulate your senses.

Go Broncos!

I had an idea was a jump to conclusions mat

haha, first thing i noticed. icy

So much content locked behind a paywall, it’s disgusting. Pay to win basically.

Yes you can tell by the way it's broken

Cut your eyes before going on it so the ice can't be the thing cutting your eyes?

Hey that sounds grea-checks username - nah I'm good

I wanted to see if it completely caves and he falls to the ground

The goggles, they do nothing!


You must live in an area with low humidity. Not very-fresh-doughnuts where I live are just wet, slimy messes.

It was such a disappointing thing to find a bunch of live maggots in my candy bar =(

Was one of those pistachio chocolate bars, the smell was horrible as well. Sadly that was around the same time I saw several posts about various bugs in other peoples pistachios here on reddit and now I just can't eat them anymore.

Trust me it all pays off once you get the gravity gun.


It's completely pay-to-win.

Sounds like a new scam


Damn u beat me to commenting that :p

Meh. Even the graphics are pay to play. Some people can't even afford standard definition, but some rich mofos out there are zooming in on subatomic particles. Some people are playing with no graphics at all!

No ETA so far IIRC. From what I’ve seen your stats start to degrade and you start getting debuffs like [Bad Eyesight] around level 30-40 so I don’t really know if it’s worth playing past level 60 due to all the debuffs

Came here for this.

The Krispy Kreme in my city shut down a decade ago and I'm still reeling from that. There aren't even any gas stations in town that carry some.

Wear googles.

Wow, the Slo Mo Guys should do this one

Can I join?


Looks like Jordan 1 KO Royals.

Nah you'd be able to see it bounce and flick inward around that area, it was probably broken already.

He's not supposed to be here tonight!