Ice on a trampoline

He's got the confidence of a man who's jumped back-first on to an icy trampoline before.

That is a million times cooler looking than I expected it to be.

Kinda like one of those intense gum commercials

Naked man, iced pond.

All im saying.

Looks like its glass and going to cut the shit out of him!

It definitively shattered expectations.

5 Gum

Stimulate your senses

The ice on the trampoline is pretty thin though. The trampoline isn't even sagging from the weight unlike your mother

Oddly satisfying

When the beat drops

The aftermath looks like a bunch of those little pieces of sugary chunks that fall off while eating a glazed doughnut

Ice Town?

Ice is still pretty dangerous...

...costs ice clown his town crown

What’s fun to think about is how if he had landed any differently, and I’m talking just being off by a degree in any direction, the ice would probably have shattered differently. We’re talking untold numbers of outcomes based on variables we couldn’t count either, just for this tiny situation.

Air Jordan 1 Royals. Nice

Hope there is no ice in the buttcrack.. biggest worry.

Ice what you did there


That's uh..... That's chaos theory

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Yup, that's how it feels to chew 5gum. Pretty underwhelming.


Icy maybe?

a Broken icy trampoline.

at the end of the gif you can see the top left, the spring have ripped out.

Yes, that applies to literally every single thing that happens in the universe....

They were big on rhymes...

AJKO Sport Blue, not Jordan 1 Royals. Close

It builds character

that should be a sub. just gifs like this. /sub/stimulateyoursenses or /sub/howitfeels

Icee no danger here.

I can look at your Mom from any angle and still not see how many chins she has


Ice finds a way

I'm trying to figure out if it was broken before or if they just ripped out because of the jump.

My cousin had an old trampoline with a rubber (ish) bounce surface. Jumped on it during winter and it broke under him.

Apparently (I just found it), there is /sub/howitfeelstochew5gum

God I wanted this to be real.

As soon as I saw it I thought it should be put to music so that he crashes right at the drop.

I'll forever upvote any P&R reference

Cue Stone Cold Steve Austin music.

My new band is called (Syskill?)

Are those Jordan 1 Royals?

Edit: it’s been confirmed they are AJKOs. Thanks to all my fellow sneaker heads it never ceases to amaze me how good we are at IDs.

Get on your feet! 🎶

30 minutes went by, I jumped on it. Welcome to /sub/unexpectedyomomma

Broken trampoline *

These have a Jumpman on the tongue. KO's don't, but neither do the regular Royals. Weird.

/sub/sneakers we out here

Honestly 5 gum is awesome for the first 5 seconds and then you're chasing that flavour high for the next 30 minutes

Motherfucker, fuck the fucking world

Yeah, stuff becomes less pliable and more brittle in cold, like rubber and other elastics.

30 minutes went by, I jumped on it.

Just like yo momma.

Ice ice baby.

I would love to see Gavin film something like this. He would do an excellent job. Sorta hard to get ice like this in Austin tho lol

Slush a silly pun.

Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.


/sub/sneakers we out here

This actually did really well there when it was posted a while back

Don't let your dreams stay dreams. Creating a subreddit is pretty easy

Fruit Stripe gum is that you?

Together, we can defeat obese children.

For the record, one spring missing does not put the trampoline into 'broken' status. Five missing springs is still a pretty functional trampoline for that matter.

Cri evertim

Didn't he mean this clip? Because my first thoughts went to this clip as well lol

I got stab in the arm by a icicle once. Drew blood and everything. Never walked under the gutters since.


Omg I thought the exact same thing lol

A million times? I thought it was maybe twice as cool.

I was thinking “tuck your shirt in, man!”

Go Broncos!

To infinity and beyond.

Think you meant /sub/calvinandhobbes :)


Kinda , for those who haven't seen it before.

Ice uh finds a way

Whoomp, there it is.

And the key was made of ice

At least 10 by my calculations

Are the KO and other variants looked down upon?

I'm more of a vans and several hundred dollar hoodies guy so I don't know much about shoes.

"When I was young, we wore top hats and tails to jump on icy trampolines!"

GR = General release. Not limited or hard to get

Not even oddly satisfying. So fucking satisfying.

Source video, anyone? I want to hear the sound of the ice!

oooohwhooooaaaaaaa mein arsh!!!

They’re Jordan 1.5s

Absolutely /sub/bettereveryloop material.

Fuck the fucking cold and my new band’s name is Syskil

That was one of the funniest parts of the whole show for me. I knew what you were talking about right away.

Now that song is playing in my head and making me laugh.

That is so cool!


Defs arnt royals

You guys need to cool it.


They're the Jordan 1 AJKO "Sport Blues".

source: I own some, and the Jordan 1 would have the blue on the back of the heel and these don't.

Ragamuffins, the lot of them.

or /sub/the5gumexperience

Yeah I'm actually wearing Royals right now. The back of the shoe is blue between the swoosh and the sole. The ones in the video are black in that section.

Too cold, too cold.

The uncertainty principle as applied to OP's mom: you can either know her number of chins or total weight but never both at the same time.



I wish l was that cool to break the ice.