Ibrahimovic goal against Montenegro (2-0)

Nice goal. Not to take anything away from Ibrahimović, but that was pretty bad goalkeeping. The shot was struck with lots of venom, but he still should've gotten his hands to it.

Yeah I know, it was the best one I could find unfortunately, others were really poor quality.

Longer one:

Honestly your gif misses the best part of the goal.. When he gets past the 2 defenders blocking him alone.. What made you decide not to use that in the gif?!

(from /u/Januzaj7)

Zlatan is a pretty cool guy

Managed to style out the failed knee slide pretty well.

It looked like he did get hands to it? and that the ball hit the ground in front of him... That'd go past most goalkeepers

One could say that he is good at football

Makes it look like Fifa as he casually walks off the celebration.