Ice on a Trampoline

Sooo mesmerizing.

Since there were some more requests:


In 1998

It gets reposted like once a month and I love it more each time

Reminds me of chewing 5 gum

This is actually a video of reality colliding with my professional hopes and dreams after college circa 2009.

Glazed donut explosion!!

/sub/bettereverypost ?

This was so much better than I’d hoped :3. I really thought he was just going to slide right off and hurt himself.



Shoe game on point!

i wonder if any of those pointy shards stabbed him on the 2nd drop...

Quick, alert the authorities.

That is fantastic

More likely that the ice would have made the rubber brittle and him to have fallen straight through.


Good thing trampolines arent made out of rubber

I got excited. Now I’m just disappointed.

Seriously, I don’t know why people are always bitching about reposts. The internet is like Whose Line. The games are made up and the points don’t matter.


So are you

At the very least the ice went up his raised shirt and down his pants.

i was hoping he would plummet 16 feet through an announcers table

Craving for krispy kreme


6 gums with some icy drool freezing the ground below you.

Watched it once and know I had to leave, otherwise I'll be stuck here for the next hour

They're not.

Edit: Why the fuck y’all down voting me? I’m not wrong.

That was beautiful but i was kinda hoping to see the gif in reverse.

What a way to break a trampoline!

Ya, top left you can see the springs broke off the frame.

To play devil's advocate here:

We can't see beforehand if they were attached(or broken) or not before. Leading me to believe this guy knows that this ruins a trampoline and therefore doing it on one that is already broken.

Or this idiot ruined his trampoline.

Regardless of what happened, this is how you wreck your trampoline.

Royal Blues bby 💦👌💦👌🙏🙏😩

I don't know why you're getting down voted, those are KO's, not Royals.


Thanks bb 😘

The Slow Mo Guys need to get on this shit.

Don't let your memes be dreams

U r

I was just thinking “i’ve seen this many times. I am officially a reddit veteran.”


Yo that was sick



That's how you get an ice crack

I don't think this kid was even alive in 1998.

The top left corner let go! That is the last time it’s jumped on.

I'm always craving Krispy Kreme, but seeing this gif amplifies the craving tenfold.

5min in and I gave up finally

What is this? Spontaneus, genuine niceness on Reddit? This is truly a sight to behold

Pretty sure they're KO's.

That is insane. Watched it 7 times in a row now

It sounds just as amazing as it looks.