ice gets assaulted

ice gets assaulted
ice gets assaulted

Callers need to seriously fuck off. It's getting out of hand.

from ices twitter.

They had guns and a gang of people show up when it turned off Dude said he had murder charges so we booked it and luckily didnt get shot

edit: new tweets in order

Fuck you they have guns And I'm pretty sure they're probably out to get me now because of people probably still ducking with them. I'm out

They showed me the guns u fucking baffoon

Dude my address and full name is out on the internet the police can't protect me forever

edit 2: Some guy asked him if he continues to stream the haunted house his reply was

No my shits broken

edit 3

Informed police, I'm trying to get out of New Orleans asap

What the actual fuck. He just smashed his shit up

How about people that just smash other peoples stuff need to fuck off? They we're clearly leaving, breaking their shit is just fucked up.

Listen to the audio after it goes blue, they're detaining him. It looks like a caller made a threat on Ice's behalf.

They showed him their guns. I get it if he doesn't want to fucking die.

Ice should call the police. It looks like the guy smashed his new camera (it was new and cost $1.5k ffs)

Callers do need to fuck off, but at the same time... What the fuck is he doing going to the Chicken and Watermelon restaurant in New Orleans on stream? What the hell was he expecting to happen? That his callers would miraculously give up today and that his hosts would be courteous and friendly to the well off white dude with thousands of dollars of video equipment basically mocking their entire business in front of thousands of people?

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Ice's streams, but this... This was absolute madness

Call or not, you dont assault people like this. You can ask him to leave without smashing his shit.

Here's the thing: People can scream as much as they want about the callers or business owners. But NOTHING will change unless Ice does something. The callers will keep calling and the business owners will keep getting angry when people call their establishments with bomb threats or saying "the guy with the camera told us to call (x". He NEEDS a delay or to just stop going into places. I'm not even saying Ice is 100% to blame or a massive idiot. But circumstances changing is solely up to him.

Yes it is. I agree. However the root of this problem is the retarded callers who will do this because they're severely lacking any sort of real life skills and need attention.

Callers fucking suck but that doesn't give anyone the right to put their hands on another person or destroy their property. Want someone gone? Just ask them to leave, then call police if they don't.

Hope Ice calls the cops if they messed up his shit.

Ice seriously better not let the fact that his expensive camera just got bounced off the floor go unchecked.. I mean you can hear the thing smash lmao.

I know some on here won't want to hear it, but not indulging a shitty fanbase would help the situation. I've been watching Andy Milonakis stream a ton over the last week or so, and the few calls he gets just seem to be silly innocuous shit. I mean why is Ice going to a restaurant called Chicken and Watermelon in the first place? Is it just coincidence? Why did a fan approach him the other day and give him chicken and a watermelon? The juvenile casual racism is a little out of control. I understand it's not really malicious, but spamming TriHard and all this KFC and watermelons bullshit? It's just dumb. Maybe this will be a bit of a wake-up call for Ice and he will tell his fans to cut that shit out.

How does the dude have murder charges, but is out free, with guns, and telling people that? Should be in jail if you ask me. NO sounds like a shit show to be honest, definitely won't be taking a trip there anytime soon.

..Did that dude say "Is this your shit?" and throw his camera or whatever at the ground? What the fuck

so im going to a place called chicken and watermelon, hey voldesad, any idea why thats the name? nope? me neither, makes you think right guys? oh yeah dont call btw.

he really doesn't help.

What kind of asshole business owner assaults someone when they're complying with you?

This guy deserves to get sued

calling the police and filing a charge

It's because in New Orleans if the arresting officer on a murder doesn't file something or show up to court within 60 days the case is thrown out.


holy shit, you're right

That nervous laughter

No one gives a fuck dumbass mod

Nah, dude it's alright just forget it whatever heh heh

Knowing how beta Ice is. He will come with an excuse to not call the police.

RIP 4k satellite

Actually wtf!! What's the legal process for dealing with that?

How sad are these guys and i they probably think there hilarious ruining the stream.

most likely the caller said some racist shit/threatened and the manager jumped to conclusions. Good on ice/his stream snipers for not trying to fight back b/c it looks like he ended up smashing the 4k satellite too.

Whenever IRL streamers go to a restaurant or something some viewers will figure out the name/location and call their phone number and do stupid shit like make threats or whatever.

More like "Ugh not again..." poor guy can't react or defend himself or his stream will get banned again.

who thought murder was an ok thing to be classed as misdemeanor?

Stop being Shitlords*.  (that better?)

Edit:  I meant quit being super fucking racist and doxxing.

Jesus I rustled some jimmies, I didn't expect this to hit the front page lmao.

Stop being Shitlords*. (that better?)

Edit: I meant quit being super fucking racist and doxxing.

rip 6k , hope ice called the cops

Ice is kinda a bitch tho, there's a high chance he just let it slide.

More like he attracts a cancerous fanbase that instigates these people after him. Let's not pretend he or his fans aren't at fault here.

Callers need to fuck off, Restaurant owners were out of hand, And ice needs to stop underestimating the cities he visits.

He had the phone on his ear right before entering tho

I only ate a banana and only slept 36 hours I'm too tired to call the cops

because ice knows that shit like this is content and gives him exposure. there's nothing he can do about the callers, but yea, him slyly giving away his location doesn't help.

Ice is just stupid. You figure he would catch on and tilt the camera at the floor until he enters the restaurant.

Karma is a bitch. He goes around streets fuckin' with people, then callers call and fuck with him. And doesn't help the majority of his audience are racist.

Also the appeal of him of possibly getting hurt or killed.

Even if that's true, Ice was literally walking out when the guy did it.

I'd assume Ice could sue the guy? I mean the guy literally had 0 proof that he was 'assaulting' the right guy and smashed up Ices' expensive equipment.. maybe more has happened since the stream went down, who knows.

Urban Louisiana has insane crime rates

Prosecution can't move fast enough to cope with all the cases in a fair and judicial manner

Rednecks have nothing to do with it

So what you're saying is that he essentially asked for this kind of thing to happen, just like he does pretty much every time something like this unfolds.

Callers were probably being racist, hence the aggressive entrance of the angry dude.

this is true. ice has the worst twitch community strictly because he has no rules other than no racism. if he started cracking down on his chat he'd start to drain away a large part of his toxic community over time.

As soon as Ice told his viewers that he's going to a place called "Chicken & Watermelon" I knew something like this would happen.

I don't know the solution could be for something like this though, even when he just goes into a random place, he still gets kicked out once they find out where he's at.

Ice told the stream he was going to a place called chicken and watermelon, callers problably called before Ice even arrived. The guy in the video was probably waiting outside for him to show up.

-Second largest population of blacks in the country


Pick one. Also, this is New Orleans, which is 60% black.

Ice deserves it for encouraging such a shit fanbase. Any other streamer would have clamped down on the toxicity right away but he revels in it. The innocent retard act is just his way of escaping any criticism.

Welcome to /sub/livestreamfail where Ice clips gets spamed non stop and Gengar11 uses his mod status to be egdy.


callers have nothing to do with the incident

Absolutely the most retarded thing I've read on this sub.

Can confirm as I am from Baton Rouge, New Orleans is not a place to fuck around. Can be a lot of fun but don't push your luck.

From the link above. "New Orleans is often accused of institutionalized "misdemeanor murder". Article 701 of the criminal code requires the state to release a defendant who has not been charged with a crime after 60 days.[2][3] Before Hurricane Katrina a few hundred people per year were released under article 701.[3] In 2006, after Katrina, there were over 3,000 article 701 releases although the population had dropped from around 500,000 to around 250,000.[3] Causes include inexperienced prosecutors, inexperienced police officers, poor processing procedures, poor tracking procedures, incomplete reports, missing evidence and an undermanned police force.[2][3] New Orleans also has a problem with witnesses that go missing before trial and a crime lab that was destroyed during Katrina and (as of November 2011) has yet to be repaired.[4] All of this results in an effective sentence of 60 days for those suspected of murder."

I think its about time Ice puts a big delay on his stream

Dude said he had murder charges so we booked it

I grew up in the hood. People say this shit all the time whenever there are confrontations. "I got murder charges dont fuck with me" "You lucky I have warrants out otherwise id fuck you up"

It's all bullshit.

place called chicken and watermelon

Gee I wonder what that caller might've said.

Jesus Christ.

It's like NASCAR for nerds.

Ice needs to end stream if he plans on eating at a restaurant, or end it if he's getting food to go. Then stream him self eating it somewhere away from stores. This has happened way too long to just continue to blame the callers. Of course it's their fault, but after a year of streaming you've gotta come up with something. Even if it means turning the stream off for 10-20 minutes to eat.

And even then, surely you can't legally attack somebody for ringing your store?

Ofc Ice dosen't try to prevent it, if anything he makes it as easy as possible for people to do so. It's just like how he did nothing to prevent the racist song requests before it got to the point he could lose his channel.

His viewers eat this shit up.

I pulled up the full video. It seems like they were only in the place for like 30 seconds before the green shirt guy came in and kicked them out. It seems like this Ice guy is visiting the city. Did they even know who he was when he came in? I could see a more hostile reaction if they knew him and had problems before, but it seems like he's a total stranger. It seems like a very strange interaction.

Jesus fucking christ these callers need to fuck off, one day it might end terribly, and I swear I could hear "you're detained".

He wasn't worried about getting banned so much as getting shot.

Damn, too bad. I was really stoked for the haunted hospital. I really hope Ice is safe.

Exactly. Not to throw him in the bus with Keemstar, but this shit is intentional.

funny that this got downvoted here, but not on the ice subreddit. He's absolutely a bitch. Most people doubted he would even call the cops. Even then, he's not going to press charges comment in this very thread with 80+ upvotes lol

Autistic children that are left without parental supervision call in to an establishment that a streamer is visiting.

The calls vary from "I need to speak to my brother" to "The guy with the camera has a bomb". Ice has had security called on him for more serious threats before but nothing like this has happened yet.

RIP yelp reviews

Update from ice:

I agree 100%. Callers most likely said nasty shit to the 'thug' who attacked Ice on the phone. Callers are the root of the problem and the dude is just a by-product.

It's funny how you're making all these proclamations yet just like everyone else here, you have no idea what was said to the guy. Sure in our ideal fantasy world violence is never justified, but you have no clue what the callers could have said to egg him on or see Ice as a threat. You're doing your own fair share of whiteknighting with "The callers have nothing to do with the incident."

Ice told the stream he was going to a place called chicken and watermelon, callers problably called before Ice even arrived. The guy in the video was probably waiting outside for him to show up.

Let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that Ice Poseidon doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing.

as someone in new orleans, it's not always just talk :/

ice attracts the worst ppl

It'd ruin the main appeal of the streams which is chat interacting with him and vice versa.

No social awareness at all.

Sounded like the guy said "this yo shit?" then sounded like equipment was thrown.. can't wait for him to have to pay for ices shit

It looks like the guy that knocked the camera came from outside the restaurant. Sucks for that place if this had nothing to do with them.

He could stop doing this. Or hinting at where he's going. It's just causing more trouble than its worth, and his community is devolving into cancer.

I agree, but how do you know callers were even the problem? The guy came less than a minute after they got there, and seemed more mad about the cameras and shit.

edit: He did have a phone up to his ear as he walked in.

You're right. You can also hear someone say "Call the police" right as he walks in too.

People find out where Ice is going (in this case he said the name of the restaurant) and call ahead of time to tell them watch out for this kid, he's dangerous or racist. Most wait until he gets there and just have them shout out Ice's name or his mom/dad's name.

A person called here and the owner was waiting for Ice, rolled in and this happened. Assault first, ask later apparently.

Not in Louisiana. A non LEO can only detain someone if they have committed a felony.

Being faggots how? Getting spammed reports?

Fam its Louisiana. You think those backwards ass rednecks can figure out laws?

He's going to just have to stop streaming IRL honestly, and I could see that happening in the future. He doesn't have the attention span to keep his location hidden & then when some moron calls the chat gets pissed at the owners and leaves them bad reviews. One of these days someone who gets those bad reviews will do something about it because that shit can really fuck up a business and it isn't all memes.

quit being super fucking racist

stop being faggots

Leading by example I see

There can only be one.

the restaurant is called chicken & watermelon and the guy is black, use your imagination.

Callers knew he was going there for like at least 30 minutes before he got there.

but what happened in this situation though? why did some random dude bust in and break his camera?

Callers are immature children who call trying to either talk to ice, get him kicked out, or ruin the stream in some shape or form.

So for people who don't watch IRL streams. I'm assuming callers are people who call businesses and try to interrupt the stream? I assume similar to swatting? Do they make false claims about the streamer like they are there to rob the place or trash it?

In general, telling your fans the place where you are going to eat is a neutral action.

Context is important though.

This particular song and dance has happened before. This was not a surprise or a freak accident. Apparently this (to a lesser degree) happens each and every time it's clear where Ice is or where he intends to go. So for him to announce the exact place means he was ok with what would happen since he KNEW exactly what would happen out of experience. And then he intentionally visited the place with the full knowledge that parts of his audience would have started some shit while he was on his way there.

So yeah, that kind of behaviour in context is not only irresponsible but intentionally stirring things up.

I feel bad for ice because hes basically pioneering IRL content & theres really no way to stop callers.

What are "callers"? What is "callers"? Sorry not from the US not sure what it means

Cool, then he goes to jail.

Random viewers find the real-time location wherever Ice goes on stream and calls that place (such as a restaurant) via the phone.